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I have been on Meridia for 14 months and have lost 93 pounds. I have about

30 pounds to go to my goal but I feel great!

I too heard all the horror stories from others about the negatives of taking

Meridia even from my family and friends. But I do believe in it. I am sure

it is not for everyone but that is why is medically supervised and requires

a prescription. I can tell you that the benefits to my health from my weight

loss so far are many. My doctor is thrilled. My blood pressure is down, I am

no longer on 2 different medications that I was taking, one for pain from

back problems, the other for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I just have not

needed them anymore. My heart is improved, my energy level is improved, I am

no longer short of breath when walking just short distances.

To me the health benefits I have achieved have made it worth any risk. I

have had no side effects from taking the Meridia at all. I think everyone

has to make their own decision about it but I for one am a firm believer and

will continue to take it.

Sue Steele


You know what I did Bridget? I just called every doctor in the phone book and asked if the doc prescribed Meridia and Xenical at the same time or if the doc would have a problem doing that. Logically you should be able to take both with no problem since Xenical is not even absorbed into your blood stream but works in your small intestine to cause you to malabsorb of the fat you ingest. It's amazing how ill informed some doctor's just do not want to be bothered by reading up about it.

found a doctor who was just fabulous! I made it a point to ask her office if she was good with patients who were morbidly obese and wanted help. I did not want to see a "diet" doctor. But I wanted to see a doctor who had success with obese people and treated them with respect.

So doctor is the loveliest women ever! She gave me a full blood work up and check I was off to the races.

I eat a healthy low fat I get exercise most would recommend weight 's low fat which will be good for it's really healthy. If you do not want to join weight watchers you can just go grab a cookbook from your bookstore.

Do not be discouraged about exercise! I found it hard to get motivated once I lost even 20 pounds I found that I felt so much better I was more able and willing to do more exercise! When I was 63 pounds heavier I was easily tired and I did not really want to do did not have any specific I was generally lethargic.

The more weight you lose the more motivated you become! I promise. The new clothes help a lot too! I really HAD to buy new knew I was in need of new things when I was shopping for books one day with a neighbor and my trousers nearly fell off. I had to quickly grab the waistband and head to the car. They say that every 20 pounds is about one dress just think about all your potential new clothes!

I have not been this size since I was 21 years old. I have more to lose but I am so I have really gotten into the swing of eating less and more healthy and I look forward to activities and to being seen and going out. The changes in my body are amazing. Four months ago my pretty face was a round I would apply makeup and feel sad that the face I used to have and the cheekbones and jawline I had was just gone. My makeup did little to fix or hide all my pudge.

My clothes were disappointing too, I had gotten to the point that I was wearing a uniform of long sheath dresses and cardigan sweaters. My tummy made trousers and skirts look weird and I remember trying on clothes and thinking "how could you let this get so out of control" Once when I was shopping at the "avenue" a sales assistant was trying to help me and she actually commented that I had terrible self esteem. I suppose I could no longer hide how horrible I felt.

But baby steps are all you need. No giant leaps required. Just take your or Xenical and find that ONE thing you can modify for the better. The first thing I did was stop drinking sugary sodas. I drink lots of water and I have diet soda when I have soda. I actually found some diet soda I sprite, diet cherry 7-up, diet A&W rootbeer, diet Sunkist....

you feel comfortable with that one thing you have something else. Stay calm cool and collected and do not try and be perfect in a week or even a month. I do not focus on diet at focus on amounts that I eat and I focus on healthy foods. I always try and think what would a healthy person eat?

of luck to you and keep writing and let us know how you are doing!

Lea Ann


Thanks LeeAnn! I actually did get out and get some "exercise" today. I took my son to the city park and we walked the perimiter a couple of has to be at least 2 miles. It is a very large park. It felt good. It was also beautiful out today!

How do you find the combo??? I was thinking about doing that also! I wonder if my doc would put me on both at the same time. If I could lose 60 lbs in 4 months I would be soooo happy! I would be back to where I was senior year in college!!

I was also a clothes hog then so it would be great to fit back into all that stuff!! My husband would be thankful too. He has this favorite tanktop of mine that I wore on our first date! Boy would that be nice!!!

Thanks for the response!!!



Lea Ann wrote:

My adivce about exercise is to do something you really like and try to think of it in a nontraditional way. Lots of things can be good exercise if you do them in the right way. I LOVE to ride my bike when it's nice outside. I would much prefer to do that over just riding a stationary bike. But when it is so hot outside I do use my treadmill while watching soap operas. And I do spring cleaning and renovation nearly I make it into a cardio thing. I sweat and my heart rate is up for at least an hour. If you go up and down the the floors, paint etc etc you can make those activities into exercise quality activities!

I have been on meridia and Xenical for 4 months and have lost 63 pounds so far.

Lea Annms of Service.


I started Meridia today after a visit with a new good doctor. I am

afraid to take it. I am afraid that something bad will happen to

me. I will be the one in 25,000 to have a heart attack or something

awful. I am also feeling incredibley guilty. I cannot get over the

thoughts of just doing it on my own without pills or surgery. I so

want to do it with just will power. But, I need help.

I took my first pill tonight at PM. Then, I read that you are

supposed to take it in the morning. So, I suppose that I will have

insomnia tonight now? Should I take one in the AM, or skip tomorrow

and re-start on Thursday AM, I wonder. I don't want to develop that

Serontonin Syndrome.

I have downloaded some scholarly journal article info on Meridia


Any advice from those who have been on it?

Also, I am wondering if Wellbutrin XL is almost the same thing?! I

had palpiptations and increased BP and Heart rate from Wellbutrin

after 1 week of taking it. So, I am wondering if that predisposes

me to that same reaction with Meridia.


Kathy MN


Since 49 deaths, due to cardiac arrythmia, or heart attack, have been

associated with the weight loss drug, Meridia and another 124 individuals on

Meridia had "cardiovascular conditions severe enough to be hospitalized",

Consumer Reports in an article in this month's issue (page 57) entitled,

"Weight-loss drug fattens heart risks", recommends people do not take

Meridia or at least, really question if it is for them.

Meridia works by making the heart beat faster to make the person burn more

calories. This is very similar to what ephedra does (and ephedra is another

drug which the FDA is questioning at this time).

Abbott Labs, which manufactures Meridia, claims that the deaths had nothing

to do with the action of the drug but instead blamed the side effects of

Meridia on "obesity". (how convenient!) :)

Consumer Reports' medical consultants stated the following about Meridia and

other weight loss drugs:

medications, since none have been tested for more than about two years and

none have been proved to reduce the long-term risk of obesity-related

illness and death.<<<<


Hi folks -

I've been really busy lately, but I've tried to read and keep up. I'm

going in the morning to get my blood checked again - sugar level and

iron levels. I'm really hoping the sugar has come down a bit. I've

also got to have my weight checked. My doc started me on Meridia 3

weeks ago and he wants to see if it's working at all. The problem

is, the stuff is designed to make you feel full faster, not lower

your appetite. So if you can eat slowly enough and little enough, it

can help. But I don't feel the "full" effect for about 10 minutes

after I eat! Then if I have eaten a "regular" meal, I feel pretty

stuffed and miserable. So it seems to be more of a conditioning thing

in my opinion - I have to remember how awful I'm going to feel if I

don't quit eating after a certain amount. That's a habit that's hard

to break, especially when it's something delicious! But I've really

been trying to change my eating habits these last 3 weeks. I've

decided that a "diet" is not the best answer - they never work and I

feel so deprived that I get depressed and I cheat. So I'm trying to

limit fat and carbs and eat less. I'm trying to stay around 55 grams

of fat, 155 grams of carbs and 155 grams of protein a day. I know I'm

going over that some, but I'm getting closer all the time and I do

stay under those limits on some days. While I try not to "cheat", I

don't deny myself totally. I ate fried oysters and shrimp last

weekend on a college visit with my son and 2 other boys and their

families - it was quite a treat! And we were near the coast. But

usually I'm doing pretty well. I've been eating Subways when my son

and hubby get McDonald's. Today at school they had a teacher's

meeting with refreshments and I had one 1-inch brownie - nothing

else. I baked 8 dozen cookies for the football team this week and

ate 1 cookie (although I realized later that I had inadvertantly

snacked on the dough several times while baking without even noticing

I was doing it!). I'm trying to go with the notion that I can eat

anything, just not much of it! That way I don't drive myself nuts

feeling deprived of the things I love.

Anyway, to make a long story shorter, I'm really trying to learn to

control my portions and choices, rather than go the drastic route.

I've tried that so many times, with no success, or with the rebound

effect. I think I'm going to try the Meridia 1 more month, if the doc

agrees, and then I might see if I can keep the habits and drop the

drug. He wants me to shoot for 4-5 pounds lost a month, as that is

what Meridia should do if it is going to work (or more) but I'll be

happy just to see any negative numbers!

Ok - this is long enough, but thanks for reading and thanks for

letting this place be such a place of positive reinforcement and

encouragement! It's one thing to talk to people who are dieting

because they want to lose 10 pounds or so, but it's another thing to

realize that there are other people out there like me who have

serious numbers to contend with and have been successful. It helps a

Ok - now let's think positive thoughts for my son's football game

tomorrow night! I haven't been to that concession stand once this

year! Yay me! But tomorrow is going to be cold and I just MIGHT have

to have some HOT CHOCOLATE!!! :)


Hi! I have been lurking for quite awhile and figured I better step in and

say HI! Plus I have a question or two. Well, maybe a little history first

would help. 2 years ago, after the birth of my second child, I took Meridia

10 mg for about 3 months and lost 40 lbs. I was very pleased with the

effects. But in month 4 my Dr switched me to 15 mg because the 10mg just

didn't seem to be doing anything for me anymore. I ended up getting REALLY

bad headaches so I stopped taking Meridia. I still had about 85 lbs left to

lose but over the past 2 years I have been trying different weightloss meds

(like phen) but not with much success. (Good news is that I didn't gain back

any of the weight I had previously lost while on Meridia)

And it turns out that Meridia may not have been the blame for my daily

headaches. I still had them for quite awhile after stopping the med, and

they were probably because I had a 1yr and a 2 yr old, plus a hubby that

works about 60hrs a week. LOL

OK, a few months ago I decided to try Meridia again since nothing else

seemed to work as well. When I first went, the Dr did a blood test for the

Thyroid and turns out I am borderline hypothyroid ( which explained ALOT

about how I had been feeling) But he didn't want to put me on the thyroid

medication yet. He wanted to have me try the Meridia first to see if I could

get some of my extra weight off first. He even warned me that it would be

even harder for me to lose weight because my metabolism was pretty much

'gone' due to my thyroid. So I had him give me a perscription (he gave me

one (10mg) that would last for 3 months) I figured it wouldn't hurt to try

because last time I had good success on it. That was near the end of

November. But due to financial reasons I had to wait to fill the Rx. I did

so in January and did like most of the country and started my 'diet' on

January 1st. LOL! Well due to the holidays (and no diet meds) I put on about

5 to 10 lbs. I figured once I started my diet in Jan that I would get rid of

them pretty quickly. Well, It has been almost 3 months on Meridia and i have

only lost 2 lbs! I am getting so depressed about it too. My Rx runs out in a
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