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1. Acquiring New Customer at incredibly low costs (not spamming)

2. Special customer-only sales.

3. New product announcements.

4. Contact your email list during holidays and events.

5. Email newsletters to stay in touch with customers and prospects.

6. Endorsing other products and services through your affiliate links.

7. Recruiting Affiliates and joint venture partners.

Pay careful attention and study all of these samples thoroughly because each one is a

proven moneymaker!

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Emaiill Messages ffor Acquiiriing New

Custtomers and Optt--iin Subscriibers::

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Stephen Mahaney

Stephen is president of Planet Ocean communications, and he literally “wrote the book”

on search engine optimization strategies. He is the author of “The Unfair Advantage

Book On Winning The Search Engine Wars" and also "Business Course in Permission

Email Marketing". Stephan is a master marketer and someone I’ve learned a lot from.

Web sites:

Search Engine Help

Business Guide to Permission Email

* * *

Background On Email:

This email message directly produced about $800,000 in sales. When taking into

consideration the still ongoing renewals, affiliate sales, and new sales that are still being

built on the foundation of this email sales campaign, it is easy to say this email message,

coupled with the website it refers to, became the cornerstone of what is now a multimillion

dollar business -- Planet Ocean's Search Engine News --

The message below was sent out to businesses with websites almost continuously starting

in late January 1996 thru early October 1998. Average mail-out was approx 10,000-

15,000 email per week. The approximate number of emails sent over this period of time

was approximately 1.5 million which also reflects the approximate total number of

business websites by late 1998.

Results: This email is responsible for $800,000 in sales and starting Stephen’s multimillion

dollar business, Planet Ocean. He was very generous to share a complete

explanation of why it worked so well.

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

* * *


Subject: Your Web Site's Findability


Would you like to improve your website's

"findability" in the Search Engines?

During the past year, my company has placed over 100

webpages into the Top Ten -- the front page -- of the

major search engines... and, for a small fee, I am

willing to show you exactly how we did it.

My name is Stephen Mahaney. I am the president of

Planet Ocean Communications. My web marketing company

has literally "written the book" on how to position your

website on the front page -- the Top Ten -- of each of

the major search engines... guaranteed!

Our 45 page book identifies every trick & technique that

is being used on the Internet to gain an almost "unfair"

advantage in landing websites at the top of the search

engine lists -- right where you need to be so that

potential customers who are seeking your services or

products can find you.

Our monthly Newsletter keeps you abreast of the latest

techniques and frequent changes that take place in the

dynamic world of "search engine" science.

However, understanding the process does not require

a degree in "rocket" science -- nor do you need to be

"technically oriented". Whether your website is a

"do-it-yourself" project or you are paying someone

to maintain your site, you (or your webmaster) need

to know the tricks in this book in order to compete with

the professionals who are dominating the front pages of

the various search categories.

To learn more about how you can obtain this essential

information and receive a free subscription to our

Newsletter -- Search Engine News,

go to....

You'll be glad you did.


Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Stephen Mahaney - President

Planet Ocean Communications


Note: We have contacted you based on information that

we gathered while visiting your website - If you would

prefer not to receive mail from us in the future,

simply reply with the word "remove" and you will be

automatically excluded from future correspondence. Thanks


Thought for the day...

"The only thing a man can take

beyond this lifetime is his ethics"

* * *


This email was technically sent out as "unsolicited" -- although highly targeted. In the

beginning the response rate ran a little better than 1% which meant that for every 1000

emails we made 10-12 sales @ $97 per sale or, approximately $1000-$1200 for each

1000 emails or $1+ for each email sent.

As email blocking, anti-spamming, and the general erosion of responsiveness took it's toll

on the effectiveness of unsolicited email, response rates dropped to, ultimately, .1%

(1/10th of one percent). Still, in the final stages of this email campaign, we were still

taking in $1000 for every 10,000 pieces of email that went out. At a time when

companies thought nothing of "paying" for customer acquisition, we were still "getting

paid" about $70 for every new customer we gained as well as garnering sales from

renewals and back-end products.

We stopped "doing it", frankly, because we no longer needed to -- coupled with the fact

that we had reached some degree of market saturation. Even more important was the fact

that our customer base was, at that point, well established and our renewals, affiliate

sales, and ancillary product sales were more than making up for the sales that ceased

when we discontinued this initial business building strategy.

As a point of interest, this specific email (we believe) owns the distinction of being the

longest running Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) in the early history of the

commercial Internet. We believe that it worked for the following reasons...

First: It was honest. The results were not only true, they were also believable and

highly attainable. The unsolicited testimonials we received would pop your eyeballs out.

We have better testimonials (every single one totally unsolicited) than most companies

that ask for, and/or, fabricate them

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Second: It was credible. It contained an introduction to a real person and a real

company and did not hide behind false curtains like "forged return address", or "faked

company names".

Third: It immediately identified (in the first sentence) the most common problem

that online businesses had (and still have) and suggested that a solution to the problem

was forthcoming.

Fourth: Instead of trying to cold-close the prospect on an immediate sale via email,

it referred the prospect to a web site where he or she could learn more. That, it appears,

elevated the credibility factor. At a time when most web sites were being shut down for

"spamming", we weren't. This was due to the fact that this message simply did not

generate the degree of complaints that others did when sent to millions of recipients

without regard to qualified interests.

Fifth: We explained (at the bottom of the message) where we obtained their email.

This is commonly done these days but frequently done badly. Either the explanation is

not credible or is done in such a way that discounts the sales message by "apologizing"

for it. Conceptually, saying you are "sorry" for presenting your offer is bad form and will,

in every case, hurt sales. Considering the timeframe (1996-98) and maturity level of

electronic direct marketing (EDM) at the time this message was being used, this

explanation was very effective and satisfied, in the mind of the recipient, the questions of

"how" we obtained their email address and "why" we felt they were a prospect for our

product and service. This is an important factor to consider in today's electronic direct

marketing (EDM) efforts as well because the concept remains constant, only the

mechanics of delivery change.

Sixth: The "closing affirmation" at the very end worked to reduce complaints

substantially. It also inferred that we subscribed to the notion that "ethics" are important -

- thereby elevating, to some degree, the recipients level of trust.

Seventh (and most important): The response rate was fairly high and, therefore,

the campaign did not depend on sending ridiculous quantities of email to gather

significant sales. This meant that the lists and mechanics of getting the email out were

manageable with relatively low-tech systems -- i.e., the "system" was not cost-prohibitive

because the response rates were high enough to justify sending email in what was

considered at the time to be miniscule quantities when compared to other UCE


By the way, the most frequent comment we heard from purchasers was "Ya know, I

never respond to spam but for some reason I responded to your email." Translated: they

didn't see it as spam because it was the solution to one of their immediate problems. That

is the concept that the marketing student should grasp. Identify the customer's problem

first, solve their problem, then sell the solution.

Interesting Note: You might be interested to know that we figured we averaged $700-

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

-$1000 for every complaint we received. Translated: for every one person who "objected"

to receiving our email 7-10 people opened their wallet and gave us $100. One of the stats

I remember was, for every 10,000 emails we'd average just slightly more than 1

complaint. They were so few, relatively speaking, that our web hosting services pretty

much ignored them.

In Summary:

Although the Internet marketing climate has changed to the point that I would NOT

recommend an unsolicited email campaign as a part of anyone's overall marketing

strategy, I would suggest that the principles outlined and demonstrated by this email

example have remained constant. By that I mean that you should strive to craft a message

that has the following attributes.

1. The person telling the story must appear as real person.

2. The story and the person telling it must be believable.

3. The problem for which you have a solution must be identified early -- preferably in the

first sentence.

4. It is important to project a professional image and a professionally designed web site

can do this nicely.

5. People want to know how you found them. Tell them -- and do so in a believable


6. It will never be possible to please all of the people ALL of the time but you should

look for ways to neutralize those who might otherwise complain.

7. If your testing reveals, under a best case scenario, that your response rates are meager

or inadequate then you should move on to test another campaign rather that "carpetbomb"

the net with offers that only work marginally.

These days there are a number of options to online businesses that simply weren't

available during the start-up days of the commercial Internet. Email lists, affiliate

networks, joint ventures, and opt-in name captures are but few of the acceptable listoptions

that can work very well when presenting your offers online and via email.

For a complete course on how to use "non-spam" email strategies in TODAY's

permission email environment, refer to "The Business Guide to Permission Email

Marketing" at

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Jonathan Mizel

Jonathan has been publishing the “Online Marketing Letter” continuously since 1993.

You'll literally find hundreds of references to Jonathan Mizel on the Internet.

He’s the president of Cyberwave Media and he consults for companies such as Intel,

OnHealth, MyPoints, Microsoft, and others.

Pay very close attention to what he says. He's one of the most experienced Internet

marketers today and he knows exactly what works and what doesn’t through actual


Web sites:

Online Marketing Letter

Amazing Pop Ups

* * *

Background On Email:

Jonathan shares 2 examples he used to drive new visitors to his site

Results: These emails produced anywhere from 10% - 20% clickthroughs with a

cold list.

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

1) This one is probably the most responsive, generating as much as a 20%

click through to a targeted list, usually endorsed...

* * *

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in learning how to make your Web site

more profitable, boost your traffic, generate leads, and make

more sales online, please listen carefully.

Over the past five years, my company has helped thousands

of business owners, both small and large, improve their online

profitability using simple, proven techniques anyone can

implement for little or no cost.

Many companies have spent thousands of dollars on


Mall listings, banner ads, Web site design, and other costs, but

still aren't generating any money.

I'd like to share some of the techniques we and our clients

have used to maximize our Web site income and literally shoot

sales through

the roof.

For complete details, please check out the following Web

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   ...   20


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