Annual Meetings, Membership & Advertising Peter Flower-Chair

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Fredericton City Club

Hanwell Road, Fredericton NB Thursday September 22, 2011

The September meeting of the Board of Directors chaired by President Maurice Albert was called to order at 3:00 pm.

The following attended the meeting:

Maurice Albert-President

Peter Flower

Louis Roy

Terry Keiver

Bob Dunnett

Paul Hollins

Leon Cormier

Marc Losier

Dave Smith

Coleen Gorman -Asal

Tom McGinn – Executive Director

Also attending: Past Presidents- Les Ashfield, Kent Duggan and Sandy Robertson.


Moved and seconded (Terry Keiver/Dave Smith) that Minutes of the August 18th, 2011 meeting be adopted as circulated. Carried.



The monthly Financial Report was circulated and accepted.


President’s Report – Maurice Albert

Attended the Joint Executive meeting with DOT.

Executive Director’s Report – Tom McGinn

Executive Director’s Report

September Board Meeting

September 22, 2011


August 24 LMI conference call

Structures committee meeting

September 9 ARBA meeting in Moncton

September 22 Grading committee meeting

Finance committee meeting

Correspondence and Ongoing

  • Receivables from summer meeting

  • Larry Gulch request for Childrens Wish auction

  • Working on rental rate book. Received quote from Taylor Printing. Email sent to last years advertisers

Tom informed the board that Tricia Stewart has given her notice and September 29th will be her last day. Tricia and her family are moving to Windsor Ontario. Tom will start the process for a replacement.


Annual Meetings, Membership & Advertising Peter Flower-Chair


Peter reported on the following companies who have applied for membership.

This is the first reading for Associate membership application:

Multiserve Petroleum Equipment Ltd. Sponsored by Terry Keiver, Atlantic Underground Services

Pneus ABC Tires Inc. Sponsored by Gilles Cormier, Restigouche Construction

This is the second reading for Provisional Membership application:

Concreate USL Sponsored by Eric Maxwell, Conquest Engineering.

Moved and seconded (Marc Losier/Maurice Albert) that this company be accepted as a Provisional Member. Carried.

Peter asked the board for AGM Guest Speaker suggestions. It was agreed to first approach Premier Alward and if he cannot attend, ask Finance Minister Higgs. Tom will send a formal request to the Premier’s Office.

Finance Terry Keiver/Chair

Terry reported his committee met earlier in the day. The association’s finances and statements were reviewed. Investments are down but not down as much as the market. It was noted dividends received from the investments total approximately $30,000 annually. The committee also reviewed dues revenue for the next couple years. The 2013 dues will be the year affected by the reduction in DOT work from 2011 and appear not to be too bad.

Municipal Infrastructure & Environmental Eliane Doucet-Chair


Chair unable to attend the meeting. Coleen Gorman Asal attended in Eliane’s place. Coleen spoke about the meeting held with DENV in June. Coleen also spoke on permits. DENV suggested contractors start the process once they find out they are lowest bidder. Would help speed up the process. Maurice spoke about receiving a call from a member indicating DOT no longer allowing gas and diesel pumps on job sites. Coleen was not aware of this and said she would look into it.

Marc Loiser informed Coleen his paving committee met and they wanted to know if contractor’s can use their local environment contact person for jobs not in their local area. Asked if this could be brought forward at the next meeting with DENV. Coleen said they hope to have a meeting with DENV in the near future and plan to invite DFO to the meeting.

Municipal Infrastructure

Chair unable to attend the meeting. No report given.

Construction Safety Louis Roy/Chair

Chair reported on meetings he has attended on behalf of the association with WorkSafe NB. They have held 3 meetings and the purpose is reviewing proposed changes to the act. Louis asked the board how he should communicate the proposed changes with our members. It was agreed to send the changes to road builders office and Tom will forward to the membership. Louis also asked if he should send all changes or just the ones he thinks would affect our industry. It was decided to send out all changes and the members can decide which changes affect their businesses. It was also decided to send correspondence every quarter.

Construction Training Leon Cormier/Chair

Chair reported he has a meeting tomorrow in the Miramichi with Mark Standring and Andre Babin from NBCC. Tom McGinn will also attend. Leon will report next month how the meeting went, the plan is to have training sessions scheduled at the meeting. Leon also reported he has been in contact with Scott Roberts of Underground 101, who provides training. Maybe able to work with NBCC.

Structures Paul Hollins/Chair

Chair reported his committee met with DOT on August 24th. He delivered the lump sum payments proposal. Paul spoke about the issues they are having with tender calls, unrealistic completion dates, poor quantities and unit prices. He spoke to DOT about this and they said things would improve. The Ft. Kent/Clair bridge tender came out and it was no better. He mentioned the tendering process and time allowed to finish the contract. Paul said New Brunswick contractors are at a huge disadvantage since they are not allowed in the water after September 30th and not before June 1st. The American contractors are not under such restrictions.

Paul also spoke on penalties and was told by DOT penalties would not be charged after the job is closed and not before it is re-opened. Basically not between September 30th and June 1st.

Prepared by: Angela English

Date: September 15, 2011

Meeting date: Location: Subject:

August 24, 2011 Time: 1:00 pm Kings Place Boardroom 301E Joint RBHCA / NBDOT Structures Committee Meeting


RBHCA Paul Hollins Malcolm Reeves Mike Waddell Terry Milton Tom McGinn Angela English

NBDOT Carol MacQuarrie Fred Strang Bruce Connolly



Review of March 16, 2011 minutes: Lump Sum for Concrete  P. Hollins informed DOT that the committee is in agreement to change the method of payment to lump sum. He provided a letter from RBHCA stating the members’ consensus and an alternate wording suggestion for Items 302.5 and 302.6. The information was left with DOT for further discussion.

Pile Splicing  Three options for H-pile splicing have been discussed:

Increase price paid per splice to at least $600 o Consider use of splicer o Consider alternate welding procedure

 DOT has concerns with allowing an alternate welding procedure as it would require a CWB welder and availability of CWB welder may be an issue, or this requirement may be a hardship to local qualified welders without CWB.

 DOT believes that the first 2 options could be achieved more quickly than the third.

Steel Diaphragms  This item has become a dead issue. Electronic Submissions  DOT reiterated that electronic submissions are still being allowed on a case-by-case basis.

Environmental Management Manual  There have been no issues with EMM. 2011 Spec Revisions

1. Curing - penalty  DOT said that they haven’t had any issues with the

penalty for curing as there haven’t been any contracts requiring this under the 2011spec yet.


3.Tremie pours  RBHCA would like to have the option of using a

concrete pump in conjunction with the tremie method. 6.Formwork – set back/cover on form ties  RBHCA requested that DOT accept the use of standard-sized snap ties and cones available on the market. RBHCA said that contractors would likely accept a 2-inch set back if it was imposed on them.

 DOT agreed to discuss this topic after the meeting.

Structures for Tender 2011 - Update  Clair/Fort Kent – The permits are in place and the

tender is being prepared. It should hopefully be out within a couple of weeks. 

Zionville Road on Route 8 – This project is shown as having a September tender call. 

Phase 2 of Hugh John Flemming – This tender has been cancelled due to traffic availability issues. It will be retendered with the same completion date. 

Middle River Bridge in Bathurst – This project is shown as having an October tender call. 

Mill Brook – This tender has been extended until further notice as the spec items are being cleaned up

Miramichi Bridge rehab work – This tender is upcoming.  RBHCA had concerns that some tender calls have been difficult and risky to bid as the tender closing has been extended and perhaps extended again, answers to questions are not being received in a timely manner, and the timeframes for the work are nearly impossible to achieve. DOT recognized that this is an issue and will do what they can to minimize these issues in the future.

 RBHCA asked how DOT applies the penalty when in- stream work is not completed by September 30 and cannot start again until June 1. DOT generally applies the penalty from the date the contractor is allowed to go back to work in-stream (June 1) until completion of that work.


New Business:


Stainless Steel Rebar  DOT confirmed that the use of stainless steel rebar in

some decks will continue. The type of structure it may be used in is one where future repairs to the structure would cause significant traffic issues.

 DOT emphasized that they specify 316L as the grade of stainless steel rebar to be used on its projects. DOT will not accept any alternatives or substitutes.


Compression Foam  DOT mentioned that some compression foam being

received isn’t meeting the spec. Specific test results are listed in the spec. DOT requires something from the supplier stating that the product has passed the particular tests from the spec.


Curing  DOT reminded RBHCA that they want proper curing

as they are still having some issues with improper curing.


Next Meeting  The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday,

October 26, 2011 at 1:00pm.

Grading Luc Beaulieu/Chair

Chair unable to attend the meeting. No report provided.

Paving Marc Losier/Chair

Chair reported his committee met earlier in the day. It was the first meeting with Andy Delmas who is Jim Knox’s replacement. Reported in IRI testing. DOT did 2 jobs this year and plan to do more in 2012. DOT provided a report showing IRI results. Most contracts would be in penalty. Marc spoke about a member who has had an issue with private trucks. He hired private trucks, one truck broke down and did not return. The contractor did not replace the private truck and was over the 25% limit. DOT refusing to pay. Marc wondered what happens in the event no private trucks available.




SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2011

Meeting held at RBHCA offices at 59 AVONLEA COURT


NBDOT – Carol MacQuarrie, Andy Delmas, Terry Hughes, Merlin Tracy, Ralph Doucet

RBHCA – Marc Losier, Jamie Weatherbee, Kent Duggan, Bob Dunnett, Dennis Hogan, Stephen MacDonald, Jason Veniot, Tom McGinn, Calvin Flight


Introduction of 2011 paving committee

Each member presented themselves

  1. Review of previous minutes from April 20, 2011

    1. Minutes of previous meeting were reviewed and some of the items to be discussed are part of the current agenda.

    2. NBDOT will be making changes in future contract regarding the wording of how the longitudinal joints are to be built. They will no longer indicate how the joint should be build and leave it to the contractor.

    3. RBHCA asked NBDOT if the technician assigned to test the asphalt was changed application of the testing in echelon would apply if the lab

  1. IRI Smoothness Specification

    1. RBHCA has some concerns with the future application of IRI as smoothness specification. In some instance the IRI will show poor result such as municipal contracts with valves and manholes. In other application such as ramps there are concerns as well.

    1. NBDOT provided a list of 2011 projects with results of IRI values. The results seemed to show that most contract were under penalty. RBHCA asked if NBDOT could provide the equal value to PRI on the same sheet.

    2. RBHCA asked NBDOT if during the initial job meeting contractors would have the opportunity to have some section removed the application of IRI due to geometric road condition or isolated road issues. On NSDOT contract this process is used if there are issues with road geometry. NBDOT’s response was that the request should be made during the tendering process to have the modification made at time of tendering. RBHCA said that due to the timing of tendering (winter/early spring) some of the road conditions are not visible.

    1. NBDOT indicated that for 2012, they will be tendering 25% to 50% of the tenders with IRI specification.

  1. 2012 Spec Item – Weighing RAP

    1. During the April 22, 2011 meeting NBDOT had expressed concerns regarding quantities of RAP material removed from the milling operation on contract. During the meeting NBDOT indicated that the specification for all 2012 contracts will have a section for weighting RAP material for shoulder operation and RAP mixes. NBDOT is concerned that some of the material is not being removed from the road.

    1. As far as RAP mixes, RBHCA members usually have scales set up at the Asphalt Plant so weighting material is not a concern. The shoulder material RAP is a concern to RBHCA. RBHCA asked NBDOT is there will be a threshold limit that scales would be required, such at 5000 tonnes of RAP for shoulders. RBHCA also indicated that the issue with RAP quantities is not always on the contractor’s side. Some road conditions such as rutting can contribute to the shortfall in quantities. RBHCA indicated to NBDOT that some of the personnel assigned to supervise the operation should be trained to monitor the amount of material leaving the site.

    1. RBHCA believes that improving the monitoring at the site is the solution to ensuring that quantities are tracked. The issues of missing RAP material will not be resolved by adding a scale.

  1. Asphalt Binder calculation

RBHCA had requested this Item on the agenda, however the item was not discussed as Daniel Boulet from the RBHCA committee was not available to attend and his input is required. This item will be added to the next meeting.

  1. 2012 Paving Program Discussion

  1. RBHCA asked NBDOT if any information was available on the 2012 Paving Program. NBDOT response was that at this time they did not have any information. RBHCA asked if NBDOT if the plan was still to present a three year budget. NBDOT response was that they did not have any information at this time.

  1. Discussion of Future of Recycle Mixes

    1. NBDOT indicated that on all future contracts that there will be an optional clause regarding the usage of an HRB mix as a replacement for conventional Type B mix. RBHCA ask that a limit be set on the size of jobs that this option would be implemented. The proposed threshold should be 3000 tonnes.

    2. RBHCA asked NBDOT if the department was considering having HRD as an option. NBDOT said that they are considering having HRD as an option with 15% RAP as a limit and a threshold of 3000 tonnes.

  1. Delayed Testing

    1. NBDOT is currently reviewing the process of delayed testing. In 2012, there is indication that staffing may be reduced due to retirement or attrition. NBDOT is looking at setting up labs and all samples would be brought to the new lab locations.

    2. RBHCA proposed that going to a QC/QA system could be the solution to staffing. The concern that NBDOT has with QC/QA is the set up in the various labs. NBDOT has provided training to certify technicians in their procedures for testing. NBDOT provided information at the training to each participant on how to set up the lab to meet NBDOT certification. The process of going to various labs has not started.

    3. NBDOT has also expressed some concerns with the setting up of labs before the job starts. On some jobs, the lab is set up at the last minute and verification of all equipment by NBDOT staff will need to be done before the job can start.

    4. NBDOT is looking at calling 2 contracts in 2012 as QC/QA. The specifications will be prepared this winter by NBDOT staff and the Paving subcommittee.

  1. Specification Changes

    1. NBDOT indicted that some specification changes will be made for 2012. In October the Regional Asphalt Technicians will meet and changes will be discussed. Some of the early topics will be T.S.R on field mix, plant sample for T.S.R. and verifying in the field.

  1. ERS Sub Committee issues

    1. To ensure that contractors receive the results of any test made by NBDOT staff, RBHCA is asking NBDOT to add on their initial construction job meeting the name of the person assigned to receive the results. Since the contractor has 48 hours to appeal the results it is important that the document is delivered to the right person who can make a decision on the appeal. NBDOT as agreed to add the name to the initial construction job meeting.

    1. As NBDOT indicated most jobs in 2012 will be ERS contracts including small jobs. With experiences from the previous years, small ERS jobs have a wider band for penalty; however the consequence of being out of the band is severe. RBHCA Paving Sub Committee will discuss some of these issues and bring the discussion back at the next meeting.

  1. Date of next Committee Meeting

    1. Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 2011.

Equipment Rental Rates Dave Smith, Chair

Chair reported the 2012 Rental rate book is under way. Emails have been sent to last year’s advertisers. Rates will be kept the same.

C.C.A./TRIP Bob Dunnett/Prov. Vice Chair

Chair reported he is going to the CCA meeting in Quebec City and will report back next month.


2012 CCA Board of Directors- Roger Leger was nominated for 2012 CCA Provincial Vice-Chair and Andrew Graham was nominated for 2012 Provincial/Regional Director at Large.

2012 Rental Rate Guide- this was discussed earlier in the meeting.

Guest Speaker AGM- this was discussed earlier in the meeting.

NB Gateway Council-Membership fee- It was discussed and agreed not to join the council at the $1000 membership fee.


UNB Engineering awards- It was agreed the association should be represented. Tom will look into buying a couple tickets.

Letter from Premier Alward-Tom read a part of the letter where the Premier indicates the government is moving toward a multi year capitol budget.


There being no other business, Peter Flower moved for adjournment.


The Board of Directors would like to thank Wallace Equipment. for sponsoring the board meeting, reception and dinner.


Date: Thursday October 20th, 2011

Time: 3:00pm

Location: Atlantic Tractors & Equipment, 165 Urquhart Cres., Fredericton


Annual Meetings, Membership & Advertising Peter Flower-Chair iconAaker D. A., Myers J. G. Advertising Management. Prentice-Hall International,Inc.,1987
Brand Equity & Advertising: Advertising's Role in Building Strong Brands (Advertising and Consumer Psychology)”, Lawrence Erlbaum...
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