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Ongoing Haitian Relief

excerpts from LCI President Eberhart Wirfs, LCIF Chair Al Brandel and LCIF Staff

Special Message from President Wirfs...

It is with great sadness that the world's attention is focused on the devastating earthquakes in Haiti that left 1.5 million homeless, up to 200,000 dead, and countless injured and traumatized. It will take years for the country to fully recover, but we know that Lions will be there every step of the way.

Just like Lions have done with the South Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the Sichuan earthquake in China and other calamities, Lions and LCIF will be there for both the short- and long-term - providing immediate aid now but also working to rebuild communities, to restore hope and to support those affected for as long as it takes.

If there is one thing that makes Lions unique from other service agencies, it's that we commit for the long term and we work within the affected communities - through our local Lions -- to rebuild for a better tomorrow. The Haitian Lions are our brothers and sisters, members of our international family, and we will never let them down...

To our Lions family in Haiti, I commit to you that the Lions of the world will be there for you today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, the year after that and again for as long as it takes.

From LCIF Chairperson Al Brandel... I am sure that everyone remembers where they were when news of the devastating 7.0 earthquake in Haiti broke. These past months have truly demonstrated the great need for the humanitarian service of our Foundation. After the earthquake struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti, LCIF and Lions worldwide immediately responded...

I challenge Lions worldwide to join me in our efforts to rebuild the lives, families and communities impacted by the earthquake in Haiti. One of Lions’ greatest strengths is the support we give to our fellow members in times of need. When disasters strike, LCIF and Lions from around the world are there to support one another.

Words of Thanks for Lions Relief in Haiti - “It has been a day of blessings in that around 9 a.m. the Lions arrived to tell me our soccer areas have been chosen to receive their aid, which includes well formed tents, hot kitchen area, school in a box, dental and eye care. It is a real shot in the arm for us, as I had begun to accept that our neighborhood would have to move to one of the huge tent areas in order to obtain shelter and food. Since writing this, the initial boxes from the Lions club have arrived. I am glad the neighbors will soon have tents, hot food and everything else promised.”

- Sister Mary Finnick, Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, Haiti

Funds Provide Shelter, Food, Water to Victims - Lions provided immediate needs, including water, food and medical supplies on January 22. These supplies were distributed by Haitian Lions and Leos to a hospital and orphanage. LCIF partnered with the Lions of Sweden to provide 200 large tents to house those who are now homeless as well as relief workers. Haitian Lions have established three tent cities in Delmas, Blanchard and Carrefour-Feuille, neighborhoods located in Port-au-Prince. Each tent city can accommodate 300 families or 1,200 people. Lions are focusing their immediate relief efforts to support and maintain these tent cities.

Relief Efforts Furthered by Leveraging Funds - To further relief efforts in Haiti, LCIF is reaching out to organizations in both Haiti and around the world. The International Organization of Migration has offered to provide supplies and assistance to Lions camps. LCIF is also partnering with the shipping company, Maersk, and the World Food Program, to ship tents donated by Lions of Sweden and food donated by the World Food Program, to Haiti free of charge. Additionally, the Foundation is in final discussions to partner with USAID and Catholic Relief Services.

You Can Help

The need remains for continued support in Haiti. Provide hope to those suffering, contribute to the LCIF Haiti Earthquake Fund.

Your Donation Can Provide

$25 - $50: Water, Food and Clothing:

$100 - $250: First Aid/Medicines:

$500 - $1,000: Re-build and Establish Community Infrastructure:

$5,000+: Help Our Long-term Rebuilding Efforts

Lion Testimony

“As early as the day after the disaster, the Haitian Lions took up the duty of establishing a permanently manned office with the goal of contributing their support to the feeling of universal solidarity which this event has engendered, and to the reconstruction of the country.”

- William Eliacin, Zone Chairperson, Haiti

Long-term Reconstruction Plans

Lions leadership and local Lions are developing a long-term plan for reconstruction, and a committee made up of Lions from the area was established to oversee relief efforts. A return trip is planned for February 24 to continue planning and deliver additional supplies.

Currently, Lions are focused on immediate needs, such as shelter, food and water. But initial reports from the Lions of Haiti for long-term reconstruction focus on building a school and an ophthalmic clinic. This is similar to what Lions have been done for reconstruction following other catastrophes.

Promoting Response to Haiti Earthquake

LCIF continues to promote the relief efforts in Haiti to both to Lions worldwide and also to the general public. To see a full listing of media coverage, visit the publicity page of the Web site.

Materials on Haiti Available

News Updates

Haiti Video


Template Press Release


For a DVD of the new Haiti video or hard copies of other materials, contact LCIF. To view a full listing of Lions, clubs, districts and multiple districts providing generous support to LCIF’s Haiti Earthquake Relief fund, visit the Lions respond page on-line.

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