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small sampling of what you'll learn once you become a member:

• How to choose the right service providers;

• How to set up and develop a winning website;

• How to manage your time, your energy and your mind;

• How to use email the right way to boost your business;

• How to find your "perfect product" and your "perfect price;"

• How to set up a merchant account and accept payments;

• How to multiply your income into ever-flowing streams;

• How to keep your books, hire people and manage your business;

• How to spy on your competition -- discreetly and legally;

• How to gather, manage and use priceless intelligence;

• How to write copy that converts browsers into buyers;

• How to instantly create credibility in an "in-credible" world;

• How to turn your site into a powerful (and profitable) magnet;

• How to optimize your site and get top search engine positions;

• How to use CGI and Java scripts to make your site "sticky;"

• How to develop and maintain your own opt-in list (or newsletter);

• How to buy (let alone price and sell) advertising the right way;

• How to follow-up with your customer and work your "backend;"

• How to implement viral marketing strategies to leverage your traffic;

• How to find and develop profitably rewarding joint ventures;

• How to find free sales, advertising and publicity opportunities;

• How to create and manage your own automated affiliate program;

• And much, much more.

"Not bad, but be honest with me... What do I really get?"

If you visited the Marketing Challenge public site, you've probably read the sales letter. You've

already found out some of the specific tactics and tips that the private site offers. But let me

refresh your memory a little bit. As an IMC member, you get:

• Four simple, surefire techniques for getting visitors to cheerfully provide you their email

addresses! (Plus, I'll even reveal my proven strategy for getting over 60,000+ opt-in

subscribers to my own ezine in less than 12 months!)

• How to get 10,000+ visitors to your website within 48 hours! (This simple tactic is

free, easy, proven and extremely targeted -- and you can also do it all the time. Don't

worry, it's totally legal and it's definitely not spam!)

• Over 20 proven tactics to get anybody and everybody to promote your business and

website for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to lift a finger. (And no,

this has nothing to do with affiliate or associate programs!)

• The little-known secret to getting listed on Yahoo. Well, it's not really a secret. It's a

fact though that if you don't follow specific steps, your chances of getting listed is little to

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none. I'll give you our 8-step formula and the one thing you must provide that could

make the difference between being "in" or "out"!

• A simple formula (in fact, it's so simple it's even silly) that we use on a daily basis that has

a profit margin of over 10,000% -- and 95% of all of our day-to-day activities revolve

around this one simple yet proven formula!

• Two mistakes that 9 out of 10 Internet marketers make when promoting their business.

(In fact, these two highly overused and outdated tactics will eat up at least 75% of your

time -- time that could be spent on more profitable activities!)

• One of the most fundamental requirements for success in any business! (It's unfortunate,

but I would estimate that at least 85% to 90% of all websites don't utilize this proven

sales tactic -- and it doesn't cost you a single penny!)

• Multiple ways to make money 24 hours a day... Automatically! (One of them is our

"patented" foolproof formula, which we've been using for two years now -- and our friends

and family still can't believe it!)

• The biggest mistake that 98% of all businesses make (both on and off the Internet), and

how you can avoid ever making this costly error.

• Three free resources that will give you access to an unlimited number of products and

services you can sell without having to worry about inventory, employees, packaging or

customer service! (It's an easy way to make hundreds even thousands of dollars each

month -- and you don't even need a website!)

• The reason why 95% of your visitors will never buy from you, even if you have the right

product or service! (And 95% of businesses don't even know this!)

• The secrets of doing cross-promotions, strategic marketing alliances and joint-ventures,

allowing you to make literally thousands of dollars overnight. (Plus, we'll show you

foolproof ways to duplicate your results over and over!)

And tons more! You'll discover every single tip, trick, idea, concept, breakthrough and strategy

that thriving corporations are using to create wealth online. Now, how did we learn all of this? It

took endless hours and thousands of dollars to research, test and refine various strategies.

(Personally, I failed too many times I lost count!)

"Enough said... Tell me, what's this special offer?"

I know that IMC provides one of the best profit learning tools on the web. Obviously I'm biased

since I'm a part of it. But trust me when I say that I've tried them all! All the programs, books,

tapes, private sites, ebooks, newsletters... You name it!

Just to give you an idea, I'm currently subscribed to over 2,000 of them, which is far less than

before since I no longer have the time. (I had to cut my list almost in half!)

Nevertheless, in order to celebrate two years of providing you with (hopefully) the best in Internet

business and marketing, this is what I'm prepared to do:

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Accept the Internet Marketing Challenge. Test-drive the private site risk-free for a full 90 days.

In other words, read the content, apply it, ask questions in the forums, even try out some of our

interactive tools, risk-free for a full 3 months...

(One such tool is our NEW! interactive to-do list, which is a comprehensive, easy to follow,

dynamic checklist that takes you step-by-step with every single tactic you need to implement --

and where information about each tactic is located in the private site so you can learn more about

it -- to become effective, successful and profitable.)

... Not for the price of $500, $400 or our current price of $300

... And not even for the current special "early bird" offer of $197!

Until January 6, 2001, you can give us a try for only $137!

This is a rare occasion! Over 180 tutorials (nearly 1,237 printed pages), 41 tools, 13 active

forums and a panel of 12 (and growing) contributing Internet (and successful) marketers and

moderators, as well as first crack on any new breakthroughs we find (and the list grows

constantly) all for just $137! Never before have we done this.

So if you’re interested in adding to your arsenal of marketing tools, learn from the successful and

even get free consulting to boot, click here. And don’t hesitate… I can only offer this special

opportunity until January 6, 2001. But that doesn't include all the sales and missed opportunities

you're losing by taking your time. So act now.

Regardless, I want to thank you for being a loyal subscriber -- and rest assured that I will continue

to serve you for many more months (if not years) to come!


Derek Gehl, CEO

Internet Marketing Challenge

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© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Markus Allen

Markus Allen publishes "The $10,000 Marketing Tip of the Day" ... A daily e-mail

newsletter offering tips, ideas, and strategies guaranteed to generate $10,000 in new

business in 7 weeks (or less). And he’s the author of the new “"Markus Allen Instant

Postcard Marketing ToolBox".

Web sites:

"Markus Allen Instant Postcard Marketing ToolBox"

* * *

Background On Email:

Markus is showcasing a series of emails he sent out to Mint Mail subscribers (this was a

3rd party list). The goal of the first two emails to Mint Mail users was simply to acquire

subscriptions for Markus’ “10,000 Marketing Tip of the Day” email newsletter. He

managed to get a 42% - 58% subscription rate from all clickthroughs. It’s educational to

realize that the much longer email pulled in a 16% better subscription rate over the

shorter email.

Results: 42% - 58% subscription rates to his email newsletter (incredibly high)!

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© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.


Long Email Stats:

Web site visits: 475

Subscribers: 56 (58%)


re: turn your dime into dollars (attn: Mint Mail subscribers)

FREE marketing alert puts $10,000 in your pocket in 42 days (or

less) -- guaranteed or you get paid $25.00

Just one of these referral marketing ideas

could put that $10,000 into your bank account:

- How to generate endless referrals with free gifts

that cost you nothing ...

- What affiliate programs offer the biggest payouts

(and those to avoid) ...

- How to get paid almost every time you sign your name ...

- The magic words to use use to pull referrals

out of a hat

- When NEVER to ask for referrals

(the answer will surprise you)

Copy and paste the link below to get paid your dime,

download your FREE advertising book, and subscribe

FREE to Markus Allen's marketing intelligence alert at:

Marketing expert Markus Allen reveals new strategies like:

- Create a sales letter guaranteed to sell your product

or Service... without writing ... in just 2 1/2 minutes

- Four words guaranteed to start a buying frenzy

at almost any retail store ...

- How to easily double response from your Yellow Pages(R) ad ...

- Two online resources for finding the best

graphic designers and writers ...

- One must-ask question when checking references ...

- What are the best 13 days to promote a sale ...

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© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

- How to start an online profit center with no employees ...

- Why e-mail marketing is bad if you use this one word ...

- Where to find Visa/Mastercard merchant accounts

at the best rate ...

Collect your dime, a FREE book on advertising,

and a FREE subscription to Markus Allen's

marketing intelligence alert now at:

Still not convinced? There's more:

- How to get 1,000 new visitors to your Web site

for just $10 ...

- The absolute best online source to find new employees ...

- Ethical ideas to steal new customers from your competition ...

- How to rank #1 on Lycos and Alta Vista in about 3 days ...

- 135 easy ways to increase revenue & reduce expenses

(just send this envelope) ...

- Advertising traps that can get you in hot water with

the government ...

- How to write your own ads (and fire those expensive

ad agencies) ...

- Dozens of free publicity strategies to get noticed

in less than 90 minutes ..

- And much, much more!

Click the link below to get paid your dime,

access your FREE advertising book, and your

FREE marketing intelligence alert subscription now at:

* * *


Short Email Stats:

Web site visits: 475

Subscribers: 40 (42%)


Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

re: turn your dime into dollars (attn: Mint Mail subscribers)

FREE marketing intelligence service

guaranteed to put an extra $10,000 (or more)

into your pocket in 42 days or less

Copy and paste the link below to get paid your dime,

and access Markus Allen's marketing intelligence alert at:

* * *

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© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Marc Goldman

Marc is the creator of the highly-regarded, “Ultimate Marketer’s Resource” Center.

Here’s what master marketer, Tony Blake has to say about it: "If you're serious about

marketing, running a business both online and off, and making a profit, then you owe it to

yourself to join The Ultimate Marketers Resource. Behind the protected walls of this

unique website are the hottest and most powerful tools and information that every

marketer should have access to... when you go into battle you should have as many

bullets as you can... with the UMR, you not only get bullets but nuclear tipped artillery

shells aimed at exploding your success and profit potential!"

Web site:

Ultimate Marketer’s Resource

* * *

Background On Email:

Marc used solo mailings in several email newsletter to attract more customers for his

Ultimate Marketers Resource private site. Here’s how he did:

• Mailed out to newsletter of 30,000+. Received 759 clicks and 32 sales Mailing

cost $70.00. Made $1598.40 for a profit of $1,528.40

• Mailed out to newsletter of 15,000 Received 294 clicks and

15 sales. Mailing cost $40.00 Made $ 749.25 for a profit of $709.25

• Mailed out to newsletter of 23,000 Received 479 clicks and

17 sales Mailing cost $65.00. Made $849.15 for a profit of $784.15

Results: Brought in from $12.06 - $21.83 for every dollar spent in advertising.

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Dear Future Internet Marketing Expert,

Imagine what it would be like if you knew EXACTLY what the

experts had done to EXPLODE their traffic and BOOST their online

sales by thousands of dollars. Instead of trying to reinvent the

wheel, you could model after hugely successful people and

kick start your own business into high gear!

The successful Internet marketers utilize ONLY TESTED &

PROVEN marketing tools and resources to grow their businesses to

six and seven figure income-generating profit machines.

What if YOU could have INSTANT access to the ONLY place on

the Internet that contains the exact tools that the successful

Internet marketers use to build traffic, generate leads, and

produce obscene profits? You would have the treasured secrets of

the experts right at your fingertips. So you would NEVER have to

waste your precious time desperately searching for the right

tools to promote your business.

Imagine having instant access to:

* Unlimited Follow Up Autoresponders

* Your very own Mailing List Server

* A Database of Hungry Publishers waiting to receive your

Ezine Articles

* The Ultimate Viral Marketing Tool

* 4 Killer Search Engine Tools to Optimize your Search

Engine ranking

* And Much, Much More!

The Ultimate Marketers Resource is a marketing goldmine

containing only tools that have been proven to help you:

* Save valuable time and money *

* Explode traffic to your web site *

* Boost your online sales by thousands of dollars *

If you're really serious about pulling in visitors to your

web site with the irresistible force of a magnet and cramming

your email inbox full of orders you MUST become a member of The

Ultimate Marketers Resource NOW!

Click Here For More Information:


Marc & Terry Goldman

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.
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