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Up Front 501 2

BPA Up Front eMail Tournament

GM: Bill Edwards - edwardsb@mediaone.net

Assistant GM: Andy Maly - upfront2000@home.com

Assistant GM: Greg Courter - grinner@iname.com

PBW Assistant: Eric Taylor - eric.taylor@mindspring.com


All entrants must be members of the BPA the year the tournament starts, Associate level or higher. They do not have to renew in subsequent years to remain active in the tournament.

General Contestant Requirements:

All contestants must have World Wide Web Access.

All contestants must have a valid eMail Address.

If you have questions about BPA Membership, go to their web site: http://www.boardgamers.org/

General Information:

Email is allowing many players who thought they were too busy to rediscover their hobby and keep their games sharp in between conventions. The BPA is going year round with Play-By-eMail Tournaments for selected games, such as Breakout Normandy, The Russian Campaign, War at Sea, For the People, Victory in the Pacific, and Gangsters. For more PBeM information, visit the BPA PBeM Tournament Page.


Tournament Web Site:


Tournament Format:

From the General Article by Marcus Watney:

501 City-Fight-in-Four - The General Volume 26 Issue 5 Pages 6-12

Quoting from that article: “Each player is allocated 501 Design-Your-Own points with which to play the City Fight scenario (Scenario B). The removal of the first four Woods cards, the special rules and the victory conditions remain unchanged: the only rule which is deleted is 43.41. Additionally, snipers have to be purchased by both sides as per Rule 43.6, and if a second sniper is required, he must be purchased at the same time as the first. (GM Note: This is the double sniper capability discussed in Rule 43.6) But the really big difference is that the game continues through four decks.”

Players wishing a copy of this article may get one by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope (2 oz postage recommended) to the GM. This is a seven page article.

Bill Edwards

2400 New Berne Road

Richmond, VA 23228

Method of Play:

All games must be played with Eric Taylor's Up Front Play By Web and E-Mail Page (UF PBW) [http://www.ufpbw.com/ufpbw.cgi] unless a special exception is made by the GM. Players wishing to play by an alternate method must contact the GM prior to the start of a round with their request for an alternate method of play.

If a problem arises with the UF PBW, players should contact Eric Taylor directly. If Eric can not solve the issue with in a timely manner, the GM should be notified.

Signing Up:

Players wishing to join the tournament should contact Bill Edwards by Email at edwardsb@mediaone.net.

Tournament Start Date:

October 1 or if 16 players have not signed up by then, 7 days after the 16th player has entered the event.

Event format:

Single elimination, random opponent assignment, all possible players assigned each round, random Bye assignment if required.

Duration of Play:

Players will be given 4 months from the announced start of a round to complete their match. If a match has not been completed at the end of the time limit and one player has been admittedly slow in play then the match will be awarded to the fast player. Also one player may choose, for whatever reason, to concede the match. If speed of play is an issue but is disputed by the players (e.g. They cannot agree that one or the other was the slow player.) Then the log will be reviewed by the GM and if one player was clearly slowing down the game then the win will go to the other player. If speed of play can not be used to determine the match result, then the winner will be determined by a dice roll.


In the case of a tied game, the winner will be decided by:

1. Lowest DYO points used to construct OOB.

2. A dice roll.

3. If the Finals ends the fourth deck a draw, then a fifth deck will be played to resolve the conflict.


All matches will be Area Rated.

All matches may, at the players’ discretion, be renegade rated.

Side Determination:

Only Valid historical matchup are allows. A listing of the valid Historical Match Up are covered in the Errata for 3.1.

Players will determine which nationality they play for each round of the event in the following manner.

Once opponents have been assigned by the GM, they will roll dice using one of the established Internet dice system, recommended is dice@pbm.com. For instructions on using the dice server, send a message with subject "help" to dice@pbm.com, or see http://www.pbm.com/dice/

The dice server is provided by: Shadow Island Games http://www.pbm.com/

High roll plays the Axis and low roll plays the Allies.

The Axis player then announces which Axis nationality will be played. The Allied player then announces which Allied nationality will be played consistant with the Errata for 3.1.

Axis Nationalities are: German, Italian, Vichy French, Japanese

Allied Nationalities are: American, Russian, French, British, Italian

Players then build the OOBs and begin the game.

GM Note Regarding troop types: Section 43.5 is applicable to the event, so Elite, Second Line, and Partisans may be purchased.

OOB Creation:

Once players have determined which nationality they will be playing, they will construct their OOB for that match in accordance with the DYO rules for the event as outlined under Tournament Format and discussed in detail in the General Article by Marcus Watney: 501 City-Fight-in-Four - The General Volume 26 Issue 5 Pages 6-12. (GM Note: Contestants playing the same nationality in a subsequent match may choose to use the same OOB or a newly created OOB. Also, as the OOBs for all prior matches will be available on the Event Web Site, players may choose to use one of these for their OOB.)

GM Note Regarding OOB creation: Player should email the GM if they have questions concerning the 501 Point DYO OOB creation, reinforcements, reinforcement entry, and any other DYO issues.

Deck Validation:

All players are to notify the GM when they have completed building their OOB. Players will then be requested by the GM to submit their OOB to either the GM or one of the Assistant GMs for validation. Once a player and his opponent have had their OOBs validated, they may begin play.

As the DYO entry system on the UF PBW has been completed, players are not required to submit their OOB to the GM for validation.

DYO Entry on UF PBW:

Eric Taylor has stated he will be modifying the UF PBW site to allow players playing DYO scenarios with hidden reinforcements to each create an Order of Battle (OOB) on the server. The OOB would not be known to the opponent but would be fixed once the game has begun. This will allow players to enter their entire OOB prior to the start of play.

If the UF PBW site has not been modified for DYO Entry in time for the start of this event then players will enter they OOB in the manner that is currently being used for DYO scenarios.

Order of Battle Archive:

All Orders of Battle played in each round of the event will be posted on the Tournament Web Site. If either or both players would like to provide a write up of match, those write ups will be posted on the Web Site.

Errors, Adjudication, Death, and Taxes

If after the completion of any match, the OOB used by a player is found to be different than that submitted and validated by the GM or his Assistants, then that player is disqualified.

If a player has not submitted their OOB the GM for validation and at the completion of the match is found to have an invalid OOB, that play receives an automatic loss.

Once a player takes an action then all previous actions taken by their opponent are considered correct even if later found to contain error(s). E.g. Player A conducts an attack, and it is resolved in error. Player A conducts a second attack on the same turn, and Player B does not mention the error in the first attack resolution during the request for hero/concealment for the second attack, then the first attack is considered valid, and the results stand. Players are excepted to use common sense and be reasonable in application of this rule.

Should players be unable to resolve a dispute concerning their game, an email should be sent to the GM: Bill Edwards (edwardsb@mediaone.net).

Email should give the names of the players, the UF PBW number for the game, and as complete a description of the issue as possible. In all cases, the UF PBW game log will serve as the official record of game play.

The GM has the final say in all disputes except those in which he may be involved. In the later case, A. Maly and G. Courter will jointly make the required ruling. Should the GM be playing either Andy or Greg, then the other will make any needed rulings.

The GM reserves the right to consult with either Assistant GM or PBW Assistant in order to make a ruling. Players found abusing the UF PBW system will be disqualified. As an example, repeated viewing of an opponents discards.


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