Ba (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma

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НазваниеBa (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma
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Ben Wisner, PhD

Independent Scholar, Researcher, Consultant & Advisor

Curriculum Vitae Updated January 2011

Contact Alternative Contact

Email: Email:

Skype name: bushpigus

Nationality U.S.A.

Age 67


Affiliations, p. 2

Education & Languages, p. 3

Memberships & Awards, p. 3

Teaching and Research Positions, p. 3

Professional Training Courses, p. 5

Research Experience, p. 6

Administrative and Managerial Experience, p. 9

Peer Reviewing, p. 10

Grants Obtained, p. 11

Publications, p. 12

Recent Conference Presentations, p. 26

Popular Communication, p. 27

Consulting and Advising, p. 29


Visiting Fellow , Aon-Benfield University Hazard Research Centre, University College London, UK

Research Affiliate, Environmental Studies Program, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH 44074, U.S.A

Visiting Professor, School of Built and Natural Environment, Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK

Honorary Professor, Academy of Disaster Management, Beijing Normal University, PRC


BA (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, CA (Philosophy) 1961-1965

Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964

MA (1966) University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA (Ethics and Philosophy of Science) 1965-1966

Ph.D. (1978) Clark University, Worcester, MA, USA (Geography) resident 1968-70, dissertation: "The Human Ecology of Drought in Eastern Kenya."

University of Puerto Rico/ Clark University, Field Course on Tropical Soils and Land Use Mapping, Barranquitas, Puerto Rico (January, 1969)

University of Nairobi, Department of Human Nutrition, Field Course on Nutritional Assessment and Anthropometry (July, 1972)

Ibadan University, Nigeria and the International Geographical Union (delegate from Mozambique to first international course on remote sensing for resource management) (July, 1978)

Intensive Spanish, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development, Educacion para Todos, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (January, 2000)


  • English – mother tongue

  • Swahili - fluent speaking, moderate reading and writing, dreams when in East Africa

  • Spanish - moderately fluent speaking, very good reading, basic writing, occasional dreams

  • Portuguese – some speaking (when not confused with Spanish), good reading, some writing

  • German – moderately fluent speaking, good reading, basic writing

  • French – moderate speaking ability, very good reading, some writing

Memberships of Professional and Learned Societies


Institute of European Studies Scholarship

Phi Beta Kappa (undergraduate honor society)

University of California, Davis, Department of Philosophy, Departmental Citation

Chicago Humanities Fellowship

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Traineeship

NSF and Rockefeller Foundation Dissertation Field Work Support

Teaching and Research Positions

March-July 2010, assisted with and examined PhD of Pauline Texier, Ecole doctorale EESC (Economies, Espaces, Sociétés, Civilisations)

Université Paris Diderot, France

May 2010, examed PhD of M. Reddy, University of the Northwest, South Africa

January, 2009, Mentoring of MSc students in disaster management, Department of Geography, Kings College London, by invitation of course tutor, Dr. Mark Pelling

January, 2009, Graduate seminars, Development Studies Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science

October-December, 2008, Graduate seminars, Department of Geography & Institute for Hazard and Risk Research, Durham University & Disaster and Development Centre, Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK

November, 2008, Graduate seminars, Beijing Normal University, Department of Geography and Academy of Disaster Management

October-November, 2008, Guest lecturer, MSc in Development and Disaster, School of Applied Sciences, Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK

Visiting Fellow, Institute for Hazard and Risk Research, Department of Geography, Durham University, September-December 2008.

July, 2006, Guest Professor at United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security summer graduate institute, Munich Re Center, Hohenkammer, Bavaria, Germany

May, 2006, Visiting Professor, Beijing Normal University, Institute of Disaster and Public Security, College of Resources Science and Technology, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China.

May, 2006, Intensive 3 three day introduction to Hazards and Disasters, Beijing Normal University, Department of Geography

Fall 2006, Fall 2005, Fall 2004, Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies, Oberlin College

[Fall 2004 taught introductory Environment and Society, intermediate level Environmental Policy and advanced seminar in International Disaster Risk Management; Fall 2005 contracted to teach an advanced seminar in international food security; the series continues with a seminar on sustainable cities in Fall 2006 as well as a repeat of Environment and Society and Environmental Policy]

April-August 2005, Visiting Professor, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, University of Kyoto [informal discussions and advice to graduate students in the institute & guest lectures], Center for Research on Disaster Reduction Systems (DRS), Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Gokasho, Uji City 611-0011, Kyoto, Japan

January-May, 2003, Visiting Professor, Department of Geography, Bucknell University

[Intermediate level undergraduate courses in Environmental Planning and in Natural Hazards, as well as organized a university-wide Colloquium: Risk and Society]

2001-2002 – Guest lectures in undergraduate environmental studies courses at Oberlin College

1996-2000, Director of International Studies and Professor of Geography, California State University at Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

1995-1996 Visiting Culpepper Professor of Environmental Studies, Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

1987-1995, Henry R. Luce Professor of Food, Resources and International Policy, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

1986-1987, Adjunct Associate Professor, Medical Anthropology Program, New School for Social Research, New York, NY

1985-1986, Visiting Professor, Department of Geography, Swiss Federal Technical Institute (ETH), Zurich

1983-1985, Visiting Lecturer, Department of Geography, Rutgers University

1981-1982, Visiting Lecturer, Department of Human Ecology, Cook College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

1980-1981, Professor of Geography, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Madison, WI

March-May, 1980, Visiting Lecturer, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of California at Los Angeles

1978-1980, Associate Professor of Geography, Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, Mozambique

1977-1978, Visiting Lecturer, School of Geography, Sheffield University, Sheffield, UK

1972-1974, Lecturer, Department of Community Health, Dar es Salaam University Faculty of Medicine, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

1969, Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Clark University, Worcester, MA, USA

Professional Training Courses

Household interview methodology training conducted May-June, Uhuru Lutheran Conference Centre, Moshi, Tanzania (2010)

Oxfam GB, Community Based Disaster Risk Management, New Delhi (2007)

ProVention Consortium & Cape Town University, Intensive Workshop on Community Based Risk Assessment, Cape Town (2005)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (Emmitsburg, MD) (Hazard Risk Assessment) (2000)

United Nations University and International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (Tokyo and Tijuana, Mexico) (Social aspects of earthquake risk mitigation) (1998-99)

Church World Service/ Federal Emergency Management Agency, Emmitsburg, MD (Assessment of Vulnerability to Disasters) (1998)

University of the Western Cape (Cape Town) (Environmental Health Training) (1995)

University of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg) (Environmental Health Training) (1995)

Coolidge Environmental Institute, Cambridge, MA (Environmental Awareness Training) (1993)

Rutgers University (Human Aspects of Irrigation Development) (1986)

Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin (Madison) (Rural Research Methods Training for Nicaraguan Planners) (1981)

Government of Mozambique: Directorate of Housing (Environmental Planning) (1978-80)

Government of Tanzania: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Welfare (Environmental Health Training) (1972-74)

Research Experience

International Sustainable Development (Rural)

Farmer and Pastoralist Adaptation to Climate Change: Role of Local Knowledge, Social Networks, and Local Government, Tanzania (Preliminary field work June, 2006 & July, 2007 & June 2008; November 2009; June-July 2010 & continuing). Funding by US National Science Foundation. Research bases: Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania and Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA

Rural Recovery in Sichuan, PRC following Wenchuan earthquake (November 2008 & continuing)

Community & School Based Flood Preparedness and Risk Reduction, Nsanje District, Malawi (April, 2006)

Uneven Tsunami Recovery on the Phang Nga Province Coast of Thailand (February 2006 field work).

African Comparisons of National Policies toward Semi-Arid and Arid Zones (2005 -- )

Adaptation to Climate Change in Tanzania and Mozambique (2004 -- )

Household Coping with Drought in Kenya: Long-term Changes (2002 -- )

Socio-Economic and Gender Dimensions of Development (SEGA) (1993-95)

Environmental Restoration in Post-War Somalia (1992-94)

Computer Modeling of Woodfuel Surplus and Deficit in Kenya (1984-85)

Integrated Rural Development (Lesotho) (1983-84)

Food-Energy Nexus (Brazil, Kenya, India) (1982-86)

Woodfuel in Kenya (1981-82)

Spontaneous Rural Resettlement in Mozambique (1978-79)

Floods in Mozambique (1978-79)

Rural Water Supply in Tanzania (1972-74)

Human Adaptation to Drought in Kenya (1971-78 & 2006 continuing)

International Sustainable Development (Urban & Human Settlement)

African Urban Disaster Risk Reduction: Case Studies (2007-2008; phase II, 2009-2010 continuing – associated with African Urban Risk Assessment Network, AURAN)

Urban Flooding in Mumbai, India and New Orleans, USA: Root Causes, Lessons, and Recovery (2005 & continuing)

Use of Video for to Enhance Citizen Participation in Disaster Risk Reduction in Large Cities (video production, screenings, and discussions in Mexico City and Los Angeles (2000-2002; 2008 & continuing)

Use of New Media for Risk Communication with Youth (2008 continuing)

Citizen Based Participation in Recovery Planning in Post Earthquake San Salvador (2001)

Comparative Assessment of the Hazardousness of San Pedro and Laguna Beach, CA (1999)

United Nations University project on the Geography of Urban Social Vulnerability (1998-2002)

Urban Gardening as Focus for Community Development: Long Beach and Compton, CA (1997-8)

Community Participation in Urban Hazard Mitigation in Johannesburg (1995-1997)

Hazard Vulnerability and Mitigation in Los Angeles (1994-1997)

Preparing for the Big One in Tokyo: Social Aspects (1994-95)

A Full Meal: Linking Urban Gardeners, Tenant Unionists, and Food Banks in Western Massachusetts (1988-92)

Hunger in the Garden State: Studies of Food Banking and Urban Gardening in New Jersey (1985-86)

An Analysis of the National Energy Balance of Botswana (1982)

Toward Self-Reliance in Large African Refugee Camps: A Somali Case (1981)

Urban Flood Hazard in Mozambique (1979)

Ecology, Culture, and Political Resentment in a Forced Settlement Scheme: Bwakira Chini, Morogoro, Tanzania through the Lens of Grain Storage Problems (1976)

Zonas Verdes: Urban Agriculture and Women's Power in the New Mozambique (1976-78)

Maternal and Child Health in New Settlement Schemes: Experiences in Northern (Rufiji) and Southern (Ismani) Settlement Areas (1972-74)

The Role of Small Urban Places as Economic Alternatives to Famine Relief in Northern Kenya: Project on Alternatives to Aid Dependency for the National Christian Council of Kenya (1972-74)

New and Spontaneous Settlement in Tanzania: The Case of Mbambara Ujamaa Settlement Scheme, Tanga Region (1968)

Philosophical and Methodological

Faith Communities and Disaster Risk Reduction: Interfaith Perspectives on Theological, Sociological, and Political Questions (2008 ongoing)

Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction – Towards a Global Overview (2005 on going)

Education and Knowledge Management for Disaster Risk Reduction (2006 & continuing)

Overview of Field Experience by Region and Country

Africa Latin America Asia & Oceania

& the Caribbean

Tanzania Mexico India

Kenya Guatemala Bangladesh

Mozambique Honduras Thailand

South Africa Brazil Philippines

Zimbabwe Dominican Republic Turkey

Madagascar Puerto Rico Australia

Somalia St. Vincent Hawaii

Lesotho Ecuador People’s Republic of China

Ethiopia Panama



Administrative and Management Experience


Director of International Studies, California State University Long Beach, 1995-2000:

Responsibility with status of departmental chair for an interdisciplinary teaching program with 90 students; advisement, set up and oversight of student internships, coordination of inter-departmental contributions to syllabus; responsibility for the Certificate program in Peace and Conflict Studies; representation of program Chairs’ Meeting in Faculty of Arts and Sciences and university-wide international education committee; liaison with area studies and language programs in the university; fund raising and special programs (guest speaker series, film series, development of Arabic offerings) [Budget: U.S.$ 200,000 per year]

Luce Food Program Director, Hampshire College, 1987-1995:

Coordination of interdisciplinary program of teaching, research, faculty development, student internships, community outreach, and guest speakers [Budget: U.S.$100,000 per year]

Research Administration

Participatory Action Research for Disaster Risk Reduction, ProVention Consortium, Geneva, 2005-2009

Coordinator for world wide assembly of case studies of rural and urban applications of participatory methodologies used in community based hazard and vulnerability assessment; commissioning of case studies to fill gaps; commission of updates of some case studies; production of guidance notes to the case studies; advice on development of web site ( ) to provide access to this material; coordination of final meta-analysis of the material, issues arising, and input to SPHERE/ World Bank development of guidelines for good practice in community based disaster risk reduction.

Geography of Urban Social Vulnerability, United Nations University, 1998-2002:

Identification of, coordination and support for, research teams in six mega city regions (Tokyo, Manila, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Los Angeles); overall responsibility for methodology; synthesis of results; production of training material on the basis of the results; production of plot outlines and overall stylistic oversight for four training videos produced on the basis of the study results. [Budget: U.S.$ 600,000 unevenly distributed over four years]

Lesotho National Follow up to the World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development, November 1981- January 1982.

Responsibility for team of eight professionals as team leader of U.N. Inter-Agency effort to developed an evidence-based, multi-sectoral, national rural development plan for Lesotho; travel and logistical arrangements; liaison with government and U.N. authorities; coordination with our Basotho professional counterparts; lead responsibility for data analysis and presentation; disbursements and accounting [Budget – field expenses only: U.S.$ 20,000 over six weeks].

University of Dar es Salaam, Medical Faculty Field Studies, 1972-1974:

Coordinator for annual exodus into rural villages of the entire Muhimbili medical school including students, faculty and technicians; responsibilities for transportation and logistics, village sampling and field research methodology (child health and nutrition)

Human Ecology of Drought in Eastern Kenya, 1997-72:

Supervising 18 enumerators in 14 study sites on three sides of Mt. Kenya.

Peer Reviewing

International Human Dimensions Program on Global Environmental Change, U.S. National Science Foundation, Economic and Social Research Council (UK), Netherlands Foundation for Tropical Research, Scandinavian Environmental Institute, Swiss National Science Foundation, Department for International Development (UK Government); Overseas Development Institute (London), Open University Press, Africa World Press, Earthscan Publications, Routledge Publications, Guilford Publications, United Nations University Press

Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Economic Geography, Progress in Human Geography, Applied Geography, Human Ecology, The Professional Geographer, Area, ACME, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, GeoJournal, Global Environmental Change, Population and Environment, Wiley Climate Review

International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, International Journal of Risk Science, Environmental Hazards, Natural Hazards Review, Natural Hazards, Disasters, Jamba (South Africa)

Africa, African Studies Review, Social Science and Medicine, Human Organization, Climate and Development, Development and Change, Journal of International Development, Capitalism-Nature-Socialism, Journal of Peasant Studies

UNISDR Global Assessment of Disaster Risk Reduction 2011, peer reviewer

UNDP Evaluation of UNDP contribution to disaster risk reduction 2000-2010

UNISDR Midterm review of the Hyogo Framework for Action

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

IPCC Fourth Assessment of Climate Change

IPCC Managing Risks from Extreme Climate Events

Practical Action and Duryog Nivaran South Asia Disaster Report 2007& South Asia Disaster Report 2009

All India Disaster Management Institute, Annual Report 2009-2010

U.N. International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR). Review comments on draft of their summary of IDNDR experiences (Living with Risk) and on their draft Framework for evaluating progress toward risk reduction (e-conference input: ), 2003-2004.

Overseas Development Institute (ODI) -- Reviewed comments on drafts of its compendium of best practices for disaster management by John Twigg, 2003-2004.

Bullfrog [educational] Films

Grants Obtained

UN National Science Foundation, research grant to study climate change adaptation, local knowledge, and governance in northern Tanzania, 2009-2014 (part of multi-researcher team), 2009-2014.

Travel grant provided by Beijing Normal University to visit earthquake recovery sites in Sichuan, China, 2008

Visiting Professorship, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University, funded by Japanese Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MEXT), 2005

Travel grant, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 2002

Natural Hazards Research and Applications Center (University of Colorado, Boulder) Quick Response Grant, 2001 (for research on recovery from El Salvador earthquakes)

United Nations Association, 1999, (program support, California State University Long Beach (CSULB), International Studies, for extracurricular programming)

Phi Beta Delta (International Studies Honor Society), 1998 (program support, CSULB, International Studies extracurricular programming)

United Nations University, 1998-2002 (research support: "Geography of Urban Social Vulnerability")

Culpepper Foundation, 1995 (Visiting professorship, Mt. Holyoke College)

Henry R. Luce Foundation, 1987-1995 (Professorship & Luce Food Program support, Hampshire College)

Social Science Research Council, 1986-1987 (research support: "Political Economy of Health and Disease in Africa and Latin America")

World Works Foundation, 1985 (for research into hunger in New Jersey)

Beijer Institute (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences), 1981-1982 (research support "Kenyan Woodfuel Cycle").

Community Development Trust Fund of Tanzania (twice), 1972 (for research into effectiveness of shallow dug well program & 1976 (for action research on grain storage)

National Christian Council of Kenya, 1972 (for research on resettlement of pastoralists in Isiolo and Marsabit)


Books and Monographs

2012 – with A. Caressi-Lopez, eds. Disaster Management: International Lessons in Risk Reduction, Response and Recovery, London: Earthscan.

2011 – with J.C. Gaillard and I. Kelman, eds., Handbook of Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction, London: Routledge, in press.

2011 – Japanese translation of At Risk, 2nd Edition (2004), translated by M. Watanabe et al., Tokyo: Tsukiji Shokan.

2009 – Editorial advisor, South Asian Disaster Report 2007-2008. Duryog Nivaran & Practical Action, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2009 .

2009 – Editor with Mark Pelling, Urban Disaster Risk Reduction: Cases from Africa. London: Earthscan, 2009.

2006 – Editorial advisor and English language editor, Tackling the Tides and Tremors: South Asia Disaster Report 2005. Published by Duryog Nivaran Secretariat, Islamabad, Pakistan ( and Practical Action- South Asia Programme ( /, Colombo, Sri Lanka; ISBN: 969-9041-01-03.

2005 – 1st editor with C. Toulmin, R. Chitiga, eds. Toward a New Map of Africa. London: Earthscan (2005, replacement for Earthscan’s 1985 Africa in Crisis).

2005 – With Peter Walker, Beyond Kobe: A Proactive Look at the World Conference on Disaster Reduction, Kobe, Japan, 18-22 January, 2005. Commissioned by the Swiss Corporation for Development .

2004 – 1st author with P. Blaikie, T. Cannon, I. Davis, At Risk: Natural Hazards, People’s Vulnerability and Disasters. 2nd edition. London: Routledge, 2004.

[Note the first three chapters are in the UN-ISDRs on line library Scroll down to entry number 7235]

2004 -- Future urban disaster component of Ambiguity and Change: Humanitarian NGOs Prepare for the Future. A report prepared for: World Vision, CARE, Save US, Mercy Corps, Oxfam USA, Oxfam GB & Catholic Relief Services. August, 2004 .

2004 -- Reducing Disaster Risk: A Challenge for Development. Geneva: UNDP (Editorial team member 2001-2004, providing synthesis of disaster/ development linkages worldwide and compilation of case studies).

2003 – with J. Adams, eds., Environment Health in Emergencies and Disasters. Geneva: WHO (for WHO/ IFRC/ UNHCR), 2003, ISBN 92 4 154541 0, .

2003 -- with Elaine Enarson, Cheryl Childers, Betty Hearn Morrow, and Deborah Thomas), Social Vulnerability Approach to Disasters. [on-line college syllabus for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency]. Available through FEMA: [scroll down to “Social Vulnerability...” – zipped file and also additional course material]

Washington, DC: FEMA/ Higher Education Program, 2003.

1996 -- Vulnerabilidad: El Entorno Social, Politico y Economico de los Desastres. Lima: La RED, 1996 [translation of At Risk (1994) funded by European Community Humanitarian Agency (ECHO) and Overseas Development Administration (UK)].

1994 -- P. Blaikie, T. Cannon, I. Davis, B. Wisner, At Risk: Natural Hazards, People’s Vulnerability and Disasters. London: Routledge, 1994.

1988 -- Power and Need in Africa: Basic Human Needs and Development Policy. London and Trenton, NJ: Earthscan and Africa World Press, 1988 & 1989.

1977 – with P. O'Keefe, eds., Land Use and Development. London: International African Institute, 1977.

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Ba (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma iconBio: Acting Professor of Law, University of California, at Davis (King Hall) (). J. D., Ph. D. (Law and Society), New York University; B. A., Yale University. Thanks to Paul Chevigny, David Garland, Charles Reichmann, David Sklansky and Jerome Skolnick

Ba (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma iconUniversity of California, Davis

Ba (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma iconCalifornia High School Career Technical Education Courses Meeting University of California “a-g” Admission Requirements for

Ba (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma icon2011 queen mary university of london mile End Road London This thesis is submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of London

Ba (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma iconPhd columbia University, 1971 ma columbia University, with highest honors, 1968 ba carleton College, honors and distinction in English, 1967 Employment

Ba (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma iconDoctor of Philosophy in Personality Research University of Minnesota; October, 1997

Ba (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma iconGerman idealism : critical concepts in philosophy

Ba (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma iconПоселковые советы
Омский р-н158, в 1963 г подчинен Омскому горсовету255, в 1963 г пос. Харино переименован в пос. Лесозаводский256, в том же 1963 г...
Ba (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma iconХоффманн, Йоахим *Hoffmann, Joachim
Издание: Joachim Hoffmann, Deutsche und Kalmyken 1942 bis 1945, Einzelschriften zur militarischen Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkrieges,,...
Ba (high honors, 1965), University of California, Davis, ca (Philosophy) 1961-1965 Freiburg University, Freiburg, Germany, (German and Philosophy) 1963-1964 ma iconАвторские права на данный материал при­надлежат «аа грейпвайн, Инкорпорейтед» (составлен на основе указанных ниже пуб­ликаций) и отпечатан с разрешении «От
«От одиночества к уединению» (сентябрь 1967 г.), «Счастье» (апрель 1965 г.), «Движение вперед» (октябрь 1964 г.), «Экстаз» (ок­тябрь...
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