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Review of Adult (19+) Education and Training within

High Peak & Derbyshire Dales Area’

May 2005

Contents Page

Executive Summary 4

SECTION 1: Background & Introduction 9

SECTION 2: The National Context 11

SECTION 3: A Strategic Context for Excellence in Education 16

& Training in Derbyshire:

SECTION 4: High Peak & Derbyshire Dales in context 20

SECTION 5: The Adult (19+) Context 26

SECTION 6: Employment and Skills Needs – Derbyshire Overview 34

Construction 40

Engineering 44

Health & Social Care 49

Manufacture of Food & Drink 54

Retail 58

Skills for Logistics 61

Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality 65

SECTION 7: Adult Provision & Curriculum 70

SECTION 8: Workforce Development & Employer Engagement 83

SECTION 9: Access & Participation 88

SECTION 10: Widening Participation & Learner Needs 103

SECTION 11: Funding Initiatives aimed @ Widening Participation 109

and Addressing Skills Needs.

SECTION 12: Standards Achieved & Progression 112

SECTION 13: Learning Infrastructure & Resources 117

SECTION 14: Information, Advice & Guidance 120

SECTION 15: Quality 122

SECTION 16: Strategic Planning 127


Executive Summary

The Learning and Skills Council has set out it’s vision that by 2010, young people and adults in England, will have the knowledge and productive skills matching the best in the world. The key objective of this review is to ensure that the Derbyshire LSC is at the forefront of quality learning provision for 16-18 year olds, working in collaboration with its key partners to address significant barriers to achieving this overall aim.

Provision for learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities will be considered in the Derbyshire thematic review of Inclusive Learning.

Key Local Facts

The High Peak and Derbyshire Dales is situated in the north west of the county of Derbyshire and can be described as having the following key socio-economic factors:

  • Dispersed population;

  • Limited range and breadth of provision;

  • Strong influence of bordering areas outside of Derbyshire including Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Warrington and South Yorkshire.

  • Rural economy requiring diversification to take advantage of opportunities from tourism for example it is home to the Peak District a popular tourist attraction;

Industry was developed primarily around cotton in the north-west of the High Peak, and around the rich limestone deposits in the south and east. Textiles and quarrying of limestone are still important due to its location in the Peak District but the industrial base is now broader and includes tourism, plastics, food and engineering. For example, in New Mills and Whaley Bridge, manufacturing has played a dominant role, while the economy of Chapel-en-le-Frith has been dominated by a single employer.

This is contrasted with parts of Derbyshire Dales, where in Matlock, the economy has long been based on office services, recreation & tourism with Matlock being the main employment and service centre for Derbyshire Dales District & County Councils. In 1993, just under 73% of the areas employees worked in private and public sector service jobs which was well above average for Derbyshire.

The economy of the High Peak & Derbyshire Dales can at times be described as fragile and vulnerable as it is very much reliant on tourism. Changes in the economy & environmental climate can influence visitor numbers to the area and therefore effect employment patterns with many jobs being seasonal and temporary according to the time of year. The nature of employment also raises other problems in terms of recruiting staff with the right levels of skills and retaining them in a high turnover and very often low paid industry.

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Executive Summary iconThe main objectives of this Report, consisting of the executive summary, the extended summary and the full report, are

Executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

Executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

Executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

Executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

Executive Summary iconExecutive summary

Executive Summary iconExecutive summary

Executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

Executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

Executive Summary iconExecutive Summary

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