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Day 4: Developing technology and infrastructure

Session 4A: In situ

CWP-4A-01 In situ nutrient sensors for ocean observing systems

Adornato, L.; Cardenas-Valencia, A.; Kaltenbacher, E.; Byrne, R.H.; Daly, K.; Larkin, K.; Hartman, S.; Mowlem, M.; Prien, R.D.

CWP-4A-02 Biologging in the Global Ocean Observing System

Boehme, L.; Kovacs, K.; Lydersen, C.; Nøst, O.A.; Biuw, M.; Charrassin, J.-B.; Roquet, F.; Guinet, C.; Meredith, M.; Nicholls, K.; Thorpe, S.; Costa, D.; Block, B.; Hammill, M.; Stenson, G.; Muelbert, M.; Bester, M.; Plötz, J.; Bornemann, H.; Hindell, M.; Rintoul, S.; Fedak, M.; Lovell, P.

CWP-4A-03 Sensor Needs and Readiness Levels for Ocean Observing: An Example from the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI)

Brasseur, L; Tamburri, M

CWP-4A-04 Bio-optical profiling floats as new observational tools for biogeochemical and ecosystem studies

Claustre, Herve; Bishop, J.; Boss, E; Stewart, B; Berthon, J.-F.; Coatanoan, C; Jonhson, K; Lotiker, A; Ulloa, O; Perry, M.-J.; Dortenzio, F; Hembise Fanton D'Andon, O; Uitz, J

CWP-4A-05 Seafloor Observatory Science

Favali, P.; Person, R.; Barnes, C.; Kaneda, Y.; Delaney, J.R.; Hsu, S.

CWP-4A-06 The Way Forward in Developing and Integrating Ferrybox Technologies

Hydes, D.J.; Colijn, F.; Petersen, W.; Schroeder, F.; Mills, D.K.; Durand, D.; Wehde, H.; Sørensen, K.; Morrison, G.

CWP-4A-07 The Voluntary Observing Ship Scheme

Kent, E.; Ball, Graeme; Berry, David; Fletcher, Julie; North, Sarah; Woodruff, Scott

CWP-4A-08 Autonomous Platforms in the Arctic Observing Network

Lee, C. M.; Melling, H.; Eicken, H.; Schlosser, P.; Gascard, J. C.; Proshutinsky, A.; Fahrbach, E.; Mauritzen, C.; Morison, J.; Polykov, I.

CWP-4A-09 The Ocean Tracking Network

O'Dor, R.; Stokesbury, M.; Smith, P.; Jonsen, I.; Whoriskey, F.; Payne, J.

CWP-4A-10 Optical plankton imaging and analysis systems for ocean observation

Sieracki, ME; Benfield, M; Hanson, A; Davis, C; Pilskaln, CH; Checkley, D; Sosik, HM; Ashjian, C; Culverhouse, P; Cowen, R; Lopes, R; Balch, W; Irigoien, X

CWP-4A-11 Automated Underway Oceanic and Atmospheric Measurements from Ships

Smith, S.; Bourassa, M.; Bradley, F.; Kent, E.; Fairall, C.; Goni, G.; Gunn, J.; Hood, M.; Jackson, D.; Lagerloef, G.; Petit de la Villeon, L.; McGillivary, P.; Pinker, R.; Sprintall, J.; Stammer, D.; Weill, A.; Wick, G.; Yelland, M.; Schulz, E.; Cosca, C.

CWP-4A-12 Gliders as a component of future observing systems

Testor, P.; Meyers, G.; Pattiaratchi, C.; Bachmayer, R.; Hayes, D.; Pouliquen, S.; Petit de la Villeon, L.; Carval, T.; Ganachaud, A.; Gourdeau, L.; Mortier, L.; Claustre, H.; Taillandier, V.; Lherminier, P.; Terre, T.; Visbeck, M.; Krahman, G.; Karstensen, J.; Alvarez, A.; Rixen, M.; Poulain, P.M.; Osterhus, S.; Tintore, J.; Ruiz, S.; Garau, B.; Smeed, D.; Griffiths, G.; Merckelbach, L.; Sherwin, T.; Schmid, C.; Barth, J.A.; Schofield, O.; Glenn, S.; Kohut, J.; Perry, M.J.; Eriksen, C.; Send, U.; Davis, R.; Rudnick, D.; Sherman, J.; Jones, C.; Webb, D.; Lee, C.; Owens, B.; Fratantoni, D.

Day 4: Developing technology and infrastructure

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