Make Plans For Diabetes Alert Day 7

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March 2010


Ongoing Haitian Relief 3

State Convention News 5

Make Plans For Diabetes Alert Day 7

Stetsonville Falls In State Lions Bonspiel Final 7

March Is National Eye Donor Month 8

Share Your Lion Moment 9

Capital Campaign Update: Transporter Room Brief 9

Flags Across America 10

Wisconsin Lions Foundation 12

Lion Kate, A Reason for Giving 13

Lions and Pheasant and Deer Oh My… 13

Did You Get Your Raffle Ticket Yet? 14

Share Your Talent 14

Pride Volunteer Opportunities “On-Target” 15

Memorial Building In Need of Some TLC 16

Inside WLF 16

Lioness: A Proud History & Bright Future 18

Convention Trade Show 18

2010 State Convention Registration Form May 13th - 15th, 2010 Ramada Stevens Point Hotel, Stevens Point, WI 21

27-A1 Convention A Great Experience For Attendees 24

Hats Off To Lionism 24

Club Officer Training & New Member Orientation 25

Time To Step Up 25

Thank You 26

Club News & Activities 26

Upcoming Events 27

Transporters Give the Gift of Sight 29

You’re Never Too Small 29

Upcoming Events 30

Recognizing Our Melvin Jones Fellows... Who Will Be 27-A2’s 500th MJF? 31

What Do I Do Now? 41

Plymouth Helps With Vision Screening 41

Upcoming Dates 43

Club Officer Training 44

Are You A Lion or A Lamb? 44

Lioness Building Diabetes Awareness 47

2010-11 Editor/PR Chair Needed 47

Four Under Forty 51

VDG Notes 54

DG Keith’s Calendar 54

Stratford Lions Collect Hides And Honor Members 55

Seeking YE Host Families 58

ABC’s & 123’s 58

Become A “Techie” Lion 60

27-D1 District Convention Central 64

Hope To See You All March 12-13 at the Holiday Inn, Dubuque IA 64

Let’s Go…To The District Convention! 64

On The Ballot 64

Bring Your Club Banners 65

Weekend Schedule 65

Do You Like Change? 66

Upcoming Meetings & Events 68

Good Heavens! Is It That Time Of The Year Already? 70

Officer Training 70

Lioness News 71

Tomah Lions Gift Of Sight 72

Guiding Lion Training 72

Hillsboro’s Medical Mission To India 73

District Convention Schedule 77

Vice District Governor Corner 78

Time Is Flying, Turn In Your District Raffle Tickets Soon 79

Women In Membership 80

Local Girl Attends Lions Camp 80

Hearing Aid Funds Needed 83

Our Biggest Challenge 84

Club News & Activities 85

Club Treasurer Award 85

2010 27-E2 Convention Registration Form - 86

700 WLF Donations 90

711 Lions Eye Bank Donations 98

Member Records & PU101’s 102

Why Are Membership & Retention Such A Big Deal? 104

Budgeting Idea: Subsidize Member’s Registration Fee To Attend The 2010 USA/Canada Forum in Milwaukee 105

Volume 57, No. 3

Wisconsin Lion

(USPS No. 688-740)

is published 12 times a year for the 21,000 Lions of Wisconsin at 2809 Post Road, Stevens Point, WI 54481.

Periodical postage paid at Stevens Point, WI and additional mailing offices.


Send form 3579 with new address to 2809 Post Rd., Stevens Point, WI 54481.


DG Ray Stanley, Chair

1st VDG Gerald Post

John Schwab, MERLO

Evett Hartvig, WLF

Terry Peters, Lions Eye Bank

Dave Sievert, At Large

Jodi Burmester, Editor/Designer


Jodi Burmester, Editor

517 Seven Nations Dr.

Madison, WI 53713-3389


1st of preceding month.


2809 Post Rd.

Stevens Point, WI 54481


Fax: 715/341-9987

All inquiries, orders must go direct to State Secretary. Deadline: 1st of preceding month. Subscriptions: $5/ yr.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Address changes should be made with your club secretary; mailing labels are purchased directly from LCI.


Send stories to the Editorial Offices listed above. Articles, accompanied by photos of Lions in action, should explain the successful completion of a project or fundraising activity. Story length isn’t important as long as you cover all the basics:

What the project was about

Who was involved

When & where it took place

How it happened

The results

Please type your story and proofread it for errors. Include the mailing address, daytime phone & e-mail of the person submitting the story.

Photos should be sharp, clear, glossy color prints. On a separate sheet, clearly describe the action and name the people pictured. PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE OR WRITE ON PICS. Mail all prints flat, protected by cardboard.

Digital photographs must be at least 300 dpi and be saved as a .jpg or .tif file.

Complete submission guidelines can be found at:

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Make Plans For Diabetes Alert Day 7 icon◄ April 2011 Culture Alert ►

Make Plans For Diabetes Alert Day 7 iconWe will meet at 3: 30 in Room 2200b symons, unless Nancy is meeting her class that day. Day when Nancy meets, we ILL meet at 3: 00. Such days are marked with an asterisk. Those responsible for presenting each topic to the group are indicated

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Make Plans For Diabetes Alert Day 7 iconDiabetes a personal Story 3

Make Plans For Diabetes Alert Day 7 iconDiabetes, a real Epidemic 4

Make Plans For Diabetes Alert Day 7 iconDiabetes Changed My Life 3

Make Plans For Diabetes Alert Day 7 iconPartnership Advances Diabetes Awareness 4

Make Plans For Diabetes Alert Day 7 iconA young boy lies awake in his room one snowy Christmas Eve, excited and alert

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