A2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation

НазваниеA2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation
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October 5, 2012



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A2LA - American Association for Laboratory Accreditation

AA - Accountable Area

AA - Adverse Action

AA - Advices of Allowance

AA - Assistant Administrator

AA - Associate Administrator

AA - Attainment Area

AA - Atomic Absorption

AAA - American Arbitration Association

AAA - American Automobile Association

AAA - Army Audit Agency

AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science

AAC - Acceptable Ambient Concentration

AAC - Air Armament Center

AAC - Airborne Activity Confinement

AACS - Airborne Activity Confinement System

AADI - Adjusted Acceptable Daily Intake

AADT - Average Annual Daily Traffic

AAEE - American Academy of Environmental Engineers

AAEM - American Academy of Environmental Medicine

AAES - American Association of Engineering Societies

AAFC - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

AAFES - Army and Air Force Exchange Service

AAL - Acceptable Ambient Limit

AAL - Applied Action Level

AANWR - Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

AAOHN - American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

AAP - Affirmative Action Plan (Program)

AAP - Army Ammunition Plant

AAP - Asbestos Action Plan

AAP - Asbestos Action Program

AAPCO - American Association of Pesticide Control Officials

AAQA - Ambient Air Quality Standard

AAQCD - Ambient Air Quality Criteria Document

AAR - After Action Report

AAR/BOE - Association of American Railroads/Bureau of Explosives

AARC - Alliance for Acid Rain Control

AAROSLR - Associate Administrator for Regional Operations and State/Local Relations

AARP - American Association of Retired Persons

AAQA - Ambient Air Quality Standard

AAS - Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

A&AS - Advisory and Assistance Services

AASF - Ammonia Scrubber Feed

AASHTO - American Association of State Highway Testing Officials

AASHTO - American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials

AATCC - American association of Textile Chemists and Colorists

AATSR - Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer

AB - Afterburner

AB - Assembly Bill

ABA - American Bar Association

ABAG - Association of Bay Area Governments

ABC - Associated Builders and Contractors

ABCASH - Automated Bar Coding of Air Samples at Hanford

ABEL - EPA's computer model for analyzing a violator's ability to pay a civil penalty

ABES - Alliance for Balanced Environmental Studies (Solutions)

ABIH - American Board of Industrial Hygienists

ABLES - Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance

ABMA - American Boiler Manufacturers Association

ABS - Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene

ABT - Averaging, Banking and Trading Programs

ABTRES - Abatement and Residual Forecasting Model

ABWR - Advanced Boiling Water Reactor

AC - Actual Commitment

AC - Advisory Circular

AC - Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Council

AC - Alternating Current

A/C - Air to Cloth Ratio

A&C - Abatement and Control

A&C - Abatements and Commitments

Ac - Actinium

ACA - Absolute Calibration Audit

ACA - American Conservation Association

ACAA - American Coal Ash Association

ACAQ - Advisory Committee on Air Quality

ACAVC - Advisory Committee on Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals

ACBM - Asbestos-Containing Building Material (see ACM)

ACC - Administrative Committee on Coordination

ACC - Air Combat command

ACC - American Chemistry Council

ACCBD - Advisory Committee on Conservation of Biological Diversity

ACDA - Arms Control & Disarmament Agency

ACE - Alliance for Clean Energy

ACE - Any Credible Evidence

ACEC - American Consulting Engineers Council

ACEEE - American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

ACER - Advisory Committee on Environmental Resources

ACESC - Automated Cost Engineering Support Center

acfm - Actual cubic feet per minute

ACGIH - American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists

ACGLF - Automatic Center-of-Gravity Lift Fixture

AChE - Acetylcholinesterase

ACHP - Advisory Council on Historic preservation

ACI - Activated Carbon Injection

ACI - American Concrete Institute

ACI - Association for Conservation Information

ACIL - American Council of Independent Laboratories

ACIN - Abatement Control Identification Number

AC/IC - Area Command/Incident Command

ACL - Alternate Cleanup Level

ACL - Alternate Concentration Limit

ACL - Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

ACM - Asbestos-Containing Material

ACMRR - Advisory Committee on Matire Resources Research

ACO - Administrative Consent Order

ACO - Administrative Contracting Officer

ACO - Advanced Oxide Fuel Test

ACOE - Army Corps of Engineers

ACOMR - Advisory Committee on Oceanic Meteorological Research

ACP - Agriculture Control Program (Water Quality Management)

ACP - Air Carcinogen Policy

ACP - Area Contingency Plan

ACP - Aqueous Carbonate Process

ACQR - Air Quality Control Region

ACQUIRE - Aquatic Information Retrieval

ACQR - Air Quality Control Region

ACR - Acute Chronic Ratio

ACR - Agency Confirmation Agreement

ACRN - Accounting Classification Reference Number

ACS - American Chemical Society

ACS - Acid Scrubber

ACSAD - Arab Center for studies of Arid Zones and Drylands

ACSH - American Council on Science and Health

ACSM - American Congress on Surveying and Mapping

ACT - Action

ACT - Alternate Control Technique

ACT - Alternative Control Technology

ACT - Association for Composite Tanks

ACTS - Asbestos Contractor Tracking System

ACVEN - Advisory Committee on Vehicle Emissions and Noise

ACW - Asbestos-Containing Waste

ACWA - American Clean Water Association

ACWM - Asbestos-Containing Waste Material

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA - Anti-Deficiency Act

ADABA - Acceptable Database

ADAPT - Adapt II Structural Activities

ADARD - Acid Deposition and Atmospheric Research Division

ADAS - Acid Deposition Assessment Staff

ADB - African Development Bank

ADB - Applications Data Base

ADB - Asian Development Bank

ADB - Assessment Database

ADBA - Adabas Administrator

ADC - Alternative Material Daily Cover

ADCO - Alternate Document Control Officer

ADCR - Automated Document Control Register

ADCRMG - Automated Document Control Register Management Group

ADD - Average Daily Dose

ADE - Acceptable Daily Exposure

ADEC - Alaska department of Environmental Conservation

ADEM - Alabama Department of Environmental Management

ADEQ - Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

ADGAS - Venting of Compressed Gases into an Absorbing or Reacting Media

ADI - Acceptable Daily Intake

ADID - Advance Identification

ADL - Acceptable Daily Intake

ADMATCH - Address Matching Software (GIS)

ADME - Adsorption/Distribution/Metabolism/Excretion

ADMIN - ERL-Athens Administrative System

ADP - Adenosine Diphosphate

ADP - Advanced Ducted Propfan Engines

ADP - AHERA Designated Person

ADP - Air-dried Pulp

ADP - Applications Database

ADP - Automated Data Processing

ADPCE - Arkansas Department of Pollution Control and Ecology

ADPCE - TS ADP Capital Equipment Inventory System

ADPE - Automated Data Processing Equipment

ADPS - Acid Deposition Planning Staff

ADQ - Audits of Data Quality

ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR - Asbestos Disposal request

ADS - Acid Deposition Database

ADS - Air Data System

ADSO - Additional Duty Safety Officer

ADSS - Air Data Screening System

ADT - Average Daily Traffic

ADTA - Air Data Transducer Assembly

ADTRACS - Assistance Disputes

ADVHRR - Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometry

ADWR - Arizona Department of Water Resources

AE - Atomic Emissions

A/E - Architecture and Engineering Services

AEA - Atomic Energy Act (1954)

AEC - African Economic Community

AEC - Army Environmental Center

AEC - Associate Enforcement Counsels

AEC - Atomic Energy Commission

AED - Air Enforcement Division

AED - Analysis and Evaluation Division

AED - Automated External Defibrillator

AE&D - Advanced Engineering and Design

AEE - Alliance for Environmental Education

AEE - Association of Energy Engineers

AEE - Association of Environmental Education

AEERL - Air and Energy Engineering Research Laboratory

AEFA - Average Emission Factor Approach

AEGL - Acute Exposure Guideline Levels

AEHA - U.S. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency

AEI - Air emissions Inventory

AEIU - Annual Emissions Inventory Update

AEL - Acceptable Exposure Limit

AEL - Airborne Exposure Limit

AEM - Acoustic Emission Monitoring

AEP - Accrued Expenditures Paid

AEP - Associate Environmental Professional

AEPCO - Arizona Electric Power Cooperative

AEPS - Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy

AER - Allowable Emission Rate

AER - Appropriate Extent of Remedy

AERCO - Air Emission Reduction Credit Organization

AERE - Association of Environmental and Research Economists

AEROS - Aerometric and Emissions Reporting System

AERP - Aquatic Effects Research Program

AES - Advanced Encryption Standard

AES - Air and Energy Staff

AES - American Electroplating Society

AES - Analysis and Evaluation Staff

AES - Atomic Emission Spectrophotometry

AES - Auger Electron Spectrometry

AESA - Association of Environmental Scientists and Administrators

AESF - American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society

AET - Apparent effects Threshold

AETC - Air Education and Training Command

AEU - Accrued Expenditures Unpaid

AF - Absorption Fraction

AF - Acre Foot

AF - Air Force

AF - Atomic Formula

AFA - American Forestry Association

AFAA - Air Force audit agency

AFAFO - Air Force Accounting and Finance Office

AFARS - Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplemental

AFB - Air Force Base

AFBF - American Farm Bureau Federation

AFCA - Area Fuel Consumption Allocation

AFCEE - Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence

AFCEE/EC - AFCEE Environmental Conservation and Planning Directorate

AFD - Air filtration Device

AFDC - Alternative Fuels Data Center

AFDO - Award Fee Determination Official

AFEJ - Asian Forum of Environmental Justice

AFFARS - Air Force FAR Supplements

AFGE - American Federation of Government Employees

AFI - American Forest Institute

AFJ - Agreed Final Judgment

AFMC - Air Force Material Command

AFO - Accounting and Finance Office

AFO - Animal feed Operation

AFO - Area Field Office

AFPA - American Forest and Paper Association

AFR - Air/Fuel Ratio

AFR - Annual Financial Report

AFRC - Air Force Reserve Command

AFRCE - Air Force Regional Civil Engineers

AFRL - Air Force Research Laboratory

AFS - AIRS Facility Subsystem

AFSC - Air Force Space Command

AFSOC - Air Force Special Operations Command

AFTA - American Forest & Timber Association

AFUE - Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

AFUG - AIRS Facility Users Group

AFV - Alternate Fuel Vehicle

AG - Acid Gas

AG - Attorney General

Ag - Silver

AGA - American Gas Association

AGC - Associate General Counsel

AGC - Associated General Contractors

AGCA - Associated General Contractors of America

AGD - Administrative Guidance Document

AGDRs - Annual Groundwater Data Reports

AGDS - Automated Grants Documentation System

AGNPS - Agricultural Non-Point Source Model

AGR - Advanced Gas Reactor

AGROSTAT - FAO Agricultural Statistics Database

AGST - Above-Ground Storage Tanks

AH - Allowance Holder

AH - Aryl Hydrocarbon

AHD - Activity Hazard Document

AHE/DB - Acute Hazardous Events Data Base

AHERA - Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (TSCA, 1986)

AHFS - American Hospital Formulary Service

AHH - Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase

AHM - Acutely Hazardous Material

AHM - Allowance Monthly Holder

AHQ - Acute Hazard Quotient

AhR - Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor

AHU - Air Handling Unit

AHW - Acutely Hazardous Waste

AI - Accident Investigator

AI - Active Ingredient (generally in regards to pesticides)

AI - Artificial Intelligence

A&I - Alternative and Innovative (Wastewater Treatment System)

AIA - Air Intelligence Agency

AIA - American Institute of Architects

AIA - Asbestos Information Association

AIAA - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AIADA - American International Automobile Dealers Association

AIBS - American Institute of Biological Sciences

AIC - Acceptable Intake - Chronic

AIC - Active to Inert Conversion

AIChE - American Institute of Chemical Engineers

AlCPA - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

AICR - Alternative Internal Control Review

AICS - Australia’s National Chemical Inventory

AICUZ - Air Installation Compatible Use Zones

AID - Acceptable Intake – Subchronic

AID - Agency for International Development

a-ID - Automatic ID’s

AIDE - Annie Interactive Development Environment

AIDMO - Arab Industrial Development and mining Organization

AIDS - Accident/Incident Data System

AIDS - Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

AIEC - Acute Inhalation Exposure Criteria

AIEO - American Indian Environmental Office

AIF - Atomic Industrial Health Forum

AIG - Assistant Inspector General

AIHA - American Industrial Health Association

AIHA - American Industrial Hygiene Association

AIHC - American Industrial Health Council

AIHCE - American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition

AILSP - American Indian Lands Environmental Support Project

AIM - Architectural and Industrial Maintenance

AIM - Area of Initial Mixing

AIM - Asia Pacific Integrated Model

AIME - American Institute of Metallurgical, Mining and Petroleum Engineers

AIP - Auto-ignition Point

AIRDOS - Atmospheric Dispersion of Radionuclides

AIRMON - Atmospheric Integrated Research Monitoring Network

AIR RISC - Air Risk Information Support Center

AIRS - Accident and Illness Reporting System

AIRS - Aerometric Information Retrieval System

AIRS - Air Quality Subsystem

AIS - Acceptable Intake for Subchronic Exposures

AIS - Address Information System

AIS - Asbestos Information System

AIS - Automated Information System

AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction

AISCM - Advanced Information System for Career Management

AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute

AISI - Automated Information Security

AIT - Asian Institute of Technology

AIT - Auto-Ignition Temperature

AL - Acceptable Level

AL - Action Level

AL - Administrative Leave

Al - Aluminum

AL - Annual Leave

ALA - American League of Anglers

ALA - American Lung Association

ALA - Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid

ALA-O - Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydrates

ALAPCO - Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officers (Officials)

ALAPO - Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officers (Officials)

ALARA - As Low as Reasonably Achievable

ALARP - As Low as Reasonably Practicable

ALATEP - As Low as Technically and Economically Practicable

ALC - Application Limiting Constituent

ALCM - associate in Loss Control Management

ALD-O - Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydrates

ALEC - American Legislative Exchange Council

ALECSO - Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization

ALI - Annual Limits on Intake

ALIDES - Central American Alliance for Sustainable Development

ALJ - Administrative Law Judge

ALL - Anterior Longitudinal Ligament

ALMS - Atomic Line Molecular Spectroscopy

ALOHA - Areal Locations of Hazardous Atmospheres

ALPM - Actual Liters per Minute

ALPS - EPA Athens, GA Lab Planning System

ALR - Action Leakage Rate

ALS - Advanced Life Support

ALS - American Littoral Society

ALT-SEA - Assembly Line Test and Selective Enforcement Audit Data

AM - Action Memorandum

AM - Animal Month

Am - Americium

AMA - American Medical Association

AMAP - Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program

AMARC - Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center

AMAS - Administrator’s Management Accountability System

AMBIENS - Atmospheric Mass Balance of Industrially Emitted and Natural Sulfur

AMC - Air Mobility Command

AMC - American Mining Congress

AMC - Army Material Command

AMCA - Air Movement and Control Association

AMCCOM - U.S. Army Armament, Material, and Chemical Command

AMCEN - African Ministerial Conference on the Environment

AMD - Acid Mine Drainage

AMD - Air Management Division

Amd. - Amendment

Amends. - Amendment

AMEDAS - Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System

AMEM - ADL Migration Estimation Model

AMFA - Alternative Motor Fuels Act

AMIS - Air Management Information System

AML - Arc Macro Language

AMLGM - Amalgamation of Liquid, Elemental Mercury Contaminated with Radioactive Materials Utilizing Inorganic Reagents

AMLR - Annual Metal Loading Rate

AMOC - Alternate Means or Method of Control

AMOS - Air Management Oversight System

AMP - Asbestos Management Planner

AMPS - Automatic Mapping and Planning System

AMS - Administrative Management Staff

AMS - American Meteorological Society

AMS - Army Map Service

AMS - Automated Meteorological Station

AMSA - Association of Metropolitan Sewer Agencies

AMS-AIRS - Area/Mobile Source Subsystem

AMSD - Administrative and Management Services Division

AMSI - Advanced Monitoring Systems Initiative

AMSO - Acquisition Management Staff Officer

AMT - Air Monitoring Technician

AMTIC - Ambient Monitoring Technical Information Center

AMU - Agricultural Management Unit

AMURS - Automated manpower Utilization Reporting System

ANC - Acid Neutralizing Capacity

ANDA - Abbreviated New Drug Application

ANEC - American Nuclear Energy Council

ANES - Alternative Nonopacity Emission Standard

ANILCA - Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act

ANL - Argonne National Laboratory

AnnAGNPS - Annualized Agricultural Non-Point Source Model

ANOVA - Analysis of Variance

ANPR - Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

ANPR - Advanced Notice of Public Response

ANRHRD - Air, Noise and Radiation Health Research Division

ANPRM - Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

ANS - American Nuclear Society

ANSI - American National Standards Institute

ANSS - American Nature Study Society

Anti-C - Anti-contamination

ANWR - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

ANZECC - Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council

AO - Action Officer

AO - Administrative Officer

AO - Administrative Order

AO - Area Office

AO - Awards and Obligations

AOAC - Association of Official Analytical Chemists

AOAD - Arab Organization for Agricultural Development

AOB - Annual Operating Budget

AOC - Abnormal Operating Conditions

AOC - Administrative Order on Consent

AOC - Area of Concern

AOC - Area of Contamination

AOD - Argon-Oxygen Decarbonization

AOI - Area of Impact

AOL - Alternate Opacity Limit

AOML - Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory

AOO - Accounting Operations Office

AOO - American Oceanic Organization

AOR - Alternate Opacity Request

AOS - Audit Operations Staff

AOT - Advanced Oxidation Technology

AOX - Adsorbable Organic Halides

AP - Accounting Point

AP - Aquifer Protection

AP-42 - Compilation of Air emission Factors

APA - Acid Precipitation Act (1980)

APA - Administrative Procedures Act

APA - American Pharmaceutical Association

APA - American Planning Association

APAR - Affected Property Assessment report

APC - Air Pollution Control

APCA - Air Pollution Control Act (1955)

APCA - Air Pollution Control Association

APCD - Air Pollution Control Device

APCD - Air Pollution Control District

APC&E - Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology

APCEC - Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission

APCO - Air Pollution Control Officer

APCS - Air Pollution Control System

APD - Application for Permit to Drill

APDS - Automated Procurement Documentation System

APENS - Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia

APER - Air Pollution Emissions Report

APF - Appropriated Fund

APF - Assigned Protection Factor

APGR - Ann Arbor AP-42 Program

APHA - American Public Health Association

APHIS - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

API - Aerial Photo Interpretation

API - American Paper Institute

API - American Petroleum Institute

API - Application Programming Interface

APIC - Army Performance Improvement Criteria

APIH - Association of Professional Industrial Hygienists

APL - Abductor Pollicis Longus

APL - Aqueous Phase Liquid

APMD - Automated performance Monitoring of Dams

APME - Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe

APO - Army Post Office

APO - Average Passenger Occupancy

APP - Annual Performance Plan

APP - Aquifer Protection Plan

APPA - American Public Power Association

APPA - Association of Physical Plant Administrators

APPCD - Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division

APPEN - Asia-Pacific People’s Environment Network

APR - Air Purifying Respirator

APR - Army Procurement Request

APRAC - Urban Diffusion Model for Carbon Monoxide from Motor Vehicle Traffic

APS - ADP Planning System

APS - Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

APS - Automated Personnel System

APT - Associated Pharmacists and Toxicologists

APTA - American Public Transit Association

APTI - Air Pollution Training Institute

APTIC - Air pollution Technical Information Center

APTMD - Air, Pesticides, and Toxics Management Division

APTRA - Administrative Procedures and Texas Register Act

APTS - Advanced Public Transportation Systems

APWA - American Public Works Association

APWP - Actual Price of Work performed

AQ - Acquisition

AQ-7 - Non-reactive Pollutant Modeling

AQA - Approved Quality Assurance

AQQC - Air Quality Advisory Committee

AQCA - Air Quality Control Act (1967)

AQCCT - Air Quality Criteria and Control Techniques

AQCD - Air Quality Criteria Documents

AQCP - Air Quality Control Program

AQCR - Air Quality Control Region

AQD - Air Quality Data

AQD - Air Quality Digest

AQDHS - Air Quality Data Handling System

AQDM - Air Quality Display Model

AQIA - Air Quality Impact Assessment

AQIL - Annual Quality Implementation List

AQL - Acceptable Quality Level

AQMA - Air Quality Maintenance Area

AQMD - Air Quality Management District

AQMP - Air Quality Management Plan

AQMP - Air Quality Maintenance Plan

AQMP - Air quality Modeling Procedures

AQM1 - Region 1 Air Quality Models

AQM2 - Region 2 Puerto Rico EQB Air Quality Model

AQPS - Air Quality Pollution Standards

AQRV - Air Quality Related Value

AQS - Air quality Subsystem

AQSM - Air Quality Simulation Model

AQSY - Ann Arbor Air Quality System

AQTAD - Air Quality Technical Assistance Demonstration

AQUIFR - Artificial Aquifer Data Collection System

AQUIRE - Aquatic Information Retrieval

AR - Administrative Record

AR - Army Regulation

Ar - Argon

A&R - Air and Radiation

ARA - Assistant Regional Administrator

ARA - Associate Regional Administrator

ARAC - Acid Rain Advisory Committee

ARACT - Alternate Reasonably Available Control Technology

ARAP - Aquatic Resources Alternative Value

ARAR - Applicable, Relevant and Appropriate Requirements

ARB - Air Resources Board

ARC - Agency Ranking Committee

ARC - Anticipated Residue Concentration

ARCC - American Rivers Conservation Council

ARCH - Air Rotary Casing Hammer

ARCS - Alternative Remedial Contract Strategy

ARCS - Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments

ARD - Air & Radiation Division

ARD - Aquatic Resource Division

ARE - Acute Respiratory Exposures

AREAL - Atmospheric Research and Exposure Assessment Laboratory

AREEs - Areas Requiring Environmental Evaluation

AREL - Acute Reference Exposure Level

ARET - Accelerated Reduction/Elimination of Toxics

ARG - American Resources Group

ARH - EPA’s Acid Rain Hotline

ARI - Air Conditioning and refrigeration Institute

ARIP - Accidental Release Information Program

ARL - Air Resources Laboratory

ARL - Air Resources Laboratory, Special Operations and Research Division

ARM - Air Resources Management

ARMS - Automated review management system

ARNEWS - Acid Rain National Early Warning Systems

ARO - After Receipt of Order

ARO - Alternate Regulatory Option

ARPO - Acid Rain Policy Office

ARPS - Atmospheric Research Program Staff

ARRO - Acid Rain Research Program

ARRP - Acid Rain Research Program

ARRPA - Air Resources Regional Pollution Assessment

ARS - Agricultural Research Service

ARTAH - Assessment of Risks Through Analysis of Hazards

ARTT - Association of Responsible Thermal Treatment

ARU - Asbestos Reporting Unit

ARV - Aeration Room Vent

ARZ - Auto-Restricted Zone

AS - Absorber

AS - Agricultural Water Supply

AS - Area Source

As - Arsenic

ASA - Acoustical Society of America

ASA - Accredited Safety Auditor

ASA - Air Stagnation Advisory

ASA - American Society of Agronomy

ASAE - American Society of Agriculture

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

ASB - American Standards Branch

ASB - Analytical Services Branch

ASBCA - Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

ASBS - Areas of Special Biological Significance

ASC - Aeronautical Systems Center

ASC - Area Source Category

ASC - Total Ascorbate

ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASCP - American Society of Consulting Planners

ASCS - Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Services

ASD - Administrative Services Division

ASD - Analysis and Support Division

ASDWA - Association of State Drinking Water Administrators

ASE - National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence

ASEAN - Association of South-East Asian Nations

ASF - Atmospheric Stabilization Framework

ASG - Area Support Group

ASH - Air-Spaced Hydrocyclone

ASHAA - Asbestos in Schools Hazard Abatement Act (1984)

ASHAAIS - Asbestos in Schools Hazard Abatement Automated Information System

ASHARA - Asbestos School Hazard Abatement Reauthorization Act

ASHCAT - Association of Safety & Health Consultants

ASHP - American Society of Hospital Pharmacists

ASHRAE - American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

ASIA - Assistant Secretary for Information Analysis

ASIWPCA - Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators

ASL - Above Sea Level

ASM - Acceleration Simulation Mode

ASMD - Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division

ASMDHS - Airshed Model Data Handling System

ASMC - American Society of Military Comptrollers

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASME - American Society of Mining Engineers

ASN - American Society of Naturalists

ASNT - American Society of Nondestructive Testing

ASOC - Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

ASOEN - ASEAN Senior Officials on the Environment

ASOII - Annual Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

ASP - Associate Safety Professional

ASPA - American Society of Public Administration

ASPECT - Airborne Spectral Photo-Imaging of Environmental Contaminants

ASPEI - Association of South Pacific Environmental Institutions

ASPEN - Assessment System for Population Exposure Nationwide

ASPIS - Abandoned Site Program Information System

ASQ - Allowable Sale Quantity

ASQC - American Society for Quality Control

ASR - Aquifer Storage Retrieval

ASR - Atmosphere Supplying Respirator

ASRL - Atmospheric Sciences Research Laboratory

ASRS - Aviation Safety Reporting System

ASSE - American Society of Safety Engineers

ASSE - American Society of Sanitary Engineers

AST - Aboveground Storage Tank

AST - Advanced Secondary (Wastewater) Treatment

AST - Atlantic Strike Team

ASTDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

ASTDR-HazDat - ASTDR Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Database

ASTER - Assessment Tool for the Evaluation of Risk

ASTFP - Aboveground Storage Tank Facility Plan

ASTHO - Association of State and Territorial Health Officers

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

ASTS - Asbestos in Schools Tracking System

ASTSWMO - Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials

ASUS - Administrative Support/Utilization

ASW - Ammonia Scrubber Water

ASWS - Air-Support Weather Shield

AT - Advanced Treatment

AT - Alpha Track Detection

AT - Averaging Time

AT - Ash Trap

At - Astatine

A&T - Acquisition and Technology

ATA - American Trucking Association

ATB - Asphalt-Treated Base

ATC - Air Traffic Control

ATC - Area Training Center

ATC - Automatic Temperature Compensation

ATCM - Air Toxics Control Measure

ATCM - Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting

ATCS - Audit Tracking and Control System

ATD - Air and Toxics Division

ATERIS - Air Toxics Exposure and Risk Information System

ATM - Air Turbine Motor

ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode

atm - Atmosphere

ATMI - American Textile Manufacturing Institute

ATMS - Advanced Traffic Management Systems

ATP - Adenosine Triphosphate

ATP - Antitampering Program

ATPB - Asphalt-Treated Permeable Base

ATR - Agency Technical Representative

ATRMRD - Air Toxics and Radiation Monitoring Research Division

ATRT - Air Toxics Review Team

ATRV - Air Toxics Response Vehicle

ATS - Action Tracking System

ATS - Administrator's Tracking System

ATS - Allowance Tracking System

ATS - American Travel Survey

ATS - Antarctic Treaty System

ATS - Assignment Tracking System

ATS - Automated Targeting System

ATS - Automated Tracking System

ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

ATSR - Along Track Scanning Radiometer

Att. - Attachment

Atmt. - Attachment

ATTF - Air Toxics Task Force

ATTIC - Alternate treatment Technology Information Clearinghouse

ATTS - Agency Technology Transfer Staff

ATV - All Terrain Vehicle

AU - Analysis Units

AU - Assessment Unit

Au - Gold

AUB - American-Ukraine Biotech IV

AUF - Area Use Factor

AUM - Animal Unit Month

AUR - Air Unit Risk

AUSA - Assistant U.S. Attorney

AUSM - Advanced Utility Simulation Model

A/V - Audiovisual

AVB - Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

AVCS - Automatic Vehicle Control Systems

AVD - Audio-Visual Division

Ave - Average

AVHRR - Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer

AVIRIS - Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer

AVL - Automatic Vehicle Location

AVO - Audible/Visual/Olfactory

AVS - Acid-Volatile Sulfide

AVS - American Vacuum Society

AW - Atomic Weight

AWBERC - Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center

AWCBC - Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada

AWFCO - Automatic Waste Feed Cutoff

AWFCS - Automatic Waste Feed Cutoff System

AWI - Animal Welfare Institute

AWISE - Association of Women in Science and Engineering

AW&MA - Air and Waste Management Association (formerly, Air Pollution Control Association)

AWMD - Air and Waste Management Division

AWO - Animal Welfare Officer

AWOIS - Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information System

AWOL - Absent Without Leave

AWPA - American Wood Preservers’ Association

AWPI - American Wood Preservers Institute

A/WPR - Air/Water Pollution Report

AWQC - Ambient Water-Quality Criteria

AWRA - American Water Resources Association

AWS - American Welding Society

AWS - Automatic Weather Station

AWSAR - Annual Whole Sludge Application Rate

AWT - Advanced Wastewater Treatment

AWWA - American Water Works Association

AWWARF - American Water Works Association Research Foundation

AWWUC - American Water Works Utility Council

AX - Administrator's Office
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A2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation iconThis College of American Pathologists (cap) Laboratory Accreditation Program (lap) Checklist is provided as a Microsoft® Word 2000 electronic file for

A2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation iconAmerican Literature Association a coalition of Societies Devoted to the Study of American Authors 18th Annual Conference on American Literature May 24-27, 2007

A2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation iconJonathan Ross: American Bar Association. Good morning. My name is Jonathan Ross. And on behalf of the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Legal

A2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation iconAccreditation and Association 2

A2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation iconPaper Presentation, Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Annual Meeting, April 6, 2007, Boston

A2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation iconAmerican tarot association

A2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation iconAmerican Literature Association

A2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation iconJournal of the American Dietetic Association

A2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation iconAssociation of american publishers announces the winners of the 2007

A2la american Association for Laboratory Accreditation icon1. american psychological association annual convention (apa)

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