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Stetsonville Falls In State Lions Bonspiel Final

by Mark Berglund

The Mitch Mertens Rink of Stetsonville lost an exciting final match to the defending-champion Mike Fonger Rink of Cottage Grove in the first event of the 2010 Wisconsin Lions Bonspiel hosted by the Medford Lions Club over the weekend at the Medford Curling Club. 

Members of the local rink were Mitch Mertens, Bill Weiland, Bob Bernklau and Craig Zirngible. The Fonger Rink includes Mike Fonger, Don Rottscheit, Pooch Blakey, Bill Ammann and Ed O’Brien. 

The 3-day event drew teams representing Lions Clubs from around the state. In addition to the competition, a banquet was held Saturday night. The event benefits Lions  efforts from the local level to the international level. The 2011 state bonspiel will be in Centerville and hosted by the Ettrick Lions.

The first event finalists made it through the brackets without a loss. There were also consolations for the second, third and fourth event teams.

The Dale Schroeder Rink of Rosholt won the second event. Team members were Dale Schroeder, Brian Johnson and Don Hartvig. They defeated the Don Stoddard Rink of South Milwaukee. Team members were Don Stoddard, Don Peterson, Don Vander Velden and Clarence Harris.

The Bob Hanson Rink of Galesville won the third event. Team members were Bob Hanson, Price Kopp, Bill Traux and Doc Sacia. They defeated the John Marshall Rink of Whittlesey. Team members were John Marshall, Gary Krug, Dean Tesch, Tom Marschke and Scott Peterson.

The John Hanson Rink of Tomah won the fourth event. Team members were John Hanson, Rocky Johns, Ron Parish and Steve Bissen. They beat the Rick Reesman Rink of Burlington. Team members were Rick Reesman, Jim Bonton, John Smith and Mark Pieters. 

March Is National Eye Donor Month

Historically, March is proclaimed National Eye Donor Month to raise awareness of the need to donate every year since President Reagan took the initiative in 1983 to declare the first National Eye Donor month. Since then Congress continues the tradition to highlight the constant need for tissue donations each March.

The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin received their state proclamation from Governor Doyle declaring March 2010 Eye Donor Month in Wisconsin.

Join the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin in celebrating National Eye Donor Month in March 2010!

This special time is set aside to honor donors, donor families and cornea recipients and to educate others about becoming an eye donor. There is no substitute for human tissue and the demand far outweighs the supply.

Each year, approximately 46,000 Americans need a cornea transplant. By pledging to become an eye donor, you can help give vision and the “Gift Of Sight” to others after you are gone.

The gift of sight is invaluable and it is one you can give by becoming a donor. Sign the back of your driver’s license now or add your name to your state’s new donor registry April 1, 2010, and let your family or next of kin know about your choice to donate. You can make a difference

order your 2010-11 Vision of Peace peace poster kit from LCI today!

Share Your Lion Moment

Y’all know that I enjoy collecting Lion pins (guess I’ve been to too many southern conventions). A few weeks ago I got a pin from District Governor Charlie at a convention in Minnesota. The pin showed a golfer on a fairway and had the caption “share your moment.” I thought it had something to do with a great golf shot but I was wrong. His message is that we all have a moment when we become a Lion. It’s usually a moment when we realize that being a Lion brings a great feeling of internal satisfaction by helping someone in need.

By working together as Lions we made a difference in someone’s life. I’ve often relayed that my moment came a few years after I joined Lions and I was roused from bed at 2:00 a.m. to transport a pair of eyes from Fond du Lac to the Eye Bank in Milwaukee.

I had a lot of time alone with that pair of eyes sitting next to me on the front seat of my car. I thought about the final generosity of the person who donated their eyes. More importantly I knew someone was going to regain their vision.

That trip hooked me on Lions. I’ve had many other moments over the years that continue to reinforce why I am a Lion.

I’ve seen the joy in the eyes of many Lions who share their special moments with me as I make my visits as an International Director.

District Governor Charlie was encouraging us to think about and share our moments...

It will make asking someone to become a Lion a lot easier.

It will keep our fellow Lions from walking away from Lionism.

It will help you to get more involved in your Lions Club. What is your Lion moment?

If you haven’t had a Lion moment, I encourage you to visit our Wisconsin Lions Camp this summer and spend some time with a camper.

Or perhaps you can become a transporter for the Eye Bank.

Get involved in your club’s next service project.

Touch the life of someone in your community.

Don’t wait to be asked, delve right in. The rewards will make you a Lion for life.

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