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Baker, S., van Schaik, R., Rivory, L., Ten Tije, A., Dinh, K., Graveland, W., Schenk, P., Charles, K., Clarke, S., Carducci, M., McGuire, W., Dawkins, F., Gelderblom, H., Verweij, J., Sparreboom, A. (2004), Factors affecting cytochrome P-450 3A activity in cancer patients. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. 10(24), 8341-50.

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Featherstone, C., Clarke, S., Jackson, M., Shannon, K., McNeil, E., Tin, M., Clifford, A., O'Brien, C. (2004), Treatment of advanced cancer of the larynx and hypopharynx with chemoradiation. ANZ journal of surgery. 74(7), 554-8.

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Saw, R., Morgan, M., Koorey, D., Painter, D., Findlay, M., Stevens, G., Clarke, S., Chapuis, P., Solomon, M. (2003), p53, deleted in colorectal cancer gene, and thymidylate synthase as predictors of histopathologic response and survival in low, locally advanced rectal cancer treated with preoperative adjuvant therapy. Diseases of the colon and rectum. 46(2), 192-202.

Tobin, P., Dodds, H., Clarke, S., Schnitzler, M., Rivory, L. (2003), The relative contributions of carboxylesterase and beta-glucuronidase in the formation of SN-38 in human colorectal tumours. Oncology reports. 10(6), 1977-9.

Li, K., Clarke, S., Rivory, L. (2003), Quantitation of plasma thymidine by high-performance liquid chromatography - atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectromentry and its application to pharmocodynamic studies in cancer patients. Analytica Chimica Acta. 486, 51-61.

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Rivory, L., Slaviero, K., Clarke, S. (2002), Hepatic cytochrome P450 3A drug metabolism is reduced in cancer patients who have an acute-phase response. British journal of cancer. 87(3), 277-280.

Clarke, S., Abratt, R., Goedhals, L., Boyer, M., Millward, M., Ackland, S. (2002), Phase II trial of pemetrexed disodium (ALIMTA, LY231514) in chemotherapy-naïve patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. Annals of oncology : official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology / ESMO. 13(5), 737-41.

Vardy, J., Wong, E., Izard, M., Clifford, A., Clarke, S. (2002), Life-threatening anaphylactoid reaction to amifostine used with concurrent chemoradiotherapy for nasopharyngeal cancer in a patient with dermatomyositis: a case report with literature review. Anti-cancer drugs. 13(3), 327-30.

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Urwin, R., Bennetts, B., Wilcken, B., Lampropoulos, B., Beumont, P., Clarke, S., Russell, J., Tanner, S., Nunn, K. (2002), Anorexia nervosa (restrictive subtype) is associated with a polymorphism in the novel norepinephrine transporter gene promoter polymorphic region. Molecular psychiatry. 7(6), 652-7.

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Aristides, M., Chen, J., Schulz, M., Williamson, E., Clarke, S., Grant, K. (2002), Conjoint analysis of a new Chemotherapy: willingness to pay and preference for the features of raltitrexed versus standard therapy in advanced Colorectal Cancer. PharmacoEconomics. 20(11), 775-784.

Boyer, M., Clarke, S. (2002), Current management of lung cancer. Current Therapeutics. Dec-02, 49-54.


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Boyer, M., Mitchell, P., Goldstein, D., Millward, M., Olver, I., Clarke, S., Richardson, G., Davis, I. (2001), Phase II study of paclitaxel and oral etoposide in patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. Lung cancer (Amsterdam, Netherlands). 32(1), 89-94.

Lazzaro, I., Gordon, E., Whitmont, S., Meares, R., Clarke, S. (2001), The modulation of late component event related potentials by pre-stimulus EEG theta activity in ADHD. The International journal of neuroscience. 107(3-4), 247-64.

Horvath, L., Bayfield, M., Clifford, A., Painter, D., Clarke, S. (2001), Unusual presentations of germ cell tumors. Case 1. Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsyin mediastinal seminoma. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 19(3), 909-911.

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Clarke, S., Farrugia, D., Aherne, G., Pritchard, D., Benstead, J., Jackman, A. (2000), Balb/c mice as a preclinical model for raltitrexed-induced gastrointestinal toxicity. Clinical Cancer Research. 6, 285-296.

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Dodds, H., Clarke, S., Findlay, M., Bishop, J., Robert, J., Rivory, L. (2000), Clinical pharmacokinetics of the irinotecan metabolite 4-piperidinopipderidine and its possible clinical importance. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. 45, 9-14.

Rivory, L., Qin, H., Clarke, S., Eris, J., Duggin, G., Ray, E., Trent, R., Bishop, J. (2000), Frequency of cytochrome P450 3A4 variant genotype in transplant population and lack of association with cyclosporin clearance. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 56, 395-398
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