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Lion Kate, A Reason for Giving

by PDG Dennis Knott and Lion Judeen

Several years ago we had the privilege of sending our daughter, Kate, to Lions Camp.  Since she was diagnosed early on, through testing at school, as being severely cognitively disabled, we weren’t able to have her accepted until we became actively involved in Lions and Camp directors came to know her and see the possibilities.

That is exactly what Lions Camp provided--possibilities that hadn’t existed before. Mom and Dad had a break to do something by themselves and Kate grew more wings. She has always been a special child with a special heart, but Camp made her even more independent.  It also gave her more social contacts within her own age group as well as her “best friend counselors.”   

We took on the District Governor role to give back and Kate gave back with us. She spoke about her camping experiences at club visits during Dennis’ year as District Governor and was a great ambassador at every level.

She became a Lion in the Merrill Lions Club upon graduating from high school in 2002, and works most club projects--the fair stand (many shifts), highway clean- up, raffles, camp tours, and currently serves as Club Lion Tamer.  Last year, she took second place in the singles handicap at the Lions State Bowling Tournament with a 771 series!

We are affectionately known as “Kate’s parents” wherever we go! The confidence to do these activities was enhanced by her Camp experience.  So, we donate to the Lions Pride Endowment Fund and we hope that you will too, so that other campers will be assured of the same opportunities well into the future.

support WLF & Pride at the state convention...

attend Thur. night’s dinner & dance at camp

& Friday night’s wild game feed.

Sign up on the State Convention registration form.

Lions and Pheasant and Deer Oh My…

Unlike the Cowardly Lion of “Wizard of Oz” fame, in the wilds of Africa, lions may devour all types of wild game including gazelle and various types of fowl. In the heart of the Midwest, Wisconsin Lions normally stick to steak and chicken. This year, at State Convention, Wisconsin Lions will have an opportunity to enjoy some of the best wild game the State has to offer.

The Lions Pride Campaign and Friends of Lions Pride in conjunction with the State Convention Committee and the support of the Past District Governors Association will be hosting a Wild Game Feed on Friday evening, May 14th at Pfiffner Park.

Friends of Lions Pride, a group of non-Lions, are volunteering their time, culinary expertise, energy and most importantly donating a variety of wild game to this unique event. Raffles with proceeds going directly to the Lions Pride Endowment Fund will be held during the Wild Game Feed.

Volunteers are needed that evening to help serve food, clear tables, serve beverages and sell raffle tickets. The Lions Pride Staff is also soliciting prize donations for the evening raffle. To volunteer or provide a raffle prize, contact the Lions Pride Campaign Office at 715.677.7000 or via email at

Did You Get Your Raffle Ticket Yet?

by Evett Hartvig, Executive Administrator

When is the last time you heard the cost of something going DOWN? Well, I’m happy to announce that the tickets for the Wisconsin Lions Foundation’s Cash Raffle for Kids are now $25 each, DOWN from last year’s cost of $50!

Your WLF Board of Directors voted to make the raffle more appealing to everyone this year by lowering the cost of each ticket, as well as increasing the number of cash prizes to be given away:

First Prize-$5,000

Second Prize-$2,500

Third Prize-$1,000

Fourth-Seventh Prizes-$500 cash each

Only 3,000 tickets are being sold, and the drawing will be held during Open House on Saturday, September 18, 2010.

Your District’s WLF Directors and Lioness Representatives are responsible for getting tickets to purchase and/or sell to each club. Tickets were handed out to the Directors and Lioness Reps on Sunday, January 24 while attending the Board Meeting at Lions Camp.

So, if you have not heard from him or her, please get in touch with them and make arrangements for your club to get the tickets. The names of your WLF Directors and Lioness Reps are listed in the State Directory, along with their contact information.

Please remember, all proceeds from this raffle are used for operating your Wisconsin Lions Camp, a place where being different doesn’t make a difference.

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