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Appendix C: Background Information

#1 $2 +3Windows Sockets

An Open Interface for

Network Programming under

Microsoft Windows

Version 1.1

20 January 1993

Authors and CopyrightWinSock_Authors



Programming with SocketsWinSock_ProgrammingWithSockets

Socket Library OverviewWinSock_SocketLibraryOverview

Socket Library ReferenceWinSock_SocketLibraryReference


Error Codes and Header Files

Error CodesWinsock_ErrorCodes

Header FilesWinsock_HeaderFiles

Notes for Windows Sockets SuppliersWinSock_NotesForSuppliers

For Further ReferenceWinsock_FurtherReference

Background Information

Origins of Windows SocketsWinsock_Origins

Legal Status of Windows SocketsWinsock_LegalStatus

The Story Behind the Windows Socket IconWinsock_IconStory

Windows Sockets in Windows HelpWinsock_WinHelp

#4 This Windows Help version of the Windows Socket 1.1 Specification is provided by InfoMagic, Inc. It may be freely redistributed, either as provided or in modified form. Winsock providers may integrate it into their product documentation without incurring any obligation to InfoMagic, Inc. The source .rtf file is available from via anonymous FTP along with the other WIndows Sockets material.

#5Martin Hall

Mark Towfiq

Geoff Arnold

David Treadwell

Henry Sanders

Copyright 1992 by Martin Hall, Mark Towfiq

Geoff Arnold, David Treadwell and Henry Sanders

All rights reserved.

This document may be freely redistributed in any form, electronic or otherwise, provided that it is distributed in its entirety and that the copyright and this notice are included. Comments or questions may be submitted via electronic mail to Requests to be added to the Windows Sockets mailing list should be addressed to This specification, archives of the mailing list, and other information on Windows Sockets are available via anonymous FTP from the host, directory /pub/winsock. Questions about products conforming to this specification should be addressed to the vendors of the products.

#6 $7 +8 K9 Windows Sockets


The authors would like to thank their companies for allowing them the time and resources to make this specification possible: JSB Corporation, Microdyne Corporation, FTP Software, Sun Microsystems, and Microsoft Corporation.

Special thanks should also be extended to the other efforts contributing to the success of Windows Sockets. The original draft was heavily influenced by existing specifications offered and detailed by JSB Corporation and Net Manage, Inc. The "version 1.0 debate" hosted by Microsoft in Seattle allowed many of the members of the working group to hash out final details for 1.0 vis-a-vis.

Sun Microsystems was kind enough to allow first time implementors to "plug and play" beta software during the first Windows Sock-A-Thon of Windows Sockets applications and implementations at Interop Fall '92. Microsoft has shared WSAT (the Windows Sockets API Tester) with other Windows Sockets implementors as a standard Windows Sockets test suite to aid in testing their implementations. Finally, Sun Microsystems and FTP Software plan to host the Windows Sock-A-Thon II in Boston February '93.

Without the contributions of the individuals and corporations involved in the working group, Windows Sockets would never have been as thoroughly reviewed and completed as quickly. In just one year, several competitors in the networking business developed a useful specification with something to show for it! Many thanks to all which participated, either in person or on e-mail to the Windows Sockets effort. The authors would like to thank everyone who participated in any way, and apologize in advance for anyone we have omitted.

List of contributors:

Martin Hall (Chairman) JSB Corporation

Mark Towfiq (Coordinator) Microdyne Corporation

Geoff Arnold (Editor 1.0) Sun Microsystems

David Treadwell (Editor 1.1) Microsoft Corporation

Henry Sanders Microsoft Corporation

J. Allard Microsoft Corporation

Chris Arap-Bologna Distinct

Larry Backman FTP Software

Alistair Banks Microsoft Corporation

Rob Barrow JSB Corporation

Carl Beame Beame & Whiteside beame@mcmaster,ca

Dave Beaver Microsoft Corporation

Amatzia BenArtzi NetManage, Inc.

Mark Beyer Ungermann-Bass

Nelson Bolyard Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Pat Bonner Hewlett-Packard

Derek Brown FTP Software

Malcolm Butler ICL

Mike Calbaum Fronteir Technologies

Isaac Chan Microsoft Corporation

Khoji Darbani Informix

Nestor Fesas Hughes LAN Systems

Karanja Gakio FTP Software

Vikas Garg Distinct

Gary Gere Gupta

Jim Gilroy Microsoft Corporation

Bill Hayes Hewlett-Packard

Paul Hill MIT

Tmima Koren Net Manage, Inc.

Hoek Law Citicorp

Graeme Le Roux Moresdawn P/L -

Kevin Lewis Novell

Roger Lin 3Com

Terry Lister Hewlett-Packard

Jeng Long Jiang Wollongong

Lee Murach Network Research

Pete Ostenson Microsoft Corporation

David Pool Spry, Inc.

Bob Quinn FTP Software

Glenn Reitsma Hughes LAN Systems

Brad Rice Age

Allen Rochkind 3Com -

Jonathan Rosen IBM

Steve Stokes Novell

Joseph Tsai 3Com

James Van Bokkelen FTP Software

Miles Wu Wollongong

Boris Yanovsky NetManage, Inc.

#10 $11 +12 K13 Windows Sockets


What is Windows SocketsWinSock_WhatIs

Berkeley SocketsWinSock_Berkeley

Microsoft Windows and Windows-specific extensionsWinSock_Windows

The Status of this SpecificationWinSock_Status

Revision HistoryWinSock_Revision
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