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Part of my amicable settlement with my wife is, I will keep up

the mortgage payments on our old house in Houston. Ka-ching, kaching,


Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Now, a confession. Both my financial planner and my accountant

told me - almost in the same words (Do they give these guys

scripts for counseling entrepreneurs?) - to "stretch things out,

act logically, do things methodically, all in good time." Don't

do everything all at once, they warned me.

Great advice. But no way! I'm too much of a romantic for that!

So - the one-time expenses for the all-at-once divorce, move and

house purchase are turning out to be a little more than I

expected. Well, more than a little more.

And that's how you can benefit. You see, I need to raise some

additional money for things like attorney's fees, closing costs,

movers, new furniture, landscaping and all the other "money pit"

expenses - you get the picture. And, I need to do this quickly.

That's why I'm offering three people - and only three people - a

chance to use Guaranteed Outcome Marketing to skyrocket their

sales and get name recognition and market-wide branding - for a

little less than half of the regular price. Instead of paying

$19,500, you can get it all for only $9,500. You'll get a

complete set of tools to have the media drive qualified prospects

directly into your sales system. Your profits will rise

exponentially. And you'll become a "household name" in your

marketplace. Guaranteed.

Naturally, as you might expect, there are a few reasonable


1) You must already have a successful information publishing or

software business. If you're selling anything other than

information (books, tapes, reports, CDs, etc) or software, I'm

sorry I can't help you at this time.

2) You must be what I call "market-embraceable." What I mean by

that is, you must have a product that, in my estimation, you can

rapidly grow to be the leader in your marketplace. Because I'm

guaranteeing outcomes, I need to make that determination before

we go ahead.

3) You really need to be able to afford this. I'm usually able

to work with clients on payment plans, and will do so in the

future. But - because I listened to my heart instead of my

financial planner and my accountant – I have to insist that this

is something that won't cause you financial strain, since I'm

requesting you pay my greatly reduced fee up-front. That's the

trade-off to get this incredible new, guaranteed service at more

than half-off.

So, if this is going to be too much of a stretch for you, better

to pass for now.

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

However, if you are eager and itching to make rapid strides in

publicity, name recognition, and immediate sales, in very short

order, we need to talk right away. Please email me immediately.

We will then set a time to talk by phone. After I get my three

January clients at this special reduced fee, the price goes back

up to the old five-figure amount.

It's first come, first served, so email me right now:


Joe Vitale

P.S. - If you have any concerns that I won't have enough time to

work on your project with all the upheaval caused by moving, you

can relax. I've made arrangements to have almost all the details

of the move handled by professionals and friends, so I really

will be able to focus on your project. I'll give you all the

details when we talk.

* * *

(After the above letter went out and while interest was still high

in my new service, I sent the following letter by email to my same

list of email contacts. It raised $12,500 almost overnight.)

* * *


Dear Friend,

I'm in a dilemma.

I'm offering a new service, and a lot more people want it than I

can possibly serve at this time. Many of them have told me they

want it right away. But I think I've come up with a fair

solution, and I'd like to know what you think.

Here's the background:

Remember the letter I emailed to you a few weeks ago---on January

1st, to be exact---announcing my Guaranteed Outcome Marketing?

Within 24 hours, nine people were emailing and calling me,

scrambling to be the first to grab this new service at such a

bargain-basement price. Even more people contacted me after

that. I picked only two clients to take on---one for three

projects needed to be done this month, and the other for

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

a longer project.

I raised $50,000 within 3 days.

Obviously, that's good.

But there were two problems with what happened:

1) I ended up booking more than twice the work I expected.

2) Several people told me they were *very* interested in this

program, but they couldn't afford the $9,500 fee - which was

*already* heavily discounted. In short, I had to turn a lot of

people away.

Because of the heavy demand, I've now raised the fee to $25,000

for all future Guaranteed Outcome Marketing clients.

But I don't want to leave others who are interested in using this

powerful, 21st Century marketing technology out in the cold.

So here's the solution I've come up with: Instead of charging

$25,000, I'll share the technology of Guaranteed Outcome

Marketing with you, and help you put it to work in your

business. Much more affordably for you, if you agree to do some

of the work yourself.

I've decided to offer a one-time, private and exclusive online

class in Guaranteed Outcome Marketing for a very reasonable

price, which is a small FRACTION of the cost of having me do all

the work (right at a dime on the dollar, in fact).

The class will be very interactive. I'll be coaching you every

step of the way, critiquing your copy, encouraging you along,

fine-tuning your strategy, and helping you "get" the unique

concept which, as far as I can tell, no one else understands yet

- or at least no one else is using effectively in marketing.

Here's the GOM (Guaranteed Outcome Marketing) concept in a


First, you leverage the enormous power (like a hydro-electric

dam) of free publicity to drive hoards of qualified customers to

your Web site - and second, you use subtle, even subliminal

techniques to turn your Web site into a 24/7 selling machine.

I know this may be hard for you to believe. I imagine that's

because you've never seen this happen before. In fact, what

you've probably seen is just the opposite.

Here's what I mean: Most publicity campaigns go nowhere. A lot

of dot-coms have failed. The majority of sales letters under-

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

perform. All because they stand alone. That is, no one

coordinates the publicity with the Web site. Nor does anyone tie

the Web site to the sales letter.

When all the marketing elements stand alone, people don't get

maximum sales and marketing power out of their efforts-- and they

don't get maximum bottom-line results.

It's a crime against marketing, but, this is exactly the way big

companies often blow hundreds of thousands and even millions of

dollars on wasteful marketing. Why?

Because, as strange as it seems, they can afford to. You see,

they already have market domination, established distribution,

and customer habits on their side. So they can blunder forward,

still making adequate profits and staying in business.

You and I can't do that!

As entrepreneurs, we have to make not only every marketing dollar

count, but also every marketing *action* count. That's what I

bear in mind whenever I do a marketing campaign, and that was the

kind of leverage I built into Guaranteed Outcome Marketing.

If you're wondering whether you should take this class, ask

yourself this question:

What difference would it make to have a powerful marketing

campaign that *hypnotizes* customers into accepting you, so they

eagerly buy your products and services? The same way they

already do with big companies?

I say "hypnotize" because that's what the media does to most

people. It hypnotizes them. Think about it. People pretty much

do what TV and the newspapers tell them to do. So once you can

get the media to eagerly recommend people to go to your Web site,

you've won half the battle.

But it gets even better.

Once you have prospects on your Web site, what do you do with

them? Most people don't know what to do to turn visitors into

customers. Imagine you could make your Web site a *subliminal

seller* by offering prospects information that leads them to buy

from you.

This works because everyone wants free information, if it will

lead them to solving a problem or fulfilling a desire. I'll show

you how to set up your Web site to become a traffic magnet and a

selling machine!

Here's another place where a lot of people miss the mark. It's

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

very easy to fail at this point in the process.

That's because, what you SAY in the information you give your

prospects to download from your site has to be more than merely

useful, valuable, interesting and enticing. It has to be


The ability to write persuasively is rare, and the payoff is

huge. You can increase your monthly revenues by thousands or even

tens of thousands of dollars once you learn this skill.

Of course if you don't have it yet, you're losing valuable sales

every time people read what you've written.

Now, suppose you put all of these things into a plan - first,

publicity that drives prospects to your Web site. Second, Web

copy that persuades prospects to download your free information.

And third, hypnotic writing throughout your free information that

leads to massive sales.

Those are the 3 legs of GOM.

Put them together, and then you have the closest thing to a

legal, automatic money machine that's ever been invented.

Will this work for your business?

If you think it might but you're not sure, just send me a note

and I'll be glad to give you my honest professional opinion. I

don't want you in this class if it can't help you. But if it's a

good opportunity for you, I certainly want you to take full

advantage of it.

All I can tell you now is that Guaranteed Outcome Marketing has

produced amazing results for other businesses.

* One client became a millionaire in a matter of months.

* Another client increased response by 30 times.

* Most recently, one of my clients was owner of an Inc. 500


* Another client got a call from Bottom Line Business within

hours of faxing out a press release.

I can tell you "this stuff works" when you put your intention,

energy, and action behind it. In fact, at that point, miracles

are possible.

Here are the five class sessions:

1. GOM Mindset

2. E-DR Publicity

3. Web site twist

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

4. Hypnotic sales copy

5. The GOM Blitz

You'll finish this class knowing how to think like a direct

marketing publicist through Hidden Selling. And you'll finish the

class with a plan that works, to skyrocket your business to new

levels of regular high income and massive profits.

A couple final notes:

* This class is guaranteed. If after the first session you

realize you're not up to doing the work, or for any other reason

it's not for you, I'll refund your money on the spot. No hassles

and no hard feelings. Fair enough?

* Also, you will be required to submit an application to this

class, and sign a non-disclosure form if you are accepted into

it. This is a proprietary technology I am sharing with you and I

must insist that you keep it private. Agreed?

* Everything in the class will be handled by email, for your

convenience as well as mine. But if need be, we'll set times to

talk live by phone. This way you are guaranteed to get my

complete attention.

Class will begin March 7, 2001---Giving me enough time to move

into my new country estate in Wimberley, Texas, and get my office

up and running. I'm accepting applications now for this 5-week eclass,

so I can lock in the seats, fine-tune the material, and

prepare the lessons.

Like I said, the tuition for this class is a small fraction of

the $25,000 others have paid - and will have to pay in the future

- to hire me to do Guaranteed Outcome Marketing. I'm not sure if

I'll ever offer it again.

Your cost is only $2,500, and that includes coaching, consulting

and editing what you've written, to make sure you have a

Guaranteed Outcome Marketing program and plan that will work for

you. (I accept credit cards, to make paying for the class easier

for you, and the tuition is probably tax deductible as a business

expense.) All in all, this is a very fair price for such moneymaking,

practical information and personal tutoring.

Now remember---

I'm limiting this class to 10 spaces and will take people on a

first-come, first-serve basis. (Assuming they fit my criteria,

fill out an application, and sign the non-disclosure agreement.)

You'll learn a skill that will set you financially free as you

use it to bring in more business than you ever believed possible.

But make sure you act now to secure your place.

Miilllliion Dollllar Emaiills

© 2001 Surefire Marketing, Inc.

Email me back for an application today. Write

I expect the response to this to be huge, so let me hear from you


Joe Vitale

PS -- I'm only offering this class to the people on my email list

at this time. That's you. You are the first to get an invitation

to attend this breakthrough in online education. The thing is, I

can *only* accept 10 people in this class! If you're interested,

contact me RIGHT NOW!

PPS -- If you want a Q&A overview of Guaranteed Outcome

Marketing, or if you want to see the original letter offering the

service, visit my newly redesigned website at

* * *
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