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2003 Moderated panel, “The Uses of G.E. Lessing,” G.E. Lessing

Society of America, MLA Conference, San Diego, 2003.

2003 Organized panel, “Jewish Education in Germany,” AATG

Conference, Philadelphia, 2003.

2002-2005 Member, Organizing Committee, Word and Image Conference,

Philadelphia, 2005.

2000-2001 Member, Organizing Committee, Conference on “Style,” German

Department, University of Pennsylvania, March 2001.

2000-2001 Organizer, graduate student/faculty colloqium, Department of

Germanic Languages and Literatures, University of


1998-1999 Member, Organizing Committee, International Poe Conference,

Richmond, Virginia, October 1999.

1998-1999 Member, Organizing Committee, International Conference

“Operative Communities? The Jewish Question in France from Durkheim to Levinas” University of Pennsylvania,

April 1999.

1997-1999 Organized International Conference, “The Culture of Exchange: Real and Imagined Markets in the Low Countries, 1500- 1800.” University of Pennsylvania, March 1999.

1994-95 Planning Committee, Conference on “Women and Violence,”

University of Pennsylvania, March 1995.

1994 (Spring term) Convener, Workshop on the “History of the Book and Material Culture,” Program in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory and Special Collections, Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania.

1993-94 Co-Convener, Cultural Studies PARSS Faculty Seminar, “Cultural Memory,” University of Pennsylvania.

1993 (Spring term) Executive Member, PARSS Faculty Seminars (In charge of the

seminar: “Diversity of Language and the Structure of

Power”), University of Pennsylvania.

1991 organized and presided, two sessions “Texts and Intertexts.” MLA Conference, San Francis­co, December.

1990 organized and presided, two sessions “Fictional Voyages.” MLA Conference, Chicago, December.

1989 organized and presided, two sessions “Poe Reading: Reading Poe.” MLA Conference, Washington, December.

1988 organized and presided, two sessions “Poe and Critical Theory.” MLA Conference, New Orleans, December.

Administrative Experience

University of Pennsylvania:

2008-2010 Member, Hearing Board for the Student Disciplinary System and

the Code of Academic Integrity

2007-2008 Member, Search Committee, Position in Nineteenth-Century

European Art History

2006–present Member, Collaboration Committee, Psychoanalytic Center of

Philadelphia (PCOP) and the University of Pennsylvania

2006-2008 Co-Chair, Program Committee, Philadelphia Center for

Psychoanalysis and University of Pennsylvania

2006, 2004 Member, Selection Committee, Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback

Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching, and Provost’s Award for Teaching

2005-2008 Advisory Board Member, Penn Humanities Forum

2005-2006 Faculty Advisor, Graduate Humanities Forum

2004 Member, Search Committee for Dean, School of Arts and


2004 Member, Selection Committee, Chair of the Department of English

2004 Member, Selection Committee, Evan C. Thompson Endowed Term

Professorship for Excellence in Teaching

2003-2004 Member, Search Committee for Vice Provost and Director of


2003-2006 Member, Graduate Council of the Faculties

2003-2006 Member, Hearings List for the Faculty Grievance Commission

2002-2004 Member, selection committee, Travel Fellowships, French Institute

for Culture and Technology

2001 (Fall term) Member, Arts, Humanities and Society Strategic Planning


2001 Member, Selection Committee, Fellowships for the School of

Theory and Criticism at Cornell University

2001 Member, Selection Committee, Judith Rodin Teaching Award for

Graduate Students

2001 Member, Selection Committee, Brownlee Term Chair in

Women’s Studies

1999-2004 Member, Funding Committee, University Scholars

1999-2000 Alternate Member, Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and


2000 Member, Fellowship Committee, Center for Advanced Judaic


2000 Member, Dissertation Fellowship Committee, Women’s Studies

1999-2000 University Council Library Committee

1996-2004 Member, Faculty Advisory Board/Executive Committee, Women’s


1997-2000 helped organize MLA program, “Public Culture and Arts. Administration”

1996-2007 University Library Advisory Council

1996 Search Committees, Departments of English and Romance Languages, deVito Chair in Italian Studies

1995 Search Committee, Director of the Program in Women’s Studies

1995 Member, Planning Committee, Undergraduate Major in Communication

1995-1997 Member, Personnel Committee, and Personnel Committee Summer Panel

1995-present Member, Advisory Board, Penn Center for Judaic Studies

1994-2004 Faculty Advisor, Delta Phi Alpha Honors Society (Rho Chapter)

1994-present Member, Committee on Faculty Exchange, Catholic University

Leuven /Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

1994-2004 Member, Faculty Council, University Scholars

1994 Member, Committee for Library Fellowships, Special Collections, Van Pelt Library

1993-present Member, Committee on the Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies

1993-1995 Member, Senate Executive Committee, University of Pennsylvania

1993-94 Member, Nominating Committee, Faculty Senate

1993 (Fall term) Member, Search Committee, Position in Modern Japanese


1992-1994 Member, Post-doctoral Mellon Fellowship Committee


1999-present Freshmen (and Sophomore) Academic Advisor

1992 Member, DAAD committee

1991-present Member, Faculty Advisory Board, Women’s Studies Program

1991-1992 Member, International Studies Task Force

1991-1993 Member, Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility

1990-1993 Member, Hearing Board of the University Student Judicial System

1989-present Member, Advisory Committee, Comparative Litera­ture Undergraduate Program

1989-present Member, Administrative Committee, Program in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory

1989-present Member, Committee on Graduate Student Admis­sions, Program in Compar­ative Lite­rature and Critical Theory

Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

2007- present Board Member, Centrum für Jüdische Studien (Center for Jewish


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Curriculum Vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae iconCurriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae iconCurriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae iconCurriculum vitae

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