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part of Khodorkovsky's empire. That left the foreign banks with nothing more than shares in a holding

company that suddenly had no holdings — and thus was almost worthless.” [Corporate Governance

Goes Global: Riding the Rising Tide, Rob Wright, IFC Corporate Relations Unit, Impact, Summer


It is also clearly reported that the Landesbank was included into the investigation of the

Bank of New York activities.

“Though the exact figure has not been determined, this vast sum not only lined the pockets of the new

Russian kleptocracy, but also flowed into the coffers of US and European financial institutions. (The

BNY case may well involve a number of major European banks. On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal,


citing sources familiar with the investigation, said that Credit Suisse, Union Bank of Switzerland,

Dresdner Bank, Westdeutsche Landesbank and Banque Internacionale of Luxembourg are being

scrutinized for their role in the matter.)” [Bank of New York probe exposes ties between Western

financiers and Russian Mafia, James Brookfield, 27 August 1999,]

Deutsch Landesbank, however was connected to a second, later investigation into the

holdings of Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich. In 2001, both of these

investigations were ongoing, and centered in the World Trade Center.

“According to recent media reports, Russian companies allegedly controlled by Boris Berezovsky and

Roman Abramovich were responsible for laundering up to $7.2 billion in Russian "funny money"

mostly through German banks over the past four years. It is not yet clear whether the scheme involved

"just" tax evasion or more serious criminally related money-laundering activity. This scandal, if

confirmed, involves the venerable Westdeutsche Landesbank, known as WestLB, and a slew of other

German financial institutions. Outwardly, this case is reminiscent of other money-laundering schemes

such as those involving the Bank of New York and Citigroup. All of them involve moving large sums

of money between Caribbean offshore locations such as the British Virgin Islands or even more exotic

places like Nauru and Western Samoa….. The investigation may soon be handed over to the FBI

however…. Several venerable banks, including the Bank of New York and Republic Bank of New

York, were at the center of a much larger scandal in the fall of 1999, in which transactions in excess of

$6 billion were uncovered. The transfer originated in Russia and involved some 10,000 transactions

since October 1998. The federal investigation - involving the FBI, the New York Federal Reserve

Board, the New York Banking Commission and the British law enforcement and national security

agencies - is still going on.” [Coming Clean, Ariel Cohen, Moscow Times, January 23, 2001]

This report emphasizes that the German /Suisse banks referenced in the investigation

include those very banks reported to be at the heart of the need to cover up investigations

at the World Trade Center: Credit Suisse, Union Bank of Switzerland, Deutsch Bank,

Dresdner Bank, and now, including Westdeutsche Landesbank.

8.6 The Yeltsin Family and the Investigations in the World Trade


There were at least seven active investigations into the Yeltsin family when the World

Trade Center – home of the U.S. major financial investigative organizations – went

down. In all probability, there might have been up to fifteen or twenty investigations

opened, and most of them would never see the light of day. All of these investigations

are tied to accounts that would ultimately link back to the Bush family financing.

1. In 1998, Loutchansky, Marc Rich and Berezovsky (Berezovskii) – all associates of

the Yeltsin family - were being investigated in conjunction with the Bank of New

York money-laundering scandal that the Bush administration, (through Ashcroft) first

tried to bury as insignificant – only to have it put back on the front page of the press

by Swiss investigators, and then Russian investigators. (To put the Yeltsin “Family”

in context, it should be noted that the crime organization named after him ousted him

shortly after he lost value as anything other than a figurehead.)


“It is not the Yeltsin family in a literal sense: Boris Yeltsin was "thrown out" a long time ago; it is

a group that holds the real power. And Chernoi can cover its crimes and develop its business with

the help of the state.” [Le Monde: French Editorial Says Russian President Putin Unable To Effect

Changes, Counter Mafia, Corruption]

This investigation opened inroads into accounts at Menatep Bank, Runicom,

Inkombank, EuropeanUnion bank, Riggs-Valmet, Bank Rossisky-Kredit, Alpha

Bank, many of which were linked to Bush operatives and the Yeltsin Family

counterparts going as far back as 1991.

2. Nazarbayev and his Swiss accounts were being investigated by the Swiss for illegal

activities, linked to Bush Sr. and Richard Cheney in the Griffen scandal.

3. Later Mikhail Khodorkovsky would be implicated in the Bank of New York moneylaundering

scandal because of his control of Menatep Bank, but would be more

closley tied to use of the Riggs-Valmet money-laundering conduit. His imprisonment

for tax evasion would be portrayed in the U.S .press as “political” repression by the

Putin regime, and hardly a mention of the Riggs Bank connection would be

published. The Bush family remained loyal to Khodorkovsky after his arrest, with

George Bush Jr. acting on his behalf.

US President George W. Bush used a meeting Friday with Russian non-governmental groups to

express concern over the fate of the jailed founder of Russian oil firm Yukos, participants said.

"He talked about Khodorkovsky, he talked about his wife," said Maria Gaidar, head of the liberal

Russian youth movement Da (Yes), who attended the meeting with Mr Bush at the residence of

the US consul general in Saint Petersburg. "He said that … he was concerned" about the welfare

of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, she said, referring to the Yukos founder sentenced in May 2005 to

eight years in prison after conviction on tax evasion, massive fraud and embezzlement charges.

[Bush 'concern' over jailed oil baron, correspondents in St Petersburg, Herald Sun (Queensland),

July 15, 2006]

Upon his arrest, Khodorkovsky’s secretive business arrangement with the Rothschild

family was exposed, as Jacob Rothschild took over Khodorkovsky’s 26% control of

Yukos. Khodorkovsky’s seat on the board of directors for Yukos went to former

Halliburton executive Edgar Ortiz, a former Halliburton vice president during US

Vice President Dick Cheney's time as Halliburton CEO, and as President and CEO of

Halliburton, took over the relationship with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan

Republic (SOCAR). (See Halliburton Man to Sub for Khodorkovsky, Simon

Ostrovsky, Moscow Times, April 30, 2004.)

4. Yeltsin’s accounts in UBS were being investigated by the Swiss at the same as the

1998 decision to attack the World Trade Center was made.

“There were the first names, the last names, and the accounts accessed at the Banca del Gottardo

in Lugano and at the UBS in Geneva.” [Investigation of Yeltsin's Swiss Accounts, Milan's

Corriere della Sera in Italian, 25 August 1999 (translation for personal use only) Article by Carlo

Bonini and Giuseppe D'Avanzo: "Switzerland, Credit Cards Accuse Yeltsin"]

5. Loutchansky, as shown earlier, was being investigated by the Swiss as well.


“Time Magazine reporters …took up Loutchansky's offer to examine his books in July 1996. Time's

report detailed deals involving PM Viktor Chernomyrdin, Moscow Mayor Yury Lyuzhkov and former

Soviet Minister of Metallurgy and hometown Yeltsin crony Oleg Soskovets, scud missiles, nuclear

smuggling and multimillion dollar transfers through a network of Swiss bank accounts and dummy

companies set up in tax havens like the Isle of Man and Liechtenstein.” [Russia's X mysteries, Anne

Williamson,, September 17, 1999]

6. The missing Russian treasury gold was probably under scrutiny by the FBI

investigation of gold-price fixing, an investigation that would have encompassed

accounts from Barrick Gold and Deutschebank.

7. The Westdeutsche Landesbank realated mney-laundering of Boris Berezovsky and

Roman Abramovich

All of the investigations targeted individuals who were at some point financed by Bush

Sr. and his business associates, and used government funds to fraudulently enrich various

business partners and themselves. All the investigations were housed in the World Trade

Center. All of these Russian/Israeli Mafiya frauds were being investigated by agencies in

the WTC and had their investigative resources refocused on “Al Qaeda.” It should not be

forgotten that Al Qaeda has been a documented CIA front established under George Bush

Sr. when he was CIA Director, vice President and officially the chief of National Security

under Reagan, and as President. As the senior US Intelligence czar for 20 years, if anyone

ever ‘owned’ Al Qaeda, it was George HW Bush.

“George Bush, who, as vice president, beginning in 1981, carried out Executive Order 12333, which

placed all U.S. intelligence operations under Bush's personal control.” [Executive Outcomes ties lead

to London and Bush, Roger Moore and Linda de Hoyos, Executive Intelligence Review January 31,

1997, pp. 42-43]

All of these individuals are linked in multiple ways to the Bush and Yeltsin “Families.”

The Yeltsin Family Partnership in State Sponsored Terror

The Yelstin Family has on multiple occasions, demonstrated a willingness to use

personally funded, private military force for political reasons. (This technically fits the

definition of terrorism.) For example, and most recently, when Vladimir Putin ejected

most of the oligarchs and the Yeltsin Family from their seats of political power,

Berezovsky countered by threatening a coup!

“…Putin has also fired Aleksandr Voloshin, his chief of staff (formally, it is Voloshin who resigned).

Voloshin was one of the architects of Russia's capitalism. This completes the political clean-up: now

the Putin government is entirely run by Putin men (many of whom are veterans of the old KGB, the

Soviet secret police). [October 2003) Putin vs the oligarchs. TM, ®, Copyright © 2005 Piero Scaruffi]

“Wanted Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has gone public with his plans to seize power in Russia by

force. The London-based oligarch said in an interview with the Ekho Moskvy radio station Wednesday

that he had been working on the coup plan for 18 months.


Berezovsky, a notorious critic of Putin’s regime, said he aimed to replace the “anti-constitutional

regime” in Russia. “The regime has lost its legitimacy. Neither Putin nor the parliament are legitimate.

They are anti-constitutional, because they have made a number of anti-constitutional decisions, such as

replacing elected governors by appointed ones. This is absolutely against the spirit and the language of

the constitution.” Today’s regime would never allow a fair election, Berezovsky added, so the only

way out is a coup.” [January 26, 2006]

This however, is not the first time the Yeltsin Family has demonstrated a willingness to

resort to political terror for its own agenda. This willingness to use terrorists for their

political agenda is best understood by understanding the ‘muscle’ in the Yeltsin Family,

starting with Aleksander Voloshin.

“Who are the strong men of the Yeltsin "family?" (Khaydarov) Roman Abramovitch represents them.

He manages their shares, for example 50 percent of Russal, based on the agreement signed with the

Chernoi group in early 2000. Then, there is of course Vladimir Voloshin, head of the presidential

administration under Yeltsin, and whom Putin was not able to get rid of. His story is known, starting

with the scandal of the AVVA financial pyramid (created with Boris Berezovskiy). He controls the

"family's" interests and takes care of anything that could harm it. If he cannot do so, he turns to Roman

Abramovitch, to Oleg Deripaska, or Valentin Yumashev (former head of the presidential

administration, author of Boris Yeltsin's books, and husband of the former president's daughter Tatiana

Diachenko).” [Le Monde: French Editorial Says Russian President Putin Unable To Effect Changes,

Counter Mafia, Corruption]

“Voloshin, 47, was considered the Kremlin's "gray eminence" by many, mediating the interests of the

Russian state and the country's oligarchs. Officially, Voloshin ranked third in the Russian power

hierarchy, after the president and prime minister. However, Voloshin is believed to have decided many

sensitive political issues on Putin's behalf, effectively making him the second most powerful political

figure in the country. Voloshin became head of then-President Boris Yeltsin's administration in March

1999 on the strength of heavy lobbying from now-exiled Boris Berezovskii, with whom he worked

during the 1990s to build that oligarch's vast business interests. After Putin's election as president in

2000, Voloshin opted to support his new boss and helped ease Berezovskii into exile instead of a likely

prison term.….It was Voloshin who brokered deals between bureaucrats and the business world and

applied the necessary influence to enforce agreements.” [Filling Russia's Voloshin Vacuum, Peter

Lavelle, RFE/RL Newsline, November 03, 2003]

“… the Russian Prosecutor-Generals Office announced that it had launched an inspection into the prior

commercial activities of one the country’s most powerful officials, presidential chief of staff Alexander

Voloshin. Prosecutor-General Vladimir Ustinov said that the initial probe may or may not result in a

criminal case. In the early 1990s, Voloshin worked with Berezovsky on the so-called "pyramid"

schemes, say Russian media outlets. According to the reports, Voloshin ran several companies that

were accused of embezzling millions of US dollars, but the case never led to criminal charges. Ustinov

eventually backed down and said there was no criminal investigation relative to Voloshin.”

[Transparency International: Putin undertakes apparent crackdown on corruption, Toni Schönfelder ,

Asia Times, Jan 23, 2002, Moscow]

“…during the spring and summer of 1999 members of Yeltsin’s close entourage (the so-called Family)

were as prepared … to violate the letter of the Russian Constitution as well as Russian law in order to

prevent a transfer of power to persons they did not trust to look out for their physical well-being or

their financial interests. … the Yeltsin Family were more than ready to involve Russia in a “short

victorious war” as well as to destabilize Moscow and various regions of Russia to the point where the

parliamentary elections of 1999 and the presidential vote of 2000 would need to be canceled or

postponed for several years. As in 1994, a military conflict was in fact launched (the incursions into

Dagestan), but due to unanticipated contingencies, it did not prove necessary to cancel the upcoming


elections.” [“Storm in Moscow”: A Plan of the Yeltsin “Family” to Destabilize Russia , John B.

Dunlop , The Hoover Institution , October 8, 2004 ]

Understanding that Aleksandr Voloshin is one of the key figures in the Yeltsin Family

allows the report to define the context for the meeting in the summer of 1999, in which

Adnan Khashoggi coordinated a meeting between Voloshin, the Chechen-Muslim

separatist Basayev (who trained in US funded Al Qaeda camps), and a representative of

the Columbia cocaine network, and a former KGB agent ‘connected’ to the CIA


“French intelligence sources report, via the Russian press : according to these source Basayev met in

summer 1999 in France with Aleksandr Voloshin, chief of staff for then- president Yeltsin (and later

Putin), and Anton Surikov, a former Soviet military intelligence officer who worked with Basayev

when he was leading the Abkhaz separatist movement in Georgia, with Moscow's blessing. Voloshin is

claimed to have provided $10 million to Basayev in order to fund the invasion in Dagestan…..

The most thorough study, by John Dunlop of the Hoover Institution, blames the plotting on three

protégés of the Russian oligarch Boris Berezovskii – Valentin Yumashev, Alexander Voloshin, and

Roman Abramovich – who at this point were members of Yeltsin's "Family" in the Kremlin. (As for

Berezovskii himself, Dunlop writes that by mid-1999 "all of his real but beginning-to-dwindle political

influence was obtained through the intercession of D'yachenko” [Yeltsin's daughter] and Yumashev.")

[The Global Drug Meta-Group: Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11, Peter Dale Scott,

October 29, 2005]

“In March of 2002 Interfax reported that, through his long-time business partner Badri Patarkatsishvili,

Berezovskii had “supplied Chechen figures Kazbek Makhashev and Movladi Udugov with money to

purchase the raid against Dagestan. According to witnesses, Berezovskii contributed 30 million rubles

for the purpose.” This payment, amounting to more than $1 million, if it occurred, may have been only

one of several intended to underwrite a “short victorious war” in Dagestan.” [“Storm in Moscow”: A

Plan of the Yeltsin “Family” to Destabilize Russia , John B. Dunlop , The Hoover Institution , October

8, 2004 ]

“The investigative weekly then went on to summarize what it had learned from French and Israeli

intelligence, as well as from its own journalistic digging: “A luxurious villa in the French city of

Beaulieu, located between Nice and the principality of Monaco. This villa, according to the French

special services, belongs to the international arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. He is an Arab from Saudi

Arabia, a billionaire with a complicated reputation. According to the French special services, and also

to the French press, in June of 1999 there took up residence at the villa a Venezuelan banker named

Alfonso Davidovich. In the Latin American press, he is said to be responsible for laundering the funds

of the Columbian left insurrection organization FARC, which carries out an armed struggle with the

official authorities, supported by the narcotics business.”

“It soon emerged,” Versiya continued, “that a very frequent visitor to Davidovich was a certain French

businessman of Israeli-Soviet origin, a native of Sokhumi [Abkhazia], 53-year-old Yakov Kosman.

“Soon,” the account continues, “the special services succeeded in establishing that Kosman and

Tsveiba went to the Nice airport, where they met two men who had arrived from Paris. Judging from

their documents, one of those who arrived was Sultan Sosnaliev, who in the years of the Georgian-

Abkhaz war served as the minister of defense of Abkhazia. Second there emerged from the airport one

more native of Sokhumi—Anton Surikov. According to rumors, during the years of the war in

Abkhazia, he was subordinated to Sosnaliev and was responsible for questions of the organization of

sabotage and was friendly with field commander Shamil’ Basaev, who at that time headed the Chechen


The next arrival came by sea: “According to the precise information of the French and the Israelis, on

3 July at the port of Beaulieu a private English yacht ‘Magiya’ [Magic] arrived from Malta. From it to

the shore came two passengers. If one is to believe the passport information, one of the ‘Englishmen’

was a certain Turk, in the past an advisor to the Islamicist premier of Turkey, [Necmettin] Erbakan, a


rather influential figure in the Wahhabi circles of Turkey, the Middle East, and the Caucasus. From

sources in the Russian special services we learned that Mekhmet is also a close friend of the not

unknown Khattab.”

“The second person,” the account goes on, “to the surprise of the intelligence officers, was the

Chechen field commander Shamil’ Basaev.” [“Storm in Moscow”: A Plan of the Yeltsin “Family” to

Destabilize Russia , John B. Dunlop , The Hoover Institution , October 8, 2004 ]

Yakov Kosman would also be identified as part of the Russian/Israeli Mafiya.

“Yakov Abramovich Kosman (b. 1946), resides in Nice, France. Has German and, possibly, Israeli

citizenship. Involved in real estate operations and banking. Has contacts with Kosovo Albanian

criminal societies in European countries. In 1997-2000 he served as financial consultant to Hashim

Thaçi, the chief commander of KLA. The new president of Far West, Ltd.” [The Global Drug Meta-

Group: Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11, Peter Dale Scott (18,734 words) October 29,


Also, one needs to understand that one of Farwest’s key partners who arranged the

Khashoggi villa meeting of June 199 – Anton Surikov – was an apparent American agent

in the Soviet Union, and it was Surikov that mentored Basayev, who had received his

initial training in CIA sponsored camps in Afghanistan. As noted earlier in this report,

Surikov is also a protege of KGB leaders Alexie Kondaurov and Fillipp Bobkov, who

sponsored Khordokovsky in his early days. Surikov’s other employer (IPROG) is funded

by grants from Khordokovsky. (Surikov’s involvement in Farwest may help explain how

Halliburton received – according to the Halliburton spokesperson – CIA clearance to use

Farwest as a recruiter in Central Asia and Africa.)

“Anton Surikov is well-known person…. I’ve known him since Afghanistan. … I think Anton went

over to the Americans already back then…. He has a distant relative in the United States who,

basically, held very high post in the CIA and was in Peshawar in the 1980s. Anton always kept this

fact in secret, back in the Soviet time and later on. After all, he occupied very high positions in the

Department, in the government and in the Duma. Just imagine, he worked in all these high-level jobs

and nobody cared! As a matter of fact, our bosses used his connections as the informal channel of

communication with the Americans. That’s why Anton could have his way. And later on it was Anton

who groomed Basayev in Abkhazia as early as in 1992. Everyone knows about this. Even nowadays,

last summer he called Basayev on the satellite phone in my presence. He sounded very friendly:

“Shamil, dear brother, I hug you…” [Revelations of the Fugitive Kremlin Financier, recorded Vadim

Andreev, Translation and comments by, January 19, 2004]

Basayev’s Muslim separatists later would be accused in the world press of the Moscow

Dubrovka theater tragedy in November 2002, and the September 2004 Beslan school

attack in which hundreds of children died. Despite the charges, there would be widespread

reports in the independent press, and a documentary, based on eye-witness

testimony, that these attacks were actually orchestrated by Russian secret police for the

intent of fanning the flames of Russian nationalism, to the political benefit of the Yeltsin

Family. These witnesses were arrested and held until they recanted their testimony. What

is intriguing about these events, like the World Trade Center tragedy, is that American

intelligence, in the U.S. and Russia, created Muslim terrorists, made them the “public

enemy” and then blamed them for events which served their personal, political interests.


The group of ex-military rogues that Voloshin worked with to orchestrate these acts of

political terrorism would be the same group of Russian expatriates that would form a

Swiss company called “Farwest.” In the French meeting at Khashoggi’s villa, this group

was represented by Anton Surikov and Alfonso Davidovich. Farwest is mainly comprised

of ex-Russian military officers closely linked to the Afghan heroin trade. The

Davidovich connection is a starting point for explaining the well reported cocaine-forweapons

trade between the Columbians and the Russian military. Farwest appears to be

a group of ex-military professonals that provides “buyers” like the Yeltsin Family with

heroin, cocaine and terrorist muscle. As one understands the service offering of a group

like Farwest, it is important to see who else their customers are. Farwest has two key

customers whose management shows up repeatedly in the plan to destroy the World

Trade Center. Those customers are Halliburton (during the Cheney era) and a pair of

companies known as Diligence and New Bridge, which share the same board members.

These may well be a few of the “important politicians” that Sibel Edmonds claims are

associated with the Central Asian drug and money laundering trade.

“Diligence LLC ( was formed by past members of the CIA

and Britain's MI5 Intelligence Services. They have included experts in international law, journalism

and intelligence services from post-Cold War which enables them to vet all sorts of future investment

projects while providing security advice. They are related to New Bridge Strategies, sharing addresses

and many of the same board members. “

“About Diligence LLC Headquartered in Washington, D.C with offices in Miami, London and

Geneva, Diligence LLC specializes in the provision of timely and accurate commercial and

competitive information, pre-employment vetting services, analysis, due diligence, and security

services to Fortune 500 companies and leading financial institutions around the world. For more

information, visit”

Here are some of the key players in Diligence/New Bridge – which shows an ongoing

business involvement of the Bush Family as well as Shiek Kamal Adham and Adnan


· Joe Allbaugh, the deputy chairman of Diligence, resigned his post as head of FEMA

on March 1, 2003, a post granted to him after serving as National Campaign Manager

for the Bush-Cheney 2000 election and chief of staff to then-Gov. Bush of Texas.

· Neil Bush has been paid a $60,000 annual consulting fee. Neil’s role is to "help

companies secure contracts in Iraq," the Financial Times reports.

· Lord Powell of Bayswater (also on the Board of Barrick, with Adham and

Khashoggi), representative of the Rothschild family investment firms,

· Richard Burt: chairman of Diligence, was a Director of Deutsche Bank-Alex Brown

fund, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany.

· Ed Rogers and Lanny Griffith, former George H.W. Bush aids. Ed Rogers has been a

lobbyist for Shiek Kamal Adham and Adnan Khoshoggi, as well as the Russian Alpha

Group/Alpha Bank owned by Mikhail Friedman.

· President of the company, John Howland, and principal Jamal Daniel were business

partners of first brother Neil Bush

· Whitley Bruner, formerly head of the CIA Baghdad station, is now director of the

Iraq branch of Diligence.


Again, the report demonstrates that Farwest – a Swiss company comprised of

Russian/Israeli Mafiya terrorists and drug dealers – openly admits to having Halliburton

and Diligence as their customers, which is mostly comprised of senior Bush apparatus

operatives! What is equally as interesting is the second appearance of Lord Powell in this

network of Bush apparatus companies. Powell was first identified with this group as a

Board member of Barrick – and now in Diligence. Powell is a major representative of

Rothschild family holding companies. In one of the more rare occasions of the Rothschild

family, their role and benefit in this scenario was later revealed in the press. Essentially,

Jacob Rothschild has had secret agreements with at least one of the oligarchs

(Khodorkovsky), which suggests that there may be more of these "previously unknown


“LONDON (Agence France-Presse) — Control of Mikhail Khodorkovsky's shares in the Russian oil

giant Yukos have passed to renowned banker Jacob Rothschild, under a deal they concluded prior to

Mr. Khodorkovsky's arrest, the Sunday Times reported. Voting rights to the shares passed to Mr.

Rothschild, 67, under a "previously unknown arrangement" designed to take effect in the event that

Mr. Khodorkovsky could no longer "act as a beneficiary" of the shares, it said…. Mr. Rothschild now

controls the voting rights on a stake in Yukos worth almost $13.5 billion, the newspaper said in a

dispatch from Moscow. Mr. Khodorkovsky owns 4 percent of Yukos directly and 22 percent through a

trust of which he is the sole beneficiary, according to Russian analysts.” [Arrested oil tycoon passed

shares to banker, Washington Times, November 03, 2003,]

Farwest, despite the reports of its ‘private military and security capabilities,’ is primarily

a drug syndicate, as testified to by a Russian source with inside information:

"The distribution of responsibilities in the OPS as follows. Filin, partly Likhvintsev, Davidovich, and

Kosman, the four of them are at the top and excersize general leadership. Filin is responsible for the

headquarters of Far West, Ltd. in Switzerland. Filin and Davidovich are responsible for purchasing

cocaine in Colombia and the FLW office in Bogotá.Likhvintsev is responsible for cocaine traffic

through the port of St. Petersburg and its delivery to the Azeris. Saidov is in contact with Jamaat

Shariat and is responsible for purchasing Afghan heroin coming through Turkmenistan to Dagestan.

He is also responsible for the port of Novorossiisk and the FWL office in the Crimea. Surikov is

responsible for contacts with Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Udmurtia, Tatarstan and Bashkiria, as well as for

purchasing there the Afghan heroin that comes through Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. He is also

responsible for the FWL office in Izhevsk 7 and for shipping of "special merchandise" (i.e.,. heroin - to the port of Novorossiisk (for this he uses the Adygei ethnic criminal group). Kosman is

responsible for the transfer of the heroine, delivered to Europe from the Novorossiisk, to Kosovo

Albanians in Mediterranean and for the FWL office in Kosovo. Filin, Kosman, and Davidovich are

responsible for financial transactions related to drug trafficking and for laundering the proceeds in

Caribbean offshores. Saidov is responsible for financial transactions and money laundering in the Gulf

and for the FLW office in Dubai. Filin and Likhvintsev are in communication with their accomplices

in their former directorate (GRU - Likhvintsev is in contact with their "protection" at "the

top" (in the Kremlin - Butkevichius supervises the FWL office in Georgia and is

responsible for the OPS communication with Berezovsky and Patarkatsishvili. Surikov is responsible

for receiving intelligence from the corrupted officers of secret services about the information which

these services gather about the OPS and their competitors. Surikov (and Baranov) is also responsible

for politics, informational campaigns in mass media (presently Filin, Saidov, and Roeva also take part

in these activities) and for communication with YUKOS (through Kondaurov). Lunev is responsible

for physical actions against their opponents. He is also responsible for the FWL offices in Iraq and

Afghanistan and for their business there with KBR/Halliburton (formerly headed by Dick Cheney),

hiring for them mercenaries. They closed their office in Angola. Before, Likvintsev was responsible

for it. Filin and Surikov are responsible for their connections in the United States, Davidovich with


Venezuela, Saidov with Saudi Arabia, Saidov and Surikov with Turkey, Saidov with the Chechens and

Hizb ut-Tahrir in Central Asia." [Alfonso Davidovich Ochoa, from the dossier compiled by]

With the groups links to Kondaurov and Bobkov, the claim they are linked to the drug

trade is re-inforced by Bobkov’s continued involvement in the same:

“The case of Filipp Bobkov, the former First Deputy Chairman of the KGB, exemplifies the role of the

mobbed-up KGB networks. Bobkov was "cashiered" from the KGB for his role in the bloody KGBSpetnaz

crackdown on the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius in 1991. As a "private" citizen, Bobkov

pursued the KGB-ordained strategy of marketing his services to Western investors, and quickly

assumed control of a banking group in Moscow. Bobkov swiftly assembled a collection of KGB

veterans who had been stationed in Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Korea. This was the nucleus of what

has become known as the "Moscow Narco-Group," which coordinates drug-running operations in

Romania, Colombia, Peru, and Cuba. Its main base of operations is the Russian naval base at Cam

Ranh Bay in Vietnam - a communist regime which is next in the queue for "joint ventures" and

American foreign aid.” [Russia's Global Crime Cartel, William Norman Grigg, The New American,

Vol. 12, No. 11, May 27, 1996, Copyright 2004 American Opinion Publishing Incorporated,]

If Farwest is primarily a drug operation, there are some very well placed members of the

Bush apparatus dealing with them. It might be easy to conclude that this Russian Mafiya-

Farwest-Diligence network is irrelevant and proves nothing regarding 9/11. With some

reflection however, the implications are very significant:

· It demonstrates that Adnan Khashoggi, a key participant in multiple aspects of the

9/11 motive and planning, clearly has no hesitation to facilitate operations which

result in political terror and mass murder, and a documented track record of doing just


· It demonstrates that the Bush family financial apparatus, including Dick Cheney,

conducts on-going business with an organization (Farwest) that arranges contract

political terror using Muslim terrorists with the same background as Al Qaeda, and is

a major drug conduit!

· It demonstrates that the Russian/Israeli Mafiya family (the Yeltsin Family in

particular) that has reaped billions of dollars from Bush largesse since 1991 uses the

same political terrorist professionals as the Bush Family!

· It demonstrates that the Bush Family had other channels besides Armitage and Secord

to hire Al Qaeda trained mercenaries!

· It demonstrates that Sibel Edmonds could easily have translated conversations which

demonstrated major U.S. political connections to drug deals and money laundering in

Central Asia. The Chechnyan crime operation is linked to the Yeltsin Family,

Farwest, and Diligence, and hence in many ways to the Bush political and family

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