Our Website is Live – And It’s Brilliant!

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Your Voice, Your Connections



Issue No. 1: May – June 2010

Our Website is Live – And It’s Brilliant!

North Shropshire Special Olympics

http://www.sogb.org.uk/ will be the Oswestry charity to benefit from Trefonen Hill Walks this year, an African charity being the other beneficiary. The Hill Walks take place over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend, 29th / 31st May, with walks of 3, 6, 11 and 17 miles, as well as various other events including an Open Gardens Trail the weekend before.

Refreshment stops on the Gardens Trail and the shorter walks are an important feature! Last year Trefonen Hill Walks raised £7000. For more information contact www.trefonen-hillwalk.com

Members of SDN getting to grips with editing the website – L to R, Julie Stealey, a carer, Geoff Forgie, SDN Chairman, Alison Smith, SDN Webmaster and Ian Pugh.

It has taken us longer than we had hoped, but at last our new one-stop website www.shropshire-disability.net is live, and already we’ve received lots of compliments on what a good site it is. The creation of the website has been a joint project between ClearDesign, who did all the structure and layout, and members of Shropshire Disability Network, who have created and entered all the pages for over 160 organisations that appear in our database.

On 4th February Carl from ClearDesign ran a training workshop for SDN volunteers, and as you can see from the photo, we got a lot out of the session.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about our website – and let us know if you find any problems! Please also send us News items for inclusion.

FREE Computer Training

As part of its ongoing programme to make IT and computers accessible to all, the government has set up a free online computer training service called myguide.

Myguide is a website designed to help people take their first steps with computers and the internet. Registered users get access to an easy-to-use email system and a wide range of online courses.

So why not give it a try? Paste http://www.myguide.gov.uk/myguide/MyguideHome.do into the address bar (at very top of screen) on your internet. And if you don’t have a computer, or are not online yet, use the computer in the library (also free) or in the Shropshire village Broadplaces (a small charge is made).

Welcome to

The Shropshire Disability Network

To secure improvements for disabled people by negotiation and public pressure to enable them to play an even fuller part in society.

To raise awareness of disability in all its forms

To continually encourage disabled people to feel empowered to manage their condition and be more in control of their lives.

To promote equal opportunities and challenge discrimination faced by disabled people

To work closely with the VCS Shropshire Disability Forum to the benefit of all persons with disability.

Interested in finding out more?

Why not join Shropshire Disability Network? Membership is free, provides you with newsletters, invitations to the meetings, updates and information about disability and an opportunity to comment on issues that affect you in Shropshire.

Contact the Membership Secretary on 01948 840726, email membership@shropshire-disability.net

Shropshire Disability Network was formed on the 27th May 2008 at a launch meeting at Shrewsbury Football Stadium. There has long been a need to provide a powerful collective voice for disabled people across Shropshire that will enable disabled people to share experiences and obtain information, advice and support. The Network has been set up specifically to fulfil that need.


By 2025, disabled people in Shropshire will have the same opportunities, choices and responsibilities as non-disabled people to improve their quality of life and be respected and included as equal members of society.


To work with people and organisations throughout the UK, to achieve maximum benefit for individuals with disability their families and carers throughout Shropshire

To ensure the provision of appropriate services and facilities for disabled people.

To provide a Network for disabled people and represent their views to government, public, voluntary and community agencies and organisations.

"I’m Strong….I Just Can’t Turn the Tap On"

equally demanding teenagers. “Life’s a challenge,” she says. “but it’s how we meet those challenges that defines us.” In this lively, interactive session, Jools will take a romp through the strategies she employs to beat the debilitating disease.

Further meetings at Mereside Community Centre are on 11 Sept, when Sally Edwards of Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company http://www.blueeyedsouldance.com/ will be speaking, and 10 December, when Dominic Campbell of Enabled By Design http://www.nabledbydesign.org./ will speak.

The Shropshire Disability Network meets at least four times a year with the next meeting planned on Thursday 10th June at 10.30 am at Mereside Community Centre in Shrewsbury. This meeting will officially launch the website and Jools Payne, of The Jools Payne Partnership Ltd., will speak on "I’m Strong….I Just Can’t Turn the Tap On".

Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer, Jools Payne, has to manage her condition with the demands of running a busy boutique PR agency and three
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Our Website is Live – And It’s Brilliant! iconWho is this website for?

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