340 directed energy and neurological weapons, and organised stalking torture and abuse cases

Название340 directed energy and neurological weapons, and organised stalking torture and abuse cases
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Nazi Germany was the last time we saw such heineous crimes committed against totally innocent people.  Operation Paper Clip apparently served greater purposes than to disarm the "enemies" of the world, or so it seems. Please take the time to contact those you know can intervene if possible and request or demand they stop.  I have been subjected to untold losses and torture for more than a decade and a half now in the "Land of Liberty"by those who are waging wars against other countries in the name of Liberty.  What is wrong with this picture?

Illegal Microchipping of Former CA Constituent Is Upset With You
Dear Diane Feinstein:

I cannot tell you how difficult it has been to be me since 1994 when the US Government decided to use me for illegal human research via their directed energy weapons.  As I am sure you know, I lost everything, everything!!!!!  My health, my family, my home, my career and etc. all because my government is fear based and criminal as it turns out.  All of this was prior to the change of laws which now makes it easier to escape litigation due to these crimes which, as you know, are being committed against US and world citizens all over the world with this government Nazi torture campaign of which I informed you many times.

However, I had no idea your husband and you were actually part of all this.  That does explain why Mike Seitler, Inspector General of the Oakland Regional Veterans Administration sarcastically dared me to contact you and tell you what was going on when I vehemently protested.  He knew you were involved.

Be advised, I realize you believe you are well protected from litigation as regards this matter, however, we will see.  I am taking this to the public no matter how many of your partners in these crimes have the media blocked.

You have severely violated a public trust and many, many laws, and all for the dollar.

Be advised, I´m telling the world what you have been up to and this email is just the beginning of my doing so.

And be advised, I am only going through legal channels, just in case you decide to pull anymore fast ones.

I highly recommend you make this right.  You may think this case is all wrapped up neatly, but you are gravely mistaken.  Were you aware of how many human rights violations Niel E. Nielsen committed under the cover of law while he believed he was protected by national security interests.  I believe we both know you and your cronnies have made some significant errors at the expense of me and my family.

We will all answer to a higher power when this is said and done.  I would rather be me than you or your husband or any of these criminals hiding under the color of law when we stand before Almighty God on this one.

I expect to hear from you regarding this.  I suspected you were complicit but I had no idea you were ourrightly guilty.  I hope it was worth the money.
Kevin Burnor - Uncle Microchips 



Kevin Burnor
P.S.  This was done under the auspices of being incompetent and hence not able to consent and thereby suffice as per the law, supposedly.  However, this was done in response to my Whistle Blower Complaint filed with DOJ and DOJ/ADA as regards the issues of crime and corruption including the illegal deeming of me as incompetent without due process (i.e., appearing before a judge) despite my written rebuttals.


Citizenship: USA

Year Torture/Abuse Began: 1995

Email: butler9674@sbcglobal.net



I am a targeted individual myself .I live in the USA. My nationality is American. I was first targeted during 1995





Citizenship: USA

Year Torture/Abuse Began: 1989

Email: robfile@sbcglobal.net



My name is Robert Butner Jr. and my web site report testimony is www.rob-profile.com

Currently I have a formal United States Congress investigation into my case (one will help all) by U.S. Congressman Gary G. Miller. The investigation is through the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Securities.

For a very typical U.S. Government case that was formally submitted to Homeland Securities and the FBI, go to www.rob-profile.com.
 This is my case - My name is Bob Butner and this submission was done by U.S. Congressman Gary G. Miller.
There have been a lot of statistics and general reaction but it is true, The U.S. Agencies seem to hide these situations. VERY ALARMING!

Thank you very much for your continued supporting mails which assists most targeted people so much. The 'bazaar and unconventional to explain' abuses are part of the sick encryption's of these designs which lingers the proper conventional explanations and channels for assistance.
However, the massive publications from us are accomplishing a lot. 
Best Regards to everybody and keep up the great work.

The Truman Show analogy is interesting. I can see where victims would be comparing the "Audience Surveillance Effect" to what nightmare they are going through, especially in unawareness of what is happening to them. In other words, during the imitation of this sick garbage on me and my wife, we were completely unaware of exactly what was going on. Within a short period of time, we realized an extreme feeling of the "Audience Surveillance Effect" (which is an actual part of the dilemma set-up by the perpetrators).
If a victim makes it through this period of time, without spiraling out of control, we are deemed survivors – or more accurately – IN AWARENESS.
I would be interested to hear from victims, two things: #1 AFTER awareness, what did they experience differently than before awareness? Any added audible or visual disturbance, etc. #2 what (persons, places and things) were around the victims shortly before, during and after the initiation?
The Truman Show is a very interesting scenario that is identified with victims but this additional identification is important also.
Thanks very much for all of your correspondence and help.


Thank you very much,

Robert O. Butner


Citizenship: USA

Year Torture/Abuse Began:



June, 2006

All Members of U. S. Senate - All Members of U. S. House of Representatives

Dear Senator/Congressman,

Last Fall, our group faxed a letter to almost every member of Congress describing an insidious situation involving the secret use of “non-lethal” weapons and organized stalking.

At that time, we were at a loss to explain why we were being targeted in such a manner. Why would someone or organization use so much man-power and resources of money and cutting-edge technology to disrupt the lives of ordinary citizens?

One answer that we have been forced to consider stems primarily from our own personal experiences. We hope that you, as one of this nation’s lawmakers, have access to or may already possess information which can verify our suspicions. It is with a heavy heart that we write to you. No one wants to describe being subjected to appalling experiences, but we feel that we must because it has ominous implications beyond just our suffering. If what we think is true, there are individuals in positions of power to whom the principles of democracy mean nothing, whose fundamental goal is more power and control over people, and who hold nothing sacred.

Like anybody else, we want to believe that we live in a free and open society. We want to believe that we can exercise our rights to pursue our dreams, and that as long as we abide by the law, we are protected and have little to fear. Unfortunately, what we are experiencing suggests that the reality by which most people live is only a façade, and that there are dark machinations at work we know nothing about but which is slowly creeping outwards, making its power felt. We fear for what is to come – that every person, in one way or another, will be hurt by this insidiousness.

We hope that you will read the following material carefully and determine for yourself if our theory has any merit. We hope that despite the lack of hard evidence, you will at least entertain its possibility, so that should an opportunity arise where you can make a difference in counteracting its effects, you will choose to do so. For if we choose to not act on what we know to be wrong, then we will surely have allowed evil such as this to deceive us into believing such untruth as, “the end justifies the means.”

Section I: Our Experience and Observation

Our previous letter (which we can re-fax should you request it) described two categories that illustrate the way in which we are being harassed. The first category described symptoms or effects which we believe are the result of having “less-than-lethal” or directed-energy (electromagnetic and acoustic) weapons being used against us. The second category described our being victims of stalking by strangers who work in groups to achieve their ends, one of which is to keep close surveillance on our whereabouts.

We used the term “targeted individuals” (TIs) to refer to people like ourselves who are being intentionally harassed in this way. We will refer to those perpetrating these crimes as “perpetrators.”

We write to you again as a group of ordinary citizens who were fortunate enough to find and share our experiences with each other. We agree that what we are experiencing is none other than torture, because of its relentless nature and because it attempts and often succeeds in disturbing our peace in so many different ways.

Before we became aware of being targeted in this way, we led an ordinary life, working to realize our goals and dreams, believing that as long as we acted as responsible citizens, we would be free to take advantage of all that our democratic society offers. Unfortunately, this perception of reality is one which is becoming more and more difficult for us to accept.

When we look back on how our predicament started, some describe a situation where intense emotional stress was felt due to traumatizing events occurring in important personal or business relationships. Others describe a gradual awareness of odd and perplexing events, which became a daily occurrence.

In all instances, there is a crescendo of physically and psychologically painful incidences that forces us to reach the conclusion, however unwelcome, that this cannot be occurring purely by chance, and that for some inexplicable reason, we are being intentionally targeted. For instance, one targeted individual recounts being sleep deprived because of walls and furniture near him vibrating whenever he retired for the night, and that this vibration “followed” him around the house during the day. It is this kind of event, along with many others, pointedly directed at the TI that compels him to conclude, however improbable, that it is a deliberate act.

When a person is in a stressful situation and which is a daily occurrence, he cannot help but ask why he is in such a situation. Through networking with others and researching the available literature, we are forming an answer which, if true, could hold dire consequences for and adversely affect all peoples.

What we are fairly certain of is that we are non-consensual subjects in involuntary human experiments, possibly conducted by contractors hired by U.S. government agencies, operating under ultra secrecy and funded by a “black” budget.

These experiments involve using the latest advances in weapons technology, notably those in the “less-than-lethal” or directed-energy weapons area, to cause physical pain in as many ways as is possible. In addition, psychological methods are used to inflict emotional pain.

What we have discovered is that no one person is targeted in exactly the same way as another person. After the initial crescendo of induced pain (which is a deliberate component of this torture process to force the targeted individual to arrive at the conclusion that he is being intentionally targeted,) most TIs torture decreases to a level that is just below the point of acting on suicidal or other violent thoughts but where fear and anxiety are encouraged. This leveling-out state consists of different mix of harassment tactics for each TI. Some TIs experience more physical pain than others. Some report being stalked as the primary form of harassment. Others experience subtle sabotage of personal belongings and other psychologically-damaging tricks. Below is a comprehensive listing of ways in which we are being tortured, with a short description of each.

Many of you will be unprepared or unwilling to read what follows. The comprehensiveness of these offensive and loathsome tactics is such that no decent person would willingly want to contemplate such evil. We also know that by giving you such a detailed description, we run the risk of being seen as paranoid and delusional. Nevertheless, we feel that we would rather be judged as mentally unbalanced than keep silent for fear of what this judgment may bring.

We believe that there is still hope – that there are those of you who will be open to what we have to say, that someone with knowledge about this evil will take action to oppose it, and that democratic principles for the protection of the weak, the oppressed, and the disenfranchised are still alive and well.

List of harassment/torture methods:

1. Sleep disturbance/deprivation: A focal component of the harassment, its effects are mental and physical fatigue, lack of mindfulness and concentration, physical clumsiness and decreased productivity.

2. Physical pain or effects: There seems to be an unlimited number of ways in which targeted individuals are made to feel pain. A partial list includes headaches/migraines, stomach cramps and nausea, burning sensation on skin, sensation of being hit on the head or concussed, chest pain akin to heart attacks, choking sensation, sneezing fits, jaw ache, and joint pain similar to tendonitis or arthritis. We believe that the perpetrators are able to create some of these effects through direct brain stimulation.

3. Sexual targeting: Both men and women have reported what they believe to be artificially induced sexual arousal. There is also a vibrating sensation that is felt in the genital area which, when intensified, could feel as if the penis or the clitoris has been electrically shocked. There are reports of sharp or burning sensation on the anus. Some female TIs have reported hemorrhaging in the cervical cavity from an energy directed at their abdomen. Also, we strongly suspect their having the ability to tamper with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

4. Voice-to-skull (V2K): Many targeted individuals report hearing voices in their head which they believe are those of the perpetrators. These voices will provide commentary on what the TI is doing throughout the day and often dispense derogatory remarks.

Of note is that at some point in the beginning of this ordeal, TIs noticed a sudden loudness of their thoughts whether or not they have V2K, as if someone had turned up the volume inside their heads. This was accompanied by a noticeable increase in “self-talk” or verbal articulation of thoughts inside one’s head, and a state of mind that led away from visual imagery, reflection and contemplation.

5. Being stalked by strangers (e.g., organized stalking, community vigilantism, group stalking, gang-stalking,)

Stalking occurs in the traditional sense where the targeted individual feels his movements or whereabouts are being monitored. Thus, the TI notices being followed wherever he or she goes. If taking a walk in the neighborhood, for instance, there will be a noticeable increase in foot and/or motor traffic. If a TI goes for a hike in a seldom-attended park during a weekday, a group or groups of people will inevitably happen on the scene. Bright lights directed at a TI is common and sometimes, antagonistic behaviors from strangers.

Other aspects of stalking include being followed while driving and subjected to risky driving behaviors such as being cut-off suddenly or tailgated. One common practice is to surround a TI’s car on the road in an attempt to control his speed, usually at a speed that is lower than the speed limit.

Crowding is a form of stalking that can occur in any closed setting as in an exercise class where strangers will crowd a TI unnecessarily, positioning themselves close to the TI and repeatedly walking close by her on one pretext or another.

6. Vandalism: Subtle acts of vandalism on his property or possessions are committed. The TI will notice stains on carpets or walls, chips on dishes or pottery, and scrapes on wood surfaces. Inflicting damage on personal possessions seem akin to attacks on the psychological person of the TI. Other acts of vandalism involve appliances not working right, adversely affecting TIs lawns and gardens, garbage or pet waste being strewn on the TI’s yard, having to spend hundreds of dollars periodically to fix damaged cars, and pets getting sick or dying of unknown causes.

7. Sabotaging means of communication: TIs may notice a lot of static or other noise on the phone line as well as intermittent silences that make holding a conversation difficult. In addition, the connection to the Internet may be impeded for days or the computer will break down suddenly and need a part replaced or the computer replaced altogether. Emails never arrive at their destination, creating misunderstandings.

8. Sabotaging personal relationships: Many victims have experienced damage to personal relationships which previously were a source of love and support. TI’s relationships with his parents and siblings are strained or severed, and divorce is not uncommon for a TI whose spouse is not overtly targeted. Relationships with grown children are taxed. For example, a TI who has not disclosed to her family (i.e., parents and siblings) about being targeted may nevertheless repeatedly experience perplexing and hurtful situations that arise from family members behaving negatively towards the TI.

9. Workplace sabotage: Many TIs have lost well-paying positions and are forced to work in menial jobs with huge decreases in pay. In either situation, but especially in the former, work sabotage can occur where a TI’s reputation is increasingly under attack for no apparent reason, the TI is bullied daily by a group of co-workers, or the work he produces is sabotaged in some way.

10. Memory of strangers in the house: Some targeted individuals remember becoming conscious in the middle of the night to witness strangers in the bedroom performing bizarre acts, such as shoving a small object into the TI’s nasal cavity. A TI may recall snippets of memory such as standing next to his bed in the middle of the night and being aware of a stranger observing him. These memories are similar to alien abduction stories except that in our case, it is other people, not aliens, who are treating us as if we are nothing more than guinea pigs.

11. Possibility of medicines or chemicals such as psychotropic drugs, steroids or dioxin (PCBs) being added to TIs foods: A TI may notice that he is feeling physically and psychologically “not himself” after eating a certain food – he may feel unusually hyper, aggressive or irritable. Physical symptoms may include headaches, accelerated heartbeat or chloracne. Some TIs suspect being drugged with anti-depressants to keep suicidal thoughts at bay.

12. Directly affecting a TI’s brain with acoustic or microwave weapon: Severs synaptic connections, promotes forgetfulness, lowers IQ.

13. Other odd occurrences:

One type involves unexpected “behavior” from electronics in the house. For example, the TV turning off or switching to another channel by itself. This may be a demonstration of a weapon that is able to control electronic devices via radio waves from a distance.

Another type involves food behaving in odd ways when cooked. For example, soup can suddenly come to a boil to an extreme degree so that half of the soup boils over the rim of the pot. Another example is when foods erupt or burst in the oven or the microwave, such as cake batter bursting when being baked. This may be a demonstration of a weapon that can rapidly heat up objects from a distance.

Other incidences involve bizarre but true events such as a car turning completely over upside down while the driver is trying to parallel park. This may indicate a weapon that is able to “grab” physical objects and move them, similar to the idea of a “tractor beam” in some science-fiction stories.

Despite the hateful nature of this torture, many of us strive to act responsibly – by holding a job to support ourselves although it is difficult under the circumstances, raising our children to be compassionate toward others, nurturing relationships that sustain us, trying to be patient and not acting on the frustration and the anger that we feel daily, and by doing what else we can to counteract the powerlessness we feel in our situation.

The next section explains further what we are coming to believe is the purpose of this torture. Some of you may have already concluded, without considering any other alternative explanations, that what all this is describing is nothing more than mental illness, and perhaps you will have done so by emphasizing some particulars we have described that fit this explanation while minimizing or discounting others that do not.

We implore you to read on, whether or not you have already made your judgment, so that you can at least base your final assessment of the situation after reading the complete information that is provided.

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